Wiz Khalifa’s H*e Wrangler Exposed!


HSK Exclusive – H*e wrangler Caroline Dorsey was spotted last night at the Emerson nightclub in Los Angeles, pulling party girls for Amber Roses’s soon to be ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa spent just 15 minutes in the nightclub. Know why? Because after Caroline Dorsey picked up some party girls the couple were seen heading to the exit.

Check the drop:

“They walked into the club together. Caroline stood by Wiz the whole time. I saw Wiz touching her butt and she was dancing on him and rubbing on him.

Caroline was talking to some girls and brought them to Wiz’s table. Those same girls walked out of the club with her and Wiz.

Wiz and Caroline came together, grabbed girls and dipped. They were only in the club for about 15 minutes.

I’ve seen Caroline in the clubs before with other celebrities doing the same sh*t.”


  1. These women are crazy to want to go out with these rappers, no respect, too many women and kids. Just too much bs, they are not faithful n aids is a disease. JMTC

  2. Ok, but if we are talking about irrelevant white people can we get a thread on Amanda Bynes? That at least will turn into an interesting discussion on mind control. She thinks her handlers micro chipped her brain.

    • I’ll bite anon 13:11. What in the hell is up with that and no one questioned her being admitted against her will. What if she was telling the truth?

      They didn’t care when she was riding her bike all crazy in NY but as soon as she started talking about her dad and microchips they reeled her ass in.

      Cult Disney keeps screwing up these child stars and no one seems to care. I’m so tired of this good girl/bad girl transition the industry puts all of them through.

      I guess Amanda doesn’t want to become her alternate and she is rebelling publicly.

      • I T A. I believe she is MK ultra and her father is her handler. She is destabilizing and if she won’t comply she is going to wind up like Britney, heavily medicated. Or worse. Like Chris Brown they ain’t trying to let her just waltz away. And I do not support Disney. Never again.

        • A lot of people don’t know that all the atrocities done in Nazi Germany are still being implemented today, one of those being mind control. Read Project Paperclip people. Walt Disney’s sick ass was right there in the mix.

          It’s so sick and twisted the way that they go about it using children, the closest thing to God, for their agenda. They are going to burn in hell fire.

  3. White Men Go Crazy Over Black Dick!! They Want Black Men To Shake Their Dicks In Front Of Their Faces

    Back In Day I Attend College I Had A White Gay Room Mate Who Would Watch Me Every time I’d Go To The Bath Room!!!
    He Would Stare About Me With My Dick Hanging Out!!! He Wanted My Ebony Dick!!! Enough Was Enough So I Slapped Him With My Dick!! And Bounced

    • Your comment is suspect to me. Sounds like you got some pleasure out of it yourself. Are you sure you bounced out the door or was it his ass your were bouncing up and down on?

    • Wow, I was just scrolling through the posts and hit this one, had to swurve and come to a complete stop.

      WHAT!?!? LOL, this shit is bananas!

      • Nice generalization about “white men”. All of them? Or just the ones you waggled your dick in front of? I hear a lot of black men are DL.

        • Take what you heard and put it in one hand and then take reality and put it in the other and then see which one of those motherf*ckers weighs the most.

        • Well thats whats being reported on an everyday basis all these rappers and black entertainers are gay and they sit here and cosign all of it but get mad when someone else says it

  4. Can anybody say Herpes? These dumb bitches in these clubs are so foolish to want to sleep with these rappers who f*ck both male and females. These rappers are lame as f*ck and i for the life of me can’t seem to wrap my mind around what is so fascinating about them to women? Somebody help me to see what they see?

  5. rappers can’t talk to decent woman. they are brain dead and can’t talk themselves in a woman’s pants.

  6. The guy is advertising what he’s about. I’ve never seen a non suspect wear that boy clothing line.

  7. ewwww and these celebrities act like they dont know about how these bitches barely brush their teeth or shower cause they have to make ends meet almost 24 hours a day LOL thats they problem. lets just continue to teach the kids that pictures of these famous people are not worth putting on their binders

    • Sorry HSK Family…
      I meant to say “his child’s mother” but I was too busy quoting the title as it was written. I didn’t mean to sound ghettoriffic.

  8. He gettin his Richard Simmons on, Skinny as hell. Sex is great exercise, but, it supposed to make a man hungry as well… Re-Energized! He a skunk-head, a sex addict not so much.

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