Last night, Wiz Khalifah and Future released a new song titled: P*ssy Overrated. The song is reportedly directed towards each of the rappers baby momma’s, Amber Rose and Ciara.

The sophisticated lyrics go as follows:

Wiz Khalifa’s verse:

“Oh you must think you a star don’t ya?
Wanna be front seat in my car don’t ya?
Cristal from the bar, don’t ya?
Oh you must think we’ll go far don’t ya?
Oh you must think I’ll fall hard don’t ya?
Don’t you know I play my part, don’t ya?”

Here’s what Future rapped:

“You supposed to f*ck me like a star
girl you know you faking
your pu**y overrated!”

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    • They are trying to say that they are bitter they wont get any more, and trying to make ameber and ciara look unattractive to other men

      • It was a rhetorical question, they are soft as butter, trying to sound hard knowing they asses are salty.

        “Oh you must think you a star don’t ya?
        Wanna be a weed czar don’t ya?
        Got purple hair so bizarre, don’t ya?
        Oh you must think you’ll go far don’t ya?
        Oh you must think you so hard don’t ya?
        Don’t you know you a bitch playing a part, don’t ya?”

        “You supposed to f*ck me like a man
        boy you know you faking
        your dick is overrated!”

        These fellas need to stop reaching. They are not strong enough to pull off this song.

        “I needs a man, a real man!” in Shug Avery’s voice, lol.

    • LOL! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. What kind of man says or sings stuff like this about the mothers of their children?

      • Haaa haa, hey Cheese. When I looked at Pharrell this morning I had no words. Then this pooped up and I was like WHHHHHHHAT? What in thee heyaaall is going on with these men?

        Ciara is beautiful, Amber aint ugly, eh, to each his own. But to blast your woman that YOU chose to have a child with says a lot about their integrity as men in my book.

        I’m waiting for both of them to put these fools on blast in 5..4..3..2……

        • Girl they don’t even have to say anything but sit back and watch those two idiots self destruct. Most of the money they earn from this stupid song will go towards child support anyway.
          I don’t like Amber or Ciara (I’m mad at her)but I now want to see both of them win just to get back at their loser exes.

      • The kind that isn’t straight. The kind that loves to lay up with his homeboys and make up songs about women they’ve deceived. The hate against vagina is prevalent in rap nowadays. Ugh.

    • THEY ARE BOTH IGNORANT AND ILLITERATE!Wiz you tried to turn a hoe into a housewife but guess what it aint work!

        • You can’t shake it because you see the mistreatment of women every day. These two are living proof of that. The powers that be hate women.

          God created man and woman from man and a man was brought out of a woman. The womb is the cradle of creation. They can’t change that, I don’t care how hard they try.

            • Thank You THEE, nice to see you here too. I enjoy being a part of the collective that includes you and so many others.

          • Enga I came straight yo your comment.
            I am glad I am not alone in seeing this. I agree with everything you said.


  2. Just plain sad —what has the music industry turned into..
    Who wants to hear that sh*t. JMTC
    Nasty arse grown ass men acting like the song they singing..
    Be a man and not a Ussy

  3. They prefer that boy p*ssy. Lol. Ciara was better off with 50. Amber Rose was better with kanye!

    • I was hoping she and 50 would have gotten married and have a kid. I’m thinking they will hook back up again but married.

  4. In Ciara’s case when you lie with dogs you end up with fleas. She shouldn’t have settled for anything that came along. Can’t husband these thugs and their garbage mentality


  6. Congrats to the fall and demise of hip hop ladies and gentleman!!!! The madness is in overdrive!!! We as a people are failing in certain areas. Now we can add these two IGNORANT ASS BLACK MEN to the tally. Can they be serious about this bullshizz music and call it art??? Yes, they are! We in trouble! TROUBLE! Niggaz sho nuff.

    • Philly,

      I my heart of hearts Imfeel like this is only the beginning. Something tells me society as a whole is going to get extremely antagonistic and extra misogynistic towards women.
      I foresee a time when it will get downright hazardous for women.
      I wish I could shake the feeling, but I can’t .

  7. Damn So This Is What They Call Music??? What A Load Of Shyt

    Bring Back The 70’s 80’s 90’s Music!!!

    • I hear you anon, they don’t make music the way they used to. I remember back in the day I thought I was the shit rocking my combat boots with a miniskirt, yeah I went there haa haa listening to H-Town and Jocedi. Men used to celebrate their love for their Black women through song and you felt it.



      D’ Angelo Lawdhamercy! Um um um…..Them lips!

      Heres one that will take you back haaaa haa

      My baby Eric

      This summer I busted out all my dusties for my girls when we kicked it on the porch. We had a ball singing these songs at the top of our lungs but ya’ll young folk don’t know nothing bout that. Ha!

    • We might call you every name under the sun on the way out the door, but no straight man would say that shit.I think this is his pro arse song for dl boys.

  8. Are we sure they aint just making a general statement about all women? Look at that artwork again.

  9. Homies over Hoes/
    Homies over Hoes/
    Do the homie!!!

    Not only can they not move on, they go recruit help for themselves. Weak is the new black.

