South Africans Destroy H&M Store!


    hm south africa store destroyed

    South Africans took to the streets to give H&M a piece of their mind!

    A group of shoppers proceeded to destroy the retail store as mall security guards stood by in silence.

    The backlash is due to the store dressing a young black model in a “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” sweatshirt.

    Are they out of line or did H&M have it coming?


    1. Honestly, i wouldnt have wasted my time…the boy own momma didnt give a damn about it…why should we??.. i just choose the easier route and not spend my money there..but if they like it, i love it

    2. How come we couldn’t do this in America? Our brothers and sistas in South Africa have more heart and courage than us!

    3. The painful truth is us black americans, ( African-americans?) need to stop romanticizing some countries in Africa. They do not like or respect us. They’re attitudes is f’ed up. We need to stop feeling an obligation/allegence to these ppl. They are nothing but troublemakers. Them destroying the store just proved that they are savages/monkeys. They have their nerve to come over here w/their poor asses & look down on us. We need to align w/other ppl of color, but we need to leave some of these African asshole alone. IJS…..

      • African assholes I mean. Many of them are assholes, arrogant & what for? Many of their countries are nothing to be proud of. The poverty, corruption, war, etc. There’s some truth in Trump’s statement about them being shithole countries. They don’t like what he said, AND? What can they do? Decline US aide, or keep destroying stores? Fuck Africa.


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