Crazy Tila Tequila Asks Fans For $10K, Wants To Be Near White People


tila tequila

Tila Tequila, the washed up reality star, has gone completely insane.  Following a series of absurd tweets where she referred to herself as “the ‘dearly beloved’ Goddess of ancient time!” she has launched a GoFundMe page asking fans for $10,000 so she can move closer to white people.

In her original post on her crowd funding campaign, she says that she was “killed in 2012 then was replaced with a clone!”   That’s not nearly the craziest part of the sprawling diatribe.

tila tequila tweet

The former MySpace star and Hot Import Nights model says that she needs money to save her baby’s life from the Government’s “bio-weapon attacks against me,” and that if she can afford to live in a white neighborhood then she will be safe.

“I am also moving into a different house where there is a lot of white people in the area so I know they won’t kill us!”

tila tequila baby

Not long after this insanity hit the internet it was taken down and replaced with a more sensible message, but the goal is the same: collect money from fans to buy new things even though her net worth is reported at $1.5 million.

Read the full insanity below:

Hello Flat-Earther’s!

I have been defeated by the Government and their bio-weapon attacks against me for the past few years ever since I got assassinated, and killed in 2012 then was replaced with a clone! Right now I fear for my baby’s life so I am tired of shopping at Wal-mart, and would like to upgrade to TARGET where all the rich, nice, white people shop. My daughter and I would feel really safe there, but we need your help! I am also moving into a different house where there is a lot of white people in the area so I know they won’t kill us! I am a struggling single mother after all, and I just want to make sure my baby has proper blankets, and warm winter clothes and hot food on the table. This would not only help her recieve that, but it would also help me give up Moutain Dew that I sometimes buy at Wal-Mart on Saturdays, and we alll know that causes brain damage and tooth decay!!!! Please, world, if you have a soul left in ya you would help us achieve this! WITH THE POWER OF MY MIND TRANSFERRED TO YOURS YOU ARE NOW COMPELLED TO HELP MY POOR LITTLE BABY, AND I! Once we reach this goal I will give everyone a virtual tour of our new home!!!! Thank you so much grom the Galactic Federation Super Council of 9 and Tila Tequila.

Peace in the Middle East,

Tila Tequila and Mother of 1 to Isabella Monroe Nguyen, No father.



  1. Well she would know !
    U f*ck with the bull u get the horns !!
    She couldn't wait to suck Satans dick now she can't swallow anymore .

    • Lawd O-man U said a mouthful! Moving to a white neighborhood is not going to save her. Better start repenting and ask God to save U!

  2. But I notice something. This is like the 6th celebrity have come out and started talking crazy. Something ain't right and she and the others is slowly coming out telling us the truth.

  3. And she think's living in a all-white neighborhood, will solve her problems? She's blames people for her down fall. She needs to remember, she also played a part with her tacky realty show.

      • @ crazychris

        Her dead girlfriend also exposed her family secrets to Tila, maybe that's why their after her, stopping her from blabbing. Tila's acting like she's innocent, her tacky realty show was part of an agenda. She got paid for each episode, for each season and she's acting like "They" forced her to do it. She was a willing participant, she saw the money, all she had to do was kiss and hug her love interests on the show.

  4. There's an old robot chicken episode with tila beingva robot controlled by the government check out the vid on youtube

  5. Tila been wrapped up in occult theologies and into witchcraft so long she thinks she's supernatural and more than human she thinks she's Lilith for real council of 9 guess shesbgonna say she's connected to isis

  6. This is what happens when you place these fame & attention hungry people on TV (reality) and make them believe that they are real celebrities.. They lose their damn mind and develop an attitude of entitlement. She must be crazy! Go Fund Me has to be the most abused site these days with any and everybody wanting some money for anything they can think up .. at the expense of others. No disrespect to those who really need it ,and use it for its intended purpose.

  7. Shes not lying and she is a clone. Look up Donald Marshall. I dunno why shes asking for money though because her father has BANK.

  8. If she was a clone. How the hell would she know that. I believe that a lot of things are revealing it self but how would she know that.

    • Supposedly they transfer 'the brain' memories into the clone…

      Watch the movie 'Ex-Machina' it will give you more info/background about mind scanning/cloning/droids/mind mapping.


  10. Yea and the Earth is flat, that's what she said. The girl is not well, she is delusional and someone needs to come get that baby for her own safety.

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