Surgeon Reveals What Killed Kanye’s Mom

What Killed Kanye's Mom

Dr. Jan, the doctor who performed cosmetic surgery on Kanye West’s mother, Donda, just before her death is speaking out; revealing what he believes really killed Donda and demanding Kanye clear his name.

Dr. Jan Adams told the NY Daily News,

“It baffles me when nobody wants to know the truth. I think (Kanye) should stand up and tell the truth, and the truth will set you free.
“I think the truth needs to be out there. If he had any b—s or if he was any kind of man he could (speak up). But the real answer is he probably won’t.”
“Most people that I run into think she died on the table, they don’t even know this lady was home for a day.”
“What he needs to know is it’s never going to go away. It’s out there and it ain’t going to go away until we deal with it. I don’t have to worry, I have truth and God on my side, on this one I’m absolutely correct.”

According to the good doctor, the blame lays with that of Kanye West’s cousin, nurse Stephan Scoggins, who Dr. Adams claims left Donda in the care of unlicensed family members while he attended a baby shower and ignored their calls for help when Donda began asphyxiating on her food.


  1. for real man this is bs we all know kanye mom was a blood sacrifice this is crazy now this doctor wants to come out years later with this? this doctor was for elites and boule they have doctors that work for them to give lethal injections to people they want to kill. pimp c, luther vandross, eazy e , michael jackson , etc. by the way the only reason why murray went to jail was to make the public happy. and you notice you haven’t heard from him right? he was never going to a long stint in jail in anyway.

  2. kanye even admitted his mother was his sacrifice when he said “my mother died for this hollywood shit, chasing the dream”. people don’t want to believe jennifer hudson used her family as a sacrifice but she did she doesn’t have any remorse at all. she looks evil now. dr dre did his son the same way. people don’t want to believe but hey it is what it is

    • @Stephen, how has Jennifer Hudson benefited from her family’s death? Just asking

    • i hear what you all are sayin’ but,
      where does all it stop?? i mean, does
      anyone die of natural causes anymore??

      • Not if they are black. When’s the last time you ever heard about white folks “sacrificing” someone for a come up? Blood sacrifices is stupid old Voodoo superstition that needs to be let go of. Do you know how stupid you sound when you talk about celebrity blood sacrifice?
        How did Dame Dash prosper after Aaliyah’s alleged sacrifice? Not too well.
        Same for Jennifer Hudson. And if Kanye sacrificed his own mother, which is the most ridiculous assertion of them all, why did he have to go and marry a Kardashian to get in all the mainstream media on a daily basis? It seems to me that THAT was his “sacrifice.” Marrying a Kardashian. He sacrificed his integrity, fans, manhood and blood legacy to marry the Queen Thot of the world.

    • odd that dre only met his son once in his lifetime.

      odd that Jennifer warned her sister and her sister didn’t even rescue her son even more strange any mom is going to rescue their child first if she cares anything about them.s

  3. Donda WEst was too old to have more than one surgery at a time. Her aftercare was not up to par and she died. That’s it.

    The doctor didn’t kill her, the followup that was lacking killed her. I never believed she was on the table when she died, if that was the case he would not have his license. It was never in jeopardy because he was not found negligent.

  4. well………

    a well known You tuber was hinting about Kanye getting rid of His mother for His now Wife
    it makes perfect sense, because when He’s Mother was alive He was well grounded He talked about Black issue

    He was down with Sista’s, but now He’s with a woman who wants to look like a Black Woman, Who’s family is thriving off Black women’s looks and bodies

    Kris hates Black Women that’s why She get Her little thots to ruin Black Love, She doesn’t want no Black Women living it up with a nice rich Black Men

    • By all means, turn to You Tube for the truth. That’s like checking the tea leaves before buying shares of stock.

      YT is the worst thing that ever happened to black folks. It has lowered the mean IQ of the race by 10 points at least. READ A BOOK. Nothing on YT is vetted for truth or accuracy. It’s all a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit intended to feed an already distrusting people. The only people benefiting from YT are those who have channels and make money off the frightened sheep who drink that shit up like it was red Kool Aid.

  5. who was dr. west trying to impress anyway at hjer age she looked good for her age but you knbow money and fame.

    now kanyes about to be a dad again with child number 2.

    as for kris and her family the hell with them rich ass sluts take away their money and you have Armenian trash rejects nobody wants but black men anyway.

    kanmye like most black men never get a taste of whityegirls until they get a little money they all start off with dark skinned or light skinned girls or in between then they start dating latino, Asian, or other exotic looking girls then they finally get a white woman the list is endless.

  6. remember an old family joke where lois told Cleveland he went from a black woman to a white woman and didn’t even have to date a Mexican in between.

  7. Whether people choose to believe in such conspiracy theories or not, it’s truly something to be said about some of Hollywood’s most “mysterious” deaths. Many might or will ask “Who or what will this person to gain from this or that person’s death?” Quite simple. In Hollyweird, seemingly, there’s always that one or those wanting to be the ultimate and absolute NEXT. Such will do any and everything to not only obtain and attain wealth and power, but will totally sacrifice their souls if having to do so, even if that includes anything closest to them.

  8. Kanye knows why his mother his dead. He was cheesing like a cheshire cat at her funeral. It’s not about there being something to “gain”, it’s about having something to GIVE. Kanye gave up years ago.

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