Snoop Dogg Gives Props To Akon; Slams Bruce Jenner

Snoop Dog Bruce Jenner

Snoop Dogg took to IG to congratulate Akon for his charitable work in Africa while simultaneously labeling Caitlyn Jenner a “science project”.

“What Akon did in Africa should be headline news to show rappers what to do with their money — What Bruce Jenner done should be in the trans section of Backpage” ~Luther Campbell

Here’s what Snoop Dogg posted on IG:

“Shout out Akon! He is about to supply 600 million Africans with solar power. I’m really upset that isn’t major news but that science project Bruce Jenner.”


  1. Well damn! TB post from yesterday had my ass Rollin! I couldn’t respond from laughing at her crazy ass. Now Snoop and Uncle Luke had me choking off my Frosted Flakes this morning laughing at these clowns! I admit, I gave Caitlyn her props because she does look way better than her Ex! LOL! Anyway, 600 million solar panels!! Damn AK! U CHANGING THE WORLD ONE PANEL AT A TIME!!

    • I thought JR Smith posted this?? Another media source says it was JR. @DR1, LMAO, which one???? I get crazy and clown on all this Hollywood bullisht. I takes NOTHING about these jokers seriously…belee dat. LOL

  2. of course white media doesn’t care about Africans or poor black people in general.

    they gonna support the whites and the gays and bruce jenner becoming a bitch is a huge plus for gay and lesbian rights 100 more points for those who support the lesbian agenda he might have started a trend how many more celbs are gonna want a sex change now that bruce is now a slutty white whore.

    • Whitemen once ruled the planet, now they wanna be women with reincarnated vaginas. This aspect of the story will be ignored, but, it’s hard to miss.

      • You are correct, Tyrone, this is just a wealthy white man exercising his white privilege. Ya’ll love capitalism, well, this is what it looks like! Don’t like it? He can do what he wants, he’s rich, kids, wife and public be damned, it’s HIS world. SMH

  3. exactly and Akon is spending his money wisely BEFORE putting out new music! this generation is controlled by the demonic government 666 they focusing on TALENTLESS people and brainwashing little kids turning all of them gay SMH

    • Akon came to his senses. Hip-Hop is controlled by suits in NY and LA that are hellbent on turning blackmen against the female species…The Ugly Truth! Props to him for seeing ahead.

  4. bruce wants to cut his nuts off his life his decision.

    shame he’ll never have ovaries, he’ll never have a period, bitch saus she still likes women, well real men enjoy p*ssy with a real dick, how can you enjoy p*ssy with no dick guess its the bitch in him .

    kris left bruce cause he can’t perform for her and kris saw all the black young dick running around she wanted some and bruce do too.

  5. @CrazyChris

    rumor has it, Kris is getting dicked down by Her ex Son-in-Law Lamar!

    not sure if it’s true but Kris likes Black Men, so it must be true

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