Angela Yee Email Hacked; Hackers Threaten Violence Over “Gossip Game”

Angela Yee Email Hacked

This morning, I received the email above… Followed by an email with the photos and a message below, threatening The Breakfast Club’s, Angela Yee with physical and sexual violence.

I don’t know what’s going on.

Angela Yee ThreatsHere’s a paragraph in case you can’t read the image above:

“You alcoholic, single, ugly, fat nosed, Jhene Aiko on America’s Biggest Loser, Blasian bitch!Marlen Jacob has returned for his revenge. NOW IT’S TIME FOR ME TO PUT YOU ON BLAST LIKE YO SEX SLAVE! I’m the one that faked your email. You thought you could play me on the Gossip Game. I’m gonna kill you! First, I’m going to molest you like Ariel Castro with Sandusky force. Play with your little boobs (one of many reasons I always cheated on you), finger f*ck your p***y. After i drown you in your own yeast.”

Angela Yee Hackers


  1. ROTFL! I shouldnt be laughing because a woman is being threatened but dayuuuuuum…..”drown you in your own yeast????” This guy is one hell of a writer.

  2. sex is too damn powerful!!!, this is the same reason why I don’t sex!!

  3. She needs to call Vado, so, he and the boys can hang him over a balcony or ledge…Vanilla Ice Treatment!

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