Mariah Carey Brother Says: My Sister Is an Alcoholic & Junkie

Mariah Carey Intervention

Mariah Carey’s brother fears the singers addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol will kill her.

“She takes a daily cocktail of medications Zyprexa, Ativan and Depakote and I fear she will die like Whitney Houston”-Morgan Carey

Morgan Carey is saying his pop star sister is a heavy drinker and she also suffers from mental health problems.

“Mariah was drinking through her pregnancy — even while she was nursing”

Here’s what Morgan Carey revealed:

“I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary. She doesn’t have a support system, and she is not mentally capable.

Nick Cannon was a crock of sh*t who wasn’t good for my sister and he was only interested in her money.”


  1. Where I come from you don’t put your family’s personal business out there on front street. If you want to get her help, get her help, privately…but to act like all you want is for her to get sober, when all you really want is for people to know who you are. How are you helping her by putting her personal isht out there on the streets? Sounds like he’s an opportunist to me. Nobody ain’t heard of this fool, until he started talking behind his sister’s back about what drugs she may be doing. You missed me with that one jack…

  2. I always wondered why her kids looked deformed. They might have fetal alcohol syndrome. Shame you Mariah.

  3. I meant to say shame on you Mariah for being selfish and not putting your kids first. I’m

  4. a story of a sad and lonely biracial Woman struggling with life, Her ex husband doesn’t want nothing to do with Her You know that marriage was fake!!

    what She needs is realty check!! She needs a strong Black Woman in Her life (Because Her mother ain’t doing shyt)

    Black Men think twice before You plant Your nasty seeds in a White Women, because They can’t raise black children!!

  5. Well I can see why she got thick over the years. Depakote is a drug that have steroids in it. Mariah uses it to stable her bipolar mood swings. I had to use it for seizures. Yeah I got a lil thick in the right places but I am glad I am off them pills!!

  6. I doubt Mariah’ s kids will identify with being black when they grow up because Mariah never did. If she doesn’t clean her act up she will end up like Micheal and Whitney.

  7. @tish I totally agree with you that biraciall kids don’t identify with being black especially if their mothers are white. Look at Alicia Keys and Tinashe they both are biracial but not once did I hear them identify as being black but their target audience is.

  8. if its not catelyn jenner we don’t wanna hear it.

    so what if mariahjs on drugs and alcohol
    right now kylie jenner is sucking tygas nuts off right now.

    kim kardashian is pregnant and we get to hear about a washed up singer with a drug problem.

    come on we wanna see bruce jenner with a black guy.

  9. Nick done f*cked this po chile’s mind smoov the freak up! sad. straighten up Mariah. any time a once was A-List celeb singer who has sold over a 150 million albums turn to for a man? yeah the drugs and alkeehall is concrete-real. get it together sista. dont be another Whitney whom had taken her own self outta here. smdh

  10. I remember when she first came out there was never a Black man in her videos. But when she fell off hmmmm…… butterflies indeed. I don’t fell the least bit sorry for her.

    I agree @TB what kind of brother does that? If this is true then he is just as guilty as everyone else who knew she used while pregnant. Poor kids, I do feel sorry for them because they didn’t ask to be here. Terrible, just terrible…..


  11. @Black Enga

    Mariah did have Black Men in Her music video, remember Her song called Honey where She was surround by loads of Black Men

    She also did song with Snoop playing His love interest. She also sit on Jadakiss lap while They were doing a music video

    I’m sure as hell not Mariah Carey fan She’s clearly needs help

    She only uses Black Men or should I say Black People when it’s convenient for Her

  12. @ Woman Who Cares I said when she first came out, when she (cough, homewrecker) was still married to Tommy. I don’t think she wanted anyone to know she was Black, just Irish/Italian back then. I also believe she uses Blacks when it’s convenient for her.

  13. Mariah Carey’s voice and her looks have been destroyed by alcohol and drugs. If she doesn’t stop immediately, she may suffer the same fate as Whitney Houston!

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