Bobby Shmurda Calls Out Atlantic Records


Atlantic Records artist Bobby Shmurda, who has 25 million views on YouTube, is claiming the music business is an illusion. Know why? Because the Hot N*gga rapper is doing free shows and hasn’t receive a red cent from his record label.

The creator of the Shmoney dance took to social media and said:

“Nah idgaf I’m doing all theses show not getting ma money dey got me doing shit every f*cking day so its hard to keep up Witt dis shit den I ain’t got nobody to trust ain’t no help in dis bitch I’m ready to go back to da trap be4 jail #RNS dats how I feel foh.”


  1. He must have missed the TLC movie. That was textbook example of how the money is distributed & how the artist can literally owe the companies millions before they receive a dime

  2. @Anonymous; what do u mean by he has no “respect”? He is just saying he has not received any $ for his tours. How is that disrespect ful?

    • What Your Saying Is Ok To Chew Gum In A Interview??? This Nicca Should Get A Real Job Instead Of Dancing In The Street Like
      A Monkey In A Got Damn Zoo!

  3. The industry rapes all of their artists. Shoe, back in the Grand Master Flash days, you was lucky if you got a pair of Adidas and a box of Newports after you signed your name in blood on their contracts.

      • No because they lack business acumen, information and want instant gratification without longterm strategy and goals. With the internet and apps there is no reason for a new artist to go to a major label. If you have a million Youtube hits, can broker an itunes distribution deal, own your brand and collect 100% of your royalties why should you settle for a few thousand coins upfront and enter a contract, at least go indie label you dont need the promotion. Just takes research. As ratchet as Chief Keef is his music is influential and dude garnered a following by doing videos on house arrest and had Kanye pursuing him. I shook my head in disbelief when he signed. If young black boys like Schmurda and Keef had proper guidance and management they could start a revolution within the industry.

  4. Well didn’t he steal a dance move that was around before him? Did the people whom did that dance before get paid? This new breed kills me stamping their name on something that they did not come up with. Remember Michael did that dance in the You Rock My World video. Karma!

    • Yes she did and one of these days, that young boy is do a dance ritual may end up messing her up.

        • @Anonymous; OMG u r so right about Madonna’s look. I was looking at a pic of her the other & i thought her face looked really weird/scary.

          • @Bitch Stop Stealing my Name

            LOL Madonna Looks Like One Of Those Creepy White Dolls You’d Put On A Shelve


            Damn Your Right She Does Look Like Annabelle And Annabelle Is Based On A True Story!!!

  5. I don’t get the hype on this guy. It’s a shame that he is going to get nada but i saw him on the award show last night and i cannot figure out what is up with that song. Am I trippin?

  6. exactly LOL these f*ckin weirdo sicko white executives is retarded to think anybody would work for free. this is one of the reasons why alot of REAL talent either quit music or work independently. sad

  7. By the time the label gets thru with him, he will owe them. That’s the way fame goes. Let me by his manager and they will always owe him!

  8. Damn He’s Ass Must Be Sore And Bleeding These White Executives Love Black Dick!!!!

  9. This is what Sam Cooke and Otis Redding back in the day was trying to tell people back in the day. These record companies rip Black artist off BIG TIME!! Whitney Houston’s debut album sold over 20 million copies and she did not make that much off the sales. She made most of her money from going on the road. Arista Records took the Lion’s share of the profits. They have been ripping Blacks off and when Michael Jackson spoke out about it,they said we got to shut him up. Notice how soon after he talked those child molestation charges surfaced?

    • I agree with you 100% about Sam and Otis but Michael was a crook too. He sat back and quietly watched everyone else get ripped off for decades and didn’t get angry until he started running out of money after years of excessive spending.

      The dude wouldn’t have any molestation charges to worry about if he wasn’t sleeping in the bed with little boys. The guy made good music but he was a sick person.
      Whitney made plenty of money especially considering she didn’t write or produce any music. Everyone knows you don’t make money off just singing songs in music that’s why Beyonce steals so many writing credits.

