Ginuwine Joins Team Swirl After Finding Love on ‘Big Brother’

ginuwine ashley big brother

Now that he and Solé are over, 47-year-old Ginuwine has found love with his 30-year-old Big Brother housemate, Ashley James.

Here’s what the reality tv cameras captured:

He even got to feel on those cakes!


  1. Didn’t a tranny try to kiss him on this show odd thing about he was cuddle
    with the dude

  2. Becky is the gateway drug to homoVille…. Makes me rethink his Tranny dodge. If not today, most likely he will be a tranny chaser after Becky dicks him down with her strap-on.

  3. he’s looking very awkward, uncomfortable and well as fake…you don’t go from Solé to that ugly white girl.

    • Black women literally beg to be put on magazines, but always calling white women ugly. Still waiting to see the hate for Serena Williams, Eve, Maya Angelou, Tina Turner, Rhianna, Grace Jones, Dianna Ross, Tika Sumpter, Obamas alleged daughter, Robert DeNiros wife, Bill Burrs wife, George Lucas wife the list goes on. You are scientifically the ugliest women, and black men in the same research came out quote “considerably more attractive”. I understand your jealousy.

      • We are not scientifically ugly you stupid coon. Do not drink their kool – aid. Black women are the prototype. We were here first therefore our features are what was considered the most appropriate / desirable. Full natural lips, full butts and hips (most common among us so our trait), ageless ageing capabilities. I could go on.

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      • So that means females in your family are ugly to you fucking stupid cunt! Black women make black men dumb fuck! You should have been swallowed !!

  4. Let ginuwine do his thing females are females and humans are humans race is just a color

  5. The UK loves to see black men and white women together. We are a nation of cuckolds. These two will probably go on to have sex in the house and the DM and the Sun will sell lots of copies of their rags. Everyone’s a winner!!!!

  6. It’s fake. It’s for the show. G wouldn’t get with that.

    Put some respect on G’s name. He has hits and can still sang. He’s only on reality tv because Justin gave Timbo the bussy and G wouldn’t.

  7. Also, Tyrese messed up TGT on some Otis stuff. That’s another reason G’s doing this. He would rather be performing and recording.

  8. Who cares this nigga hasn’t been fine since the 90s , he’s on drugs and she looks wierd af.

  9. But check it out- on the show, he says he has 9 kids. That’s a lie he has WAY more than 9 kids. Try in the double digits. Various baby mamas. So let him have his Becky. And for someone so conceited & reliant on their looks, he has fallen hard. 😀 Ginufine??? Not anymore! 😛

  10. Black women has the best bodies but under these white supremacy conditions that doesn’t mean.nothing since whites own the media and the magazines which decides what black woman gets on the cover or not unfortunately whites decides whatever fad or fashion that blacks are dying to get since whites control everything

    • Well, Tank admitted to going raw, but G didn’t. Then again G is in the baby daddy hall of fame with Bizzy Bone, El Debarge, and Bobby Brown.

      I don’t know about Tyrese, but he visits Dubai.

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