  10. @Tippietoes

    They Probably Fucked In The Recording Booth! That’s Why Future Has A High Pitched Voice Because Wiz Is Dicking Him Like A Dipstick

  11. Wow and didnt Future do a song with Kanye called trophy but I knew he wasnt talking about Ciara. Who’s twat is more overrated than Beyonce. Ciara is a full to let this negro knock her up. I guess since bitch ass Big Sean did that diss record about his ex Naya Rivera now everyone wants to do it.

  12. Okay we already know how stupid and dumb Amber is. but all of us are really shocked at Ciara SMH everybody thought Ciara would be smarter than that ever since she released “Goodies”. what the f*ck does Ciara see in that hideous untalented piece of shit he sounds horrible and he got a ugly long face lookin like a black congo lmfao obviously karma is a bitch cause She was stupid for dumping 50 Cent

  13. Lol! they pulled one on yall lol that information about the p*ssy being over rated that’s old news we been heard that what was yall 2 think’en?it was hear say?

  14. I’m ya wife, mother of your child, bounce cause u banging and raw dogging smuts….so my cookies is overrated….why entitle me to half or a cut of your $$$ then….bubblegum thugs….all soft and pink

    Hope Amber use it in the divorce for a extra 10%





    • Really because i could have sworn yall on here saying Ambers not black, so now shes black because you have a point to make?

  16. I know Amber is mixed but she can pass for a white girl but I agree with you @CRAZYCHRIS had they been white there would be no diss song.

  17. I just hope these women step their game up and stop wasting their time with these losers. I dont know why some women settle for less. Smh.

  18. All four are losers…but Amber isn’t of our kin so I expect her to be off and not shit. The other 3 are our ppl and it’s a damn shame they’ve allowed that entertainment world to cloud their brain like this. The better get it together now… is almost up

  19. I’m just going to say this and take my ass to sleep. My mind has been kind of tangled today. I don’t know how I knew that the second nurse was going to be Black. I don’t know if she is a real person or a figment of the players in this horrible game to further confuse and deceive. The stories keep twisting and turning.

    I have read the comments from people on a news site calling her everything but a child of God for traveling to Ohio while the other nurse was called a hero.

    All I know is that they both supposedly risked their lives to help Thomas Duncan. If she is indeed real and they are doing what I honestly don’t want to believe but can’t help thinking that they are. I pray for her and her loved ones. I pray for us all.

    May God have mercy and protect us.

  20. How come everytime a nigga f*ck a new chick they go crazy saying the p*ssy was so good.It’s not so good it’s just new p*ssy so p*ssy and dick are overrated.

  21. If this isnt the worst hood emo boy anthem since Breezy and Co. “Deuces”; I swear biological men will soon start menustrating

  22. As a woman, part of me feels I should be offended by songs and sentiments like this. Being a realist, I am always grateful when anyone reveals their truth, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to accept.

    We know Future is a commitment phobe and quite possibly a woman hater. People can love sex or short-term gratification and not give a rat’s ass about the person they are dealing with at that moment. That appears to be who he is based on his penchant for reproducing.

    As for Wiz Khalifa, he let the smoke clear long enough to realize he has been getting played since Amber came into the picture. Kanye made her, but he mind f*cked her. She hasn’t been notable since Kanye. Amber took Wiz, who was very much up-and-coming, and she gassed his ego something terrible. She had Wiz believing he was the greatest thing in the world, and he believed her. Now, he realizes that he didn’t have a wife, life partner or love, he had a prostitute who ran some grade-A game on him. Now he will be connected to her forever because of that strange looking child of theirs. (No disrespect, but something about their child’s appearance disturbs me.) At any rate, I am most certain that Wiz is pissed and possibly bitter.

    What both of these fellas need to learn is that bad choices lead to bad consequences. Condoms are cheap and effective when used properly. Discernment is a gift that enables you to spot users and abusers so you don’t become a victim/mark. They both need to leave the groupies and hangers-on alone and take time to learn more about their ever changing selves.

    As it pertains to p*ssy being overrated, I imagine a lot of men feel the same way. The ratio of women to men is 2:1 or 3:1. That gives men a lot more room to play the field. There are still women in 2014, almost 2015 who use their vaginas in attempts to trap men. It is sad, because if they were secure, they’d know that using something so easily accessible to get or keep someone isn’t a game to be played, more or less won.

    We all know at least one woman who played “p*ssy, don’t fail me now,” who caught a man but subsequently lost him because what she had was no better or no wetter than the next hole. I can’t fault men for that. Hell, from my standpoint, dick is overrated, but that may be because I’ve never really felt that type of way about anyone to be “dickmatized.” *shrugs*

    Sex is what you make it. It is physiological as much as it is physical. If you’re fortunate, you can have an orgasm without a finger being laid on you. You can climax based on sexual conversation being arousing. There are so many ways to achieve an orgasm, at least for a woman, that you don’t need to be desperate for a man.

    Folks forget that intimacy doesn’t equal sex. Future and Wiz are merely perpetuating an image, hate or love it. I happen to find Future and Wiz overrated, so…

  23. Some Are Tight…Some Are Loose…Some Are Dry…Some Are Wet…Some Are Creamy! A woman’s pie is the prize, she wanna see how we gonna make her toes curl. So, making a song about it being overrated defies logic. Amber and Ciara not crying over this song… Please Believe!!!

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