Kris Jenner Confesses She Smashed Lionel Richie


HSK Exclusive – Was Kris Jenner bustin’ it wide open for Lionel Richie behind Bruce’s back for three-years? According to her sister, the answer is YES.

Furthermore, Karen Houghton isn’t the only one to confirm Jenner’s secret smash affair with Richie. The shocking drop comes straight from the horses mouth, according to three separate voice forensics experts. Don’t believe me? Just ask Bruce Lebovitz, Thomas J. Owen (who investigated the 911 call at the center of the murder of Trayon Martin), and Dan Miller (Easy Voice Biometrics pioneer).

“I cheated on Bruce a lot over the years, but I can’t put it out because I’ll lose a lot of my inheritance.”


In the moments after Kris revealed her smashing relation with Lionel Richie, Jacky went on to ask: “Would you say he’s a dumb n*gger too?”

Here’s how she answered that question:

“He was dumb but I’m not gonna call him the n-word because I really did like him.”

Kris went on to say her deceased girlfriend Nicole Simpson introduced her to the Three Times a Lady singer.

Here’s voice forensics expert Bruce Lebovitz graph confirming the voice on the audio is Kris Jenner:


Here’s what a Lionel Richie’s friend told In Touch Weekly:

“They had a sexual affair — he bragged about it. He said he was on the outs with his wife at the time. Everyone was sleeping around with everyone else back then, and Kris was hot in those days. Lionel’s 16 year old Sofia looks like she could be Khloe’s sister.”


  1. Seriously, who HASN’T Kris “Trickin” Jenner not smashed? She was tricking & cheating all during her marriage to Robert Kardashian.

    This is NOT new news…she’s an old whore.

  2. Who the hell else is going to come forward as a contender for Khloe’s daddy? How many are currently in the running? I heard it was some random white dude anyway.

    • When Maury does his first Hollywood show, Kris and Khloe should be the guests. I wonder how many men she’d have to bring on before the DNA matched up? When she puts Khloe’s baby photo next to a photo of Kardashian and tries to find the common features like most of those Maury hos, she’d be laughed off the stage. The hairdresser is still the best candidate.

      • I swear that would be funny as shit since they are attention whores anyway rotfl I would die laughing if she bring him up there and Maury embaresses her ass and Says in The case of Khloe Kardashian You are Not the Father haha

  3. When did this homewrecker smash Lion face Lionel Richie? It better not had been when he was with Brenda because Brenda would have karate chopped that ho!

  4. Bruce Phucked Kris While She Was Married To Robert. Kris Phucked Lionel While She Was Married To Bruce
    Hollywood Is A Cheater’s Paradise

  5. Kris is a slut and she’s taught all her daughters to be sluts.
    So any famous black man they can have, they will
    White trash at its finest and black men sell their souls for them..

  6. Who the hell is shocked? Who hasn’t this trick ass bitch haven’t f*cked?is there anybody this old ass Hollywood prostitute have lent her ass,throat, p*ssy too?nobody knows who Chloe daddy is that trap don’t know and probably never will,this trifling trick ass bitch been through Hollywood because she’s the hoe ta see, whatever you want go see a Kardashian they’ll give you everything you need at the Kardashian whore house,chris been a throat bandit ever dick in Hollywood been down it that shit coated wit nut im not shocked,who hasn’t that tacky old ass slut f*cked?tell me I’ll wait,I’ll stay tuned when you find out who this old ass used the hell up trash ass whore haven’t f*cked.

  7. Yall need to mention this trashy bitch when you can find a man in Hollywood she hasn’t opened her legs for. This ain’t no real news when it comes to her or her slut ass daughters. All those bitches are working for Satan.

  8. Kris has done so much f*ckin’
    and had so many kids
    that she can’t even hold her bladder anymore.

  9. This family is the laughing stock of Hollyweird. Everybody knows Kris was a big time who’re in her heyday. She used to be on coke sex binges with her homegirls Nicole Simpson and Faye Resnick (whatever her name) smashing all the black cornball celebs who had a penchant for white trash….OJ, Lionel, Marcus Allen….u name em.

  10. So basicly she was the “Kim k” of her time, that’s how she was able to groom Kim to take over black dudes and the sex game, because Kris had did it first..pimpin

    • Actually, it makes me wonder why Heidi Fleiss ever went to jail. Back then, I thought that Heidi Fleiss was not the norm in Hollywood.

  11. Anon 8:38

    I got something to tell you after I get done laughing and pick myself up off the floor…

    Ok. Here it is.. You are just awful for saying that…LOL …just awful…snicker , giggle.

  12. There’s only two men I clan think of that Kris didn’t slieep with–
    Ryan Seacrest and Merv Griffin.
    (Takes a bow.)

  13. This is not breaking news…all daughters except one take black d**k…Do The Math? Amazed she hid it this long.

  14. Pimp Momman Kris makes the prettiest babies, and it is just not right for a pimpstress extraordinaire to make such pretty babies.


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