Feds Investigating Mike Epps’ Kangaroo Video

mike epps kangaroo feds

The U.S. Department of Agriculture wants to make sure the kangaroo that showed up to Mike Epp’s Friday night show in Detroit wasn’t being mishandled.

Video from that night shows the animal being “cruelly displayed” on stage, and the federal agency isn’t taking this lightly:


Mike has since apologized for the incident and now he’s calling attention to those who eat kangaroo meat as a delicacy.




  1. First, u r an idiot. Second, learn how to spell. Third, as a comic, u suuuuuuuuck.

  2. Is Mike that desperate that he has to have an animal on stage to boost his popularity! I don’t believe in the concept of zoos, especially when I know black people historically used to be on display in some countries. No kangaroo needs to be on a stage for laughs or anything. Pitiful, just pitiful! Poor animal was probably frightened have to death with the lights and noise and harness.

  3. He was a pig to do this. Nobody ever forgives an animal abuser. Just ask Mike Vick.

    He’s toast in crossover films.

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