Kim Already Filmed Breakup Scene With Kanye

kim kanye breakup scene kuwtk

Kim Kardashian has already filmed her breakup scene with Kanye West for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Peep this from the source:

“Kim and her mother Kris Jenner have filmed a scene already where Kim breaks up with Kanye. They were both crying as the cameras rolled. Kim tells her mom that things are not working out and that she thinks she and Kanye need time apart. Kris agrees and tells Kim that she and North can move in with her. Kim says that she would rather rent her own house until she decides what her future – with or without Kanye – looks like.”


  1. She AND North can move in with her? Kanye has run his course and he’s no longer useful to them. He got the family thru the A listers access door of fashion and entertainment and gave them legitimacy. He probably got worse after realizing the wife and family were going to throw him over the cliff. The family is now in and the little pull he had in the fashion world has fizzled out.

  2. Are you serious? Did your non reading ass not just read that they already have a made up plot thats already been filmed? You read a WHOLE lot into that one

    • Break up, make up. It’s a matter of time before they dump him. What is it about that you don’t get. These women are accomplished users. I don’t watch that ratched show but only idiots buy any of it. In real life, he’s done.

  3. Kanye
    Suge knight
    Chris brown
    To and tiny
    Mariah Carey
    Aretha franklin
    George bush and white queen Elizabeth not gonna be their year some if these folks might die before the year out

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