Chad Johnson Fathers His 7th Child

chad johnson seven kids

Former NFL player Chad Johnson has admitted in a court of law that he fathered his seventh child by a woman named Alexia Farquharson, according to sources.

The baby was born in 2016, and Chad and Alexia are now battling over child support. In early 2017, she was awarded $751.92 a month in temporary child support and $5,000 in legal fees.

Chad’s fighting against having to make retro support payments ince he was giving her money before acknowledging he was the father.

BTW the baby in the picture is NOT the baby in question.


  1. Why do women want to be baby mama number 3+? Why do men want to have multiple baby mamas? What a headache!

    • When the mans a celebrity seems like women dont care frank Zappa said it best women ate dying to offer you their bodies

  2. I know, right! !!. I know it sounds old fashioned but get married first so you won’t be a baby’s mama

    • I agree, never wanted to be a statistic. In fact, I didn’t want to move in with my boyfriend at the time, thought it was too much of a cliche to live together, cliche to have a baby out of wedlock. We eventually got married, bought a home and are planning on starting a family, hopefully next year. The house has set us back financially, so we’ll see about the baby, might have to put that off a year or two.

    • Marriage is not old fashion its called having morals and Values. A union that God himself put together let no man put asunder. Be fruitful and multiple with your spouse not random ppl.

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