Video ▶️ Wendy Williams Says Tyrese Speaks Down On Women Because He Loves MEN! ?‍❤️‍?

Wendy Williams is not here for Tyrese and just slandered the man on live television. According to Wendy, Tyrese really is into men and that’s why he down talk women.

What Tyrese said that has Wendy pissed off

Wendy’s response….

Wendy thinks Tyrese hates women because he ❤️❤️❤️ MEN.. ?????‍?‍??

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  1. Saying Tyrese is probably gay because he’s well-documented problems with women is hardly slander.

  2. His rants started when he had on some fur coat standing on a balcony talking bout somebody and sounding crazy. This was around the time that the Paul guy died. Didn’t he have a huge azz portrait of Paul man in his backyard. Found that strange too.

    • Forreal? I didn’t know that. I’ll have to look that one up… Yeah that is really suspect lol

  3. where’s the video? you can’t make a claim without receipts…geeze journalism 101.

  4. Although I hate both of these 2, Wendy is telling the truth, imo. Tyrese is an ass, & his ex-wife is speaking on how he abused her. As someone on LSA rightfully pegged, he is a part of STD, better known as TGT. Again, I have no beef w/Tank, but them other 2 are known for gay activities. As Jacky said in his CLASSIC video, to sum this all up, “TY’S A PUNK!” 😀

      • They shouldn’t be, Gwine is no catch, just ask his ex-wife Sole’, all his babymamas, & the groupies he banged on the road & didn’t call back. Also, he may have had some inappropriate relationship w/his brother. His brother is OBSESSED with him. He goes on all the sites posting about him. He even posted in the thread where they were talking about G’s peen pics that got leaked. What brother does that? What brother would want to even comment on that? Can you say (incestuous?) creepy stalker??

  5. Tyrese being bisexual is old news guess that’s why he likes transformers so much cause he’s hiding in plain sight

  6. Tyrese “Sweet lady” Gibson was already outed by some no name comedian a few years ago. I forgot his name.

  7. I don’t know why these gay men marry? He treat women like day old stale bread.. No I wouldn’t marry for all the tea in China and China drinks tea all dat long.. Tyrese is sickening, what us so great about waiting 69 days to have sex with someone, that not a born again virgin, a born again virgin waits until marriage to have any relations with her soon to be husband. I suggest Tyrese STFU since he’s always putting his foot in his mouth,,,Just telling the whole truth..

  8. Oh abs Wendy needs to talk about that husband of hers, he has no respect for he, he’s been sleeping with Trannies for a king time.., IJS

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