Snoop Dogg Calls Iggy Azalea The C-Word

Snoop Dogg is using social media to cuss Iggy Azalea and send a warning to her NBA boyfriend, Nick Young.

Here’s what the Doggfather had to say:

“Say b*tch, you’re f*cking with the wrong n*gga,. And your n*gga better check you before I do.

Phony b*tch. Yeah you. You f*cking c*nt.”

Iggy’s Laker BF, Nick Young, came to her defense and had this to say to Snoop:



  1. When Iggy get that baby up out you then start raping your ass for all your NBA bread, you’ll see who the loosin sucka ass nigga is then

  2. Oh well she wants to be black so bad and this is how they speak about each other.
    Get used to it or stay on the white side of the field. Ugly bitch

      • IKR don’t wanna be black, but want all the swag n looks of a black woman
        white women bought a butt, now it’s a trend, um black women butts been looking good. Now every white woman has purchased an ass.. Flat asses is what they are known for..

  3. That chick better STFU and sit her fake ass down, because Snoop is not the one lol. But damn, Snoop looks like a granddad with no teef that just popped in his denture/teeth grill for the special occasion.

  4. That would be any woman ,wether white ,asian,black or spanish.if they not with you they gona file for child support.a man should support their child.yall stay race baiting on here.
    I cant with all the racism on this site.

      • I hope ur joking, black ppl can be racist like any other race. And what Snoop did to that Albino person, black ppl hav been doing for ever! Any person of any race can be Albino but as black ppl we can make them feel like shit, or like their not one of us.

      • You need to educate yourself. You must be blind as well as stupid if you don’t believe in black racists, there are at least 100 on here.

  5. Snoop needs to grow up. Cursing females out and on the net showing off his manicures and s***. That’s fa* s***. He probably jealous of her. Gay men be real salty towards females they jealous of. #facts

    • THAT’S what I was thinking…
      First off, WE ALL KNOW disrespecting WOMEN is nothing new coming from Snoop. One reason why I stopped listening to his music long ago. I thought he’d stopped all that when he stayed married in an effort to oversee his daughter’s health & wellbeing. So much for that notion…smh.

      When, where & what in the world could this woman have done to cause such a vicious attack via social media from Snoop. There must be more going on than what we know otherwise that means Snoop is acting like an ignorant fool for whom we should all ignore.

      Iggy is clearly NOT a favorite with most of the Hip Hop/Rap mass audience but this at first glance seems quite undeserving.

      • Agreed.
        I also wonder what’s REALLY behind this? Did something disrespectful go down in-person between these two camps? It surely can’t just be that Snoop was playin around on the Internet and sent that BS. She naturally came to defend herself. What did Snoop think she was gonna do…not say anything??? Where’s T.I. in all of this?
        Snoop is a legend in the game but it seems he can’t admit that he went a little too far. I say that with more regard for the albino lady than Iggy. Albino people have real health issues and Snoop should’ve known better than to clown that lady publicly. At least Iggy’s gettin money out there. The albino lady is just trying to make it like the rest of us, I’m sure.
        Snoop has that classic celebrity/hood nigh ego and seems incapable of checking himself. He really should be above going back and forth with ANYONE in the game these days. The only other people who are still droppin’ records and came out in the early 90s are who? Common? Maybe LL? Jay-Z (via Jaz)? Snoop has few peers and it comes across really petty that he’s ready to go to war against a young white girl who can’t even rhyme in the first place.

  6. And snoop looks gross. Looking like he got The AIDS lol. The southern old ladies always say THE AIDS lol

    • So what bitch what does his looks have to do with it?, its about time somebody put Iggy in her place and im glad snoop is the one to do it, Iggy needs to get her ass beat for that phony portrayal of black culture

      • First of all, why are u calling me a bitch and being so angry and disrespectful? Tho is where people place their opinions and discuss topics. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s one of the things about his site people like , mature discussion. U act like he’s your man. U don’t know him so why come like that? Iggy is just making music , I don’t like it but I’m not waste my energy getting angry about it. U said check her? Why not check the blk male rappers for constantly trashing blk women. ? Snoop is a fag, acrylic nails? On a man? Blk women like u are part of the problem, can’t be civil, always talking shit and ready to fight. Calm down and go read a book .

      • How do you know I’m a bitch? He does look nasty. That’s my opinion, it’s like an as* hole, everybody has one. Grow up and calm down and conduct yourself as a lady.


          • I’m massage worshipping cause I don’t support a 50 year old man gay wears pig tails , acrylic nails and disrespects women? Ok. He’s revolting to me. Hillbilly? I live in a high rise in downtown dallas. Don’t take aids lightly my brother died from it.