      • Bey doesn’t still them tho, (anymore) lol she buys her songs and pays big money for the rights, not every artist can afford to do that.

        • She’s always paid for those rights but it’s still considered stealing when you take credit for another persons work.
          It’s plagiarism and she isn’t the only person who does it. *cough* Taylor *cough* Swift.

          • Bullshit Whitney did not make as much as one would think from selling 20 million albums. I never said she made nothing,but it was her voice that sold the damn things. She was not even known yet to the public.

      • It wasn’t MJ responsibility to play savior until he was ready,you can’t put that crap on his shoulders. I admit the little boys in his bed was a bit much but that still don’t make it pedophilia. He wad very childish himself and in his mind it was not wrong.

      • @ Say Cheese

        Brilliant point of view – got me critical thinking – thanks

    • Which phone company did Whitney sing on? Was it Sprint or AT&T? It was a commercial. She made a good big money off that one commercial.

  10. He needs to get him a strong, reputable booking agency to book him shows and an agency that will make sure he is payed, that is his problem, lack of a reputable, Booking agency

  11. I don’t know who this guy is but at this point anyone who signs a music contract should know what the deal is.
    A few months back I watched a documentary about the Sugar Hill Gang. I could not believe how badly they were and still are being screwed over by their own people. The sad thing is there really isn’t anything they can do about it even now because they signed the contract.
    I just don’t understand how a person can look another person in the eyes while so callously stealing from them and their families. These people have no conscious.

  12. His problem is he is GREEN n HUNGRY like most newbies, so he was eager to sign and get that signing bonus, and let’s be 100% real here, most of these fresh off the block/from the hood talent don’t get a lawyer to read over their contracts.

    • 4give me for saying this but these ni66as need to stop seeling the rights to themselves and sell the rights to their work. He has 25 million hits on youtube, he doesnt need a record deal. His marketing is done set up an iTunes account for distribution. Record labels are ghosts now artist do not need them anymore.

  13. Bobby performed on the ebt awards last night. He’s too young to understand that the music industry is a joke. Tyga said he hasnt received any money either and he’s been in the industry longer. I would rather be rich having fame isnt that important. I guess it depends who you are.

  14. I just heard of this kid and the beat to his song is from Lloyd Banks song. I dont remember the name but I doubt that he toured yet. Now Chief Keef got a $6 million deal with Interscope and he’s brand new but I think he has more songs.

    • IT was not Lloyd Banks track because he never paid Jahlil Beats for the track…Jahlil is a music producer from Philly. Bobby bought the track.

  15. hold up! when you think about it: Bobby is ranting the same thing that BIGGIE complained about in 1994. Look at Biggie’s Behind The Music episode on VH1 when puff daddy gay ass said that he had to convince him not to go back to selling drugs. but WHY do they have to go back to selling crack????? and how did Biggie die out of nowhere right after doing a performance????? its obvious that these people dont care about their artists and they will exploit one way or another

    • Hell in the streets they was getting paid. In the industry, a person damn near a slave trying not to go back into streets. The managers want that money but willing to sacrifice any means necessary to get that money. Even U got to use, lose, and abuse, they still want that money. When they get tired of U, your done.

  16. Won’t you guys get it? We can end nightmare tomorrow but y’all don’t wanna. This society not for us

  17. Niggas thought cuz they threw up the “goat” in the whole video that they was gonna get paid….Not!
    The Devil is a lie…

  18. This rapping trapping monkey got the game f*cked up, the next story we will be reading will say ” Bobby murdered” so he need to shut the hell up and play along or come up missing

  19. he deserves an ass kicking for this genocide bullshit passing off as “music”.

  20. The literal definition of “Trap Starz” come to life. As time moves on, they crumble like cookies in a plastic bag… Newspapers, Magazines, Books…Instruments of Propaganda!!!

  21. Gotta be fake. He was never signed to atlantic… Epic signed him.. Hard to believe he wasnt getting paid.. TI on Atlantic , he getting paid. So this shit gotta be fake

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