Computer Wangster? Gorilla Zoe Catches Beef W/ Miami Hustlers & Players

Gorilla Zoe Miami Beef

Word from the streets of Miami …

HSK Exclusive – Players and Hustlers in the 305 are said to have some static with Gorilla Zoe. That’s according to out tipster, who exclusively tells HSK the ‘King Kong’ emcee is maliciously injecting “some kind of virus” that’s allegedly infected parts of the social media matrix.

“The p*ssy came to Miami wit that gay Atlanta sh*t and started a virus amongst my closest friends! Now that we ain’t homies, they embrac’in this nicca. I connected him, and he sh*t on me! So if you’re a real Dade County N*gga that f*ck with the hood, help me send this cancer back to the A.”

This could be a case of art depicting Life. Know why? Back in 2009, Gorilla Zoe dropped word that he “Got It” in a track from his “Don’t Feed The Animals” album.

“I told you it aint trickin if you got it (I got It) … you got it (I got it) …”

Dig it:

“Zoe came out like he was a hard rapper & shit but that N*gga is straight f^g. When Zoe is in Miami he & Flo-Rida are in inseparable.”


  1. I don't get it? This story is saying he had a virus like AIDS or did he give people computer viruses? Help me understand I'm lost.

  2. Who is that corny freak? So many corny black males with blond hair, corny lames, corny sissies trying to pass as thugs.

    • fake blond hair is now an global gay code whether you're african, asian, caucasian, amazonian, martian etc …

      • You ain't lying,a whitey told me that any man with blond highlight no matter the race is a bonefied fag !

        • Yes indeed I learned that too ,so now you know ladies and gents you got a heads up blond highlight on any man is a homo !

          • I posted that "Anonymous Jan 12, 2016 at 01:08" comment but forgot to add my user name… Posting anonymously is just not my style ….

  3. Zoe was on bad boy nuff said bout that so they saying Zoe spread that gay chit to miami

  4. Shout out to Brisco, the Opa Locka goon. "UndaRated is a understatement." Still one of my favorite rappers although I thought he was dead at one point. Still bumpin' 21 Jumpstreet and OG Kush III.

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