Word is that Apollo’s New Wife Has a Sex tape Dropping Soon?

Apollo’s wife Sherien Almufti has a sex tape that is rumored to be coming soon.


  1. How in the hell can a federal inmate still have relevancy on the outside with calls to the damn reality tv while they are filming. He must be making money for someone or he got some dirt on someone in the industry and they don’t want him to spill it.

  2. More like the TV networks and the prison has some kind if financial arrangement

  3. Sercret society shit. Everybody wondering how apollo making 45 minute calls to bravo production right on cue, its no coinkidink him & joe guidice from jersey in the same prison…the game goes on in even in the pen, look how teresa look now very different, mom passes some time after release just like joe father died before he went in….bravo is the devil even worse than mona.

    • They making money in Bravo.. Mona and that Jew is paying coins compared to Bravo..
      Joe daddy died long before he went to prison and I think the troubled Teresa was n and went to jail, stressed her mother out.. I said a few years back, the daddy been on his death bed, but I said the caretaker, which was his wife ad Teresa mother would die first.. Teresa and Joe wants to blame everyonebut themselves for the trouble they were in.. They lied and cheated to live the wealthy lifestyle.. in fact I saidon season one they were theives because the rich and wealthy don’t spend cash like it’s running water.. I surely dropped a dime to a Uncle Sam I them.. I got raked over the coals about being jealous of those theives.. I’m not jealous of anyone else’s success, but Ivan spot a fake or liar easily..

  4. I could care less about anyone else sex tape could careless tan a dime.. He could have two double barrier shotguns in his undies I don’t care.. Bravo must be paying him sone money somewhere
    Anyway I don’t care

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