          • Save that anger for the chick that’s banging your man, not some person on the net you don’t know…it amazes me how a person could be so emotionally invested in someone they don’t know….sad…oh well *shrugs, sips coffee admires view*

          • *reads AYO as the first word in reply, shakes head in disgust, doesn’t read another word, and clicks on to blind gossip site..*

        • You forgot the part about they stink. Like an asshole Everyone has an opinion AND THEY STINK!!!!!’. ….. opinions stink, IJS

  7. Damn This Is Getting Out Of Hand Never Use The N Word Round White People Because They Think They Can Use It And They Like To
    Justify It. Snoop Needs To Slow He’s Roll Iggy Is T.I’S “Cry Baby” And T.I Will Probably Talk To Snoop About His Behaviour Towards
    Iggy. Snoop Is A Coon He Did A Song With Miley Cyrius Last Year He Could Of Asked A Black Singer Like Rihanna To Be On His
    Track But He Choosen Miley

  8. Nick Stop Defending Your Pasty Bytch! She Wouldn’t Defend Your Ass She’s Using You Like A Slave So “Stop Driving Miss Daisy”
    Because This Albino Looking Bytch Do’t Care About You Or Your Big Floppy Lips

  9. Black Men Should Eat Chocolate Cake Off Black Women’s Bodies

    I Ate My Dinner Of My Girlfriend’s Body It Was Sexy Damn Ummmmm Ahhhhh

  10. Iggy need to stop rappin, and Snoop need to stop perming his hair and getting manicures. Hollyweird

    • @TainoBoriqua

      Iggy Piggy Jacked Charlie Baltimore’s Voice!!! And Snoop Dog Jacked James Brown’s Relaxer Kit
      Their Fakey Cakey Snoop Dog Just Admit It Your Wearing A Wig!!!


  11. Snoop called her the B word? So! Nobody gets mad when its said in his music. I rather give Snoop a pass than her or Eminem. Emeninem sublimanily disrespect blacks in his music all the time.

  12. I just read from another site that Iggy is a homewrecker! She stole Nick Young from his baby’s mother Keona. Iggy is trifling because she knew that Nick was taken and had a child.

    • @Anonymous

      Got Damn Keona Is A Black Woman!! Damn This White Women Are Brazen Stealing A Black Man Away From A Black Women

  13. Iggy is so fake trying to be something she’s not. She claims to be a fan of hip hop then she should know that this is unfortunately the culture of it. Snoop calling women out their names and stuff aint nothing knew. Snopp has a daughter and that means nothing. Iggy your letting TI pimp you and he hasnt defended you yet or maybe he’s writing your tweets or maybe your publicist.

  14. Did anybody see the ebt awards last night? I dont watch those kind of things anymore but the highlight of the show was when legendary Dougie Fresh wins an award and cries about his mom.

  15. LOL! She did sum to snoop,this the first time I ever seen snoop in battle,I wonder what happened snoop usually quit mind’en his own business never hear much about him what went down?that has to come out

  16. My momma always said that you can tell when a person has false teef cause the whistle when they talk.

  17. Snoop starting to get creepy. Dirty ol man style. She probably didn’t sit on his lap like she suppose ta.

  18. Snoop and his boys probably wanted some head and she declined. Why would Snoop be so upset?

  19. So many illiterate, racist, hateful statements. Get an education and job and quit the attitude.

  20. Shut your F*cking Face Uncle F*cker. Dude is trying to be all sinister he looks like revenge of the crack head nerds and talking like a 17 year old criminal.

  21. Snoop’s Gangsta card may need to be revoked, fighting with that white girl from the Lakers. lol

  22. Snoop has been so drugged, controlled, handled, presented, invented, reinvented, constructed,

    Shit, he may just have the wrong script for today.

  23. Snoop just apologized to that white bitch. SELL OUT. Snoop help bring us the BITCHES AND HOES era way back when he was one of the first calling BW out they name now her is APOLOGIZING to fake white bitches? SELL OUT.

  24. Agreed and I’ll go deeper its a way to cut the balls off BM they ass kissing everybody but the Motherblood.

  25. Iggy isn’t going to last. Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, and the impending female MCs expected in 2015 (think BET cipher) are way more talented. T.I need to step up his ghost writer mojo because she’s a POP artist riding the rap game train.

  26. That was the weakest comeback my ears ever heard. Nick Young just wallpaper, he don’t matter in the grand scheme of things… Another Soft N***a Playing With Balls.

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