Kim Kardashian ‘Attacked’ By Fan

kim kardashian attacked fan

Sources are reporting Kim Kardashian was “attacked” outside Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday night. The guy got a little too close to the reality TV star, so her security stepped in.

“Kim was just shocked; she was horrified. The fact that the dude touched her breast and was so in her face made her terrified. Even us photographers couldn’t believe what was happening.”

Peep the video.


  1. Daaam I would of beat his asss to the pulp, the fuck you touching for? you can look but you can’t touch.. thats so disrespectful!!! Shit even the Pappos know that… they keep their distance..

  2. How was he able to get that close to her. They will do anything to stay relevant.

  3. Is kanye gonna strike him with a lightning bolt or is our savior too crazy these days

  4. Lol like nigga had a magnifying glass to her face, like tf u doing? Rotfl. It was a good day fir kim, she got press & didnt have to pay nobody

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