Will Packer Bucks For Hollywood, Reveals Token Role In Rip-Off Production To Pimp N’ Program American Audiences!


Say Uncle!

HSK Exclusive – If in the case you held any doubt concerning Hollywood’s true purpose for Will “Power” Packer, the shady producer’s latest set of blatant, buck’in lies should cause you to shelve that skepticism. Just ask Mike Epps, who appeared alongside Packer at ABC Networks’ recent “Winter Press Tour,” using the event to stage the announcement of Packer’s “new” series … said to be filled with all kind of racial stereotypes. It’s title? Simple, “Uncle Buck.”

“Mike Epps calls Will Packer the “overseer” of Uncle Buck. There is an Uncle Buck in every race,” adding his Uncle Buck is “speaking for all the Uncles Bucks.” ~Deadline Hollywood

Not only has Will Packer proven once again to be down with dat agenda, from the choice words used to announce the project remake of the 1989 flick featuring a character brought to life by late actor/comedian John Candy, the fast-talkin’ Floridian — also known as Will Packer — would have you believe he actually created the film works.

Check it:

“Exec producer Will Packer said the idea was his. “I said, Uncle Buck – what’s happening with that title? That’s an amazing title. I wanted to do a family show and I thought this would be an amazing entry point that would feel authentic. I said to [Cragg and Bradley] ‘What would you do with Uncle Buck?’”


  1. what does will packer do anyway? so u a 'producer'? what u produce, for what purpose? U passin an knowledge in those bullshit films u brainwash our people with? WAKE UP WILL PACKER & DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR us 99-percenters that would do something if we had the squill u had!

  2. Will Packer will always fund any project that displays black people as "coons", feeding into society's negative stereotype of the black man and woman.

  3. WTF! How in the hell is he given credit where credit is already due? He better pay Bernard Bronner his money or he will end up work as a stagehand at the bronner Brothers hair show!

  4. Will Packer, Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes are all high paid hollywood sambos. If you're a black hollywood actor or producer, and you want to be rich and successful, you have to do what your racist, white studio bosses tell you to do. Hollywood has a agenda, to help the Amerikkkan government destroy the black race! Black hollywood producers and actors aid our enemies by producing contne that is offensive to the black race! Unfortunately many of us watch stereotypical content that is extremely racist and offensive. The solution is simple, don't watch this stupid show. The same goes for offensive tv shows such as Empire, Scandal, or Real Housewives Of Atlanta! #Turn off the television.

  5. Thank you NBA is fixed. This shit they are force feeding our minds with is pure self-destructive garbage. Everyone in Hollyweird is down with the plan. TURN OFF THE TV, and don't go to the movies. Today was Natalie Cole's funeral. Everything Hollyweird or the music business touches, it destroys, especially if it is black.

    • It's not just black people, look at what Dishey does to kids.. In order to make it in Hollyweird, one has to sell their souls to the devil.. The music industry is sickening at what it does to their stars..
      Whitney Houston quote Clive Davis is the devil and that's the truth..

  6. These coons sold them souls to white supremacy! So they have to create TV shows, to make black people look bad!!

  7. No one is forcing anyone to go to these movies and watch these TV shows. If you watch it that's your choice. You will always have types who will do anything for mainstream success and acknowledgement. Tyler Perry was doing his brand of comedic /gospel plays prior for mostly lack audiences even before he got on TV. Shonda Rhimes is respected as a writer ,producer period. Her shows are watched by people of all races. Its good to see a black woman achieving success as a respected writer in an industry that at one time shunned black people period. Her characters are well rounded… Why is she considered a coon? A white woman could have just as easily been the character that Kerri Washington plays. White women have played similar roles. Now I agree that some of the televised shows and movies rely heavily on stereotypes but not all. Hopefully more writers will get an opportunity and this will be reflected in even more decent roles for black actors and actresses.

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