Is Sony Trying to Bury Taraji P. Henson’s ‘Proud Mary’?

taraji p mary proud mary blackballed

Sony has pumped the brakes on promoting Taraji P. Henson’s film Proud Mary and they didn’t even bother screening the film for critics prior to its release.

Now, moviegoers are also noticing something fishy’s going on. The movie has been canned from some theater without any notice.

WTF’s going on? Why is Sony trying to bury this film without even giving it a chance?


  1. Tbh I wouldn’t have paid to see this. I didn’t bother watching atomic blonde either it’s just not the type of movies that I like. But it is wrong if they are trying to can this movie before it barely even got released.

    • Same here. Years ago I would have flocked to the theater for movies like Proud Mary and Atomic Blonde. Now, zippo. I might watch if it comes on TV and that is if I’m not busy doing something else.

  2. It is no secret that January is dumping ground for Hollywood shitty movies. it wasn’t screened for critics beforehand Because the studio knew it was terrible

    • Whites love death and killing because Hollywood serves the death god Osiris or ausur

  3. Agreed with all above statements & maybe its just not any good
    wait 3 months to a yr and you can see most all of those crappy
    movies for free on YT

    • That is what I do. I can’t say that I will wait 2 years before Wakanda makes it to the free TV but I last went to the movies in 2002. I refuse to support the racist, misogynistic paedo paradise that is Horriblewood.

  4. Because Mad about you revival, will make them more money. It ain’t about black and white… it’s about them dividends.

  5. its because she aint suckin and fuckin who she needs to be…ask Halle Berry. Tariji letting #metoo movement get to her head lmao

    • Hes she did fool. How do you think she got the role. These women kicking butt movies are ridiculous women cannot beat men in a fight, does suspension of disbelief not matter in films anymore? What next, the midget off Game of Thrones beating up 6 foot men? This is bullshit.

      • I agree with this. Women acting like men is getting annoying now. It’s like they are trying to make it almost shameful to carry yourself like a actual lady. The world is beyond fucked up

  6. I just figured it out.

    Its all political !!!!!!

    Oprah let float the idea of running for president last week !!!!!!!

    cant have any movies of competent black women kicking butt !!!!

  7. Hollywood doesn’t want black actresses to do well. If this film had done well it would have led to more calls for more black women in mainstream positions. Hollywood doesn’t want that. This way they get to say that: black women do not sell movie tickets hence why we do not have any use for them.

    I see what you did.

    • Exactly, they will say, well we did have a woman lead in an action movie as an attempt to pacify us. Meanwhile, they didn’t lift a figure to promote it. Unlike girls trip. That movie was heavily promoted.

    • What do you thing a Producer does? Maybe Blacks like losing money, but I can assure you the people funding the movies don’t. Why spend millions just to loose it? The movie stinks, you can tell be the trailer, no need to waste any more money promoting a Turkey.

  8. The movie does not look that good. Maybe after they did the pre movie premiere where every lied and said it was good. Maybe they got the real reviews from the real movie goers and found out they was about to ruin they name. Because Nitjing about this movie would make me want to watch it, nit the picture, not her and definitely not this corney plot.

    • Well who do you want to see instead then? I would be happy with any attractive, thin – and more importantly -‘personable’ black woman still of reproductive age (only the over 47s seem to get the plum roles apart from big fat obese Gabourey) who can act. But that is a huge ask in Horriblewood.

      • Meagan Good is training for a gun toting role.

        Would love to see Thandie Newton as an action heroine and Naomi Harris already is Bond’s Assistant in 007.

  9. WTF’s going on? Why is Sony trying to bury this film without even giving it a chance?

    Because this movie features a black woman shooting machine guns.

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