RGIII Marries His Side Piece

rgIII married

Robert Griffin III is officially off the market after marrying his side piece, Grete Sadeiko.

The former football player shared the news on his Twitter with the caption:

“First name Grete, Last name Griffin. All I ever wanted to be for you is your hero. It turns out that all along, you were mine. “

RGIII met Grete when he slid into her Instagram DMs… while he was still married to his now ex-wife, Rebecca. Grete also gave birth to a baby girl in July.




  1. This shit aint going to last…left your first wife that was down for you during yout entire career for a woman that only was around when you came off your peak season. Smdh. Give them them 2 years

  2. He’s going to Hell for this barbaric act .

    God will hold all black men accountable for turning your back on nature and it’s children like this. Black men will burn for eternity when th r sun heats up along with your colonizer wives. This is a sin and curse you have brought upon your self and the planet.

  3. Any woman that would date a married man is not the type of woman you should marry. It don’t matter if the marriage was over, half over, separated or whatever else they call it, until then divorce payers are final you supposed to stand clear.

    • Exactly!!! But they are both pieces of shit so it really doesn’t matter. That trash was made for each other.

  4. Thank God ….. My Hebrew Israelite Knowledge …. Stopped Me From Being This C00.n !!!

  5. PSA

    If you’ve ever wondered what a coon was and how to protect yourself should one try to school/harm you- see above.

    Now is the time to protect yourself against coons. You can identify a coon by:
    – Their shucking and jiving
    – Their glorification of any culture besides Black culture, more specifically WHITE culture
    – Their willingness to make dumbfuck decisions and promote these ideas through television and social media with their recently acquired ‘coon queen’ by their sides
    – their ability to self destruct within 2-8 years after fully accepting their coin lifestyle.

    Stay safe- avoid a coon today!!

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