James Harden Farrah Flossit Bed

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When Houston Rockets’ James Harden wakes up he’s going to be mad as hell he stayed the night with Farrah Flossit…

#WhenJamesHardenWakesUp is trending on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blackvoices and MySpace right now because a well known jersey chaser called Farrah Flossit posted a picture of James asleep in her bed with the hash tag #alilsleepytime

Farrah Flossit Racist


  1. These have to be theeeeeeee dumbest people on earth to actually sleep with hoes in their bed and fall asleep. Like how can you sleep soundly knowing the status you have. Just dumb!

  2. Well it says she hate black ppl but she sure as hell loves some black dick ! Changing the world one ass at a time !
    I knew women just like her until…. I changed their minds ! Good work James ! At least she’s not a trans !

    • She don’t look like a whitewoman to me…Just Saying! More like a confused half-breed or quadroon chick with bbc-itis down below. Changed their minds ha? That’s too easy to do nowadays. We can have our way with them, I still wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

  3. She must have been a good piece of azz for him to look knocked da phuck out. She laced him outttttt! LOL

    • She put it on him, that’s obvious to the naked eye. But, these are the kind of women that get passed around the NFL and NBA in a continuous loop. She’s a d@#k hopper on a mission to get sprung with millions. That’s what she’s aiming to do one jock at a time.

  4. LOL, James Harden slept with so many Skeezers his dick is crunchy…it’s gonna break off if he don’t put it back in his pants! He’s so NASTY!! #straightup

  5. James Harden is a joke….and the biggest lame trick of the NBA. It wouldnt surprise me to see if this choon went broke before he retires. And this badly botched white whore is a bottomfeeder and a white man reject which is why she is a prize to many coons. They hate us but lust for us. What minda sick twisted crap is that. LolololololoL.

  6. White Women are the biggest slut bags of all time, They hate Black Men but They didn’t mind getting dicking down by one

    You Black Men are stupid, When Black Women tell You Nicca’s the truth You call Black Women jealous and ugly ( jealous of wrinkly White Women oh please)

    this White trailer trash look nasty

    • He got exactly what he deserved. Falling asleep with this bum tramp next to him. He got caught slipping and this is the end result. Any who, if I ever can.e across this broad I would straight jaw her and think about heaven later. #Real.

      • true, Black Men are dumb!! point blank period (I wouldn’t piss on Them if They were burning in the hot sun)

        Black Men should lick Black Women toes (with cheese on it)

        this ugly Becky looks nasty one fat ugly slut

  7. Who tweets “I hate Black people in 2015?” That’s not the same thing as asking “who hates black people in 2015?” because obviously some do. But what kind of RETARDED MONGOLOID TRASH would actually put that out into the Twittersphere with her name attached to it??
    Shidd, even full on white supremacists like David Duke won’t put that kind of thing in print with his name behind it.
    I mean, really. She must have an IQ of 30.

    • Naw HE’S the dumb ass for not screening that bish she could have hiv or aids bm so dumb they sleep with trash yet diss bw. Hypocrites and dumbasses.

  8. Another sell out played by a cave chick gold digger. How dumb and thirsty are they new money BM so dumb they sleep with bitches that hate them. Got the nerve to be dissing the Motherblood but white chicks be clowing Tyrone 24/7 and bums call it ‘coming up.’ Fact is there are more BM swirl married by percentage than wm. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. BM love giving the slave masters great granddaugher money. dumb sambo sellouts!

    • WM/Asian women have the highest IR rate and BN/WW have the highest divorce rate. These pairimgs are overated and pretentious. The media have u thinking that to destroy the image of the black family. Anyhows, some of the brothas will never get it.

      • Ok you see the truth. AW queens of the swirl then BM. AW are tomming for real just like dem brothas sucking up to anything non black. You don’t need the media to destroy the image of the black family its bm not marrying and staying in the home period be real ok?

        • Supposedly AW have the coochie of death tho. Dude told me it’s like effing a vacuum pump.

          • Oh please thats bullshit one of my friends a BM is married to an AW he said she is loose as a goose some of them were straight hookers before they swirled.

  9. He a dumb stupid n***a u kno a blk man will luv the shit out of a cracker azz bitch like this trash good for his stupid azz & I hope a sis knock the shit out of this tired azz white bitch

    • Why would a Black woman beat up a white woman for sleeping with a Black man who obvious wanted to sleep with her? This Black women jealous of White women MYTH has got to end. Brothers, really be believing that lie too. I don’t care. Sleep with who you want too.

  10. Male celebrities on the down low are always pretending to be caught of guard by random tots. With all the technology, famous celebrities are very discreet about privacy. They pay hush money if caught creeping. Lately it seems questionable male celebrities are pretending to have relations with strippers and thots. This is no accident. The same thing happen with Justin bieber, and soulja boy and many others. The bigger the booty and curve of a thot the more masculine they think they appear. Most strippers pretend to be lesbians and are selectively chosen because they have something in common with down low men.

  11. IF that was a Black female star caught in bed with a white trash man there would be 100 comments calling her a sell out etc. notice how quiet the BM are here? They cannot admit they be getting played. Nobody wants a broke BM except a dumb BW!! White trash THOTS never play with broke bums. BM love being the cave chicks bed wench SELLOUTS!

  12. anyone on this site who degrades black men (dumb) or women (hoes) are working against the black community (cia,fbi, etc…), are traitors, and should be treated as such.

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