Wendy Williams Is Wildin’ During Her Sick Leave

    wendy williams music video

    Wendy Williams done lost her mind and actually filmed a music video during her leave from her talk show.

    Here it is. Try not to laugh tho:

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    1. And for any one who thinks every one on this site is just hating on her..if you look like her She absolutely would clown the shit out of u too…this woman makes her money by pointing out people’s flaws..by tearing people down..and being all up in every ones bussiness…

    2. She needs to put a trap house in the video, and get a feature from Cardi B.

      Then the song needs a Afrobeat remix.

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    5. MK ULTRA/Humiliation ritual at work… Wendy’s been a little off her rocker as of late. Something much deeper is definitely going on behind the scenes.

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