Nick Gordon Arrested for Domestic Violence

nick gordon arrested domestic violence

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s former boyfriend, was arrested on domestic violence charges in Florida on Saturday.

Sources say Gordon told cops that his “crazy” girlfriend, Laura Leal, “attacked him for no reason.” He wanted her to be ordered to leave his house after she “ripped his shirt, threw a bottle at him and, amid the chaos, cut his thumb.”

When cops questioned the girlfriend, they noticed a “visible injury to include slightly swollen bottom lip with dried blood.” She told the cops she picked Nick up from a bar, and he struck her in the face and pulled her hair out as she drove, saying he “should make her wreck the vehicle.”

He posted a $500 bond and is slated to appear in court April 6.

This is the second time he has been arrested for domestic violence. The first time was with a different woman.



    • He’s always had crazy lookin bushy eyebrows. Then he allowed some shop to make him look crazy.

        • I see him as a victim of his parents and Whitney Houston. His parents didn’t protect him from a known drug user and allowed him to live with a crackhead who used him as a drug mule. She called him son and left him nothing in her Will.

          • That does not excuse his multiple arrests for beating on women.

            Just because you are fucked up is not give you the right to put hands on someone else…especially a woman.

            And I still think he had a hand in bobbi kris’s death.

  1. No the first time is with the same woman. I don’t honestly get why women stay with a man abusing them.

  2. fool going down now that bobbi and whitney are gone

    not saying he actually killed bobbi k but he is partly to blame since he was supposed to take care of her and she went into the tub and overdosed afte rhe beat her ass.

    bobbi k was a druggie her and whit used to fuck the same dudes for crack.

    • And there you have it.Once Bobby Brown left Whitney lured this boy in to fetch her drugs. Lesbians are notorious for using and destroying men.

    • Honestly……I Think That Bobby Brown Blood Sacrificed Both Of Them & He Has Definitely Been On The Come Up In His Career (i.e…Celebrity Guest On Numerous Talk & Entertainment Shows, Signature Food & Spice Line, Touring With New Edition, New Edition Story On BET & Has A Bobby Brown Two-Part Miniseries Coming Out On BET In September & Is Forever In The Media News NOW.

      When He Was With Whitney…..Wasn’t Nobody Checking For Him When She Was At Her Career Height…..&……Then When He Got Himself Clean (Partially) & She Started To Further Decline Into Drug Addiction (Her & Bobbi Kristina) & Was No Longer Valuable In The Entertainment Industry……He Used [Her] Their Weaknesses & Deficiencies To Garner A Revitalization Of His Career.

      I Think That He Was/Is A Dirty Low Down Jealous Snake…….Especially Of Whitney’s Singing & Acting Career When They Were Married. Whitney Even Said In Her Interview With Diane Sawyer That He Spit In Her Face In A Jealous Rage.

      However…..I Could Be Wrong……And If So……I Digress.

      • (Con’t)

        Even Though They Had Been Divorced For Years Before Her Ultimate Demise……I Still Think That He Took Advantage Of Her Destructive Drug Addiction & Used It To His Advantage…….Just Like All Of The Other (Has-Been) Devils In The Entertainment Industry When They Are No Longer In The Limelight.

        • @Anon 1646 Not sure about the sacrifice stuff, but the latest WH doc “can i be me”mention the same thing about BB being jealous Of Whitney,it had some interesting bts(behind the scene)takes,Whitney’s mom was also interviewed on the doc,it was on YT for free when i saw it(lst yr)looks like its taken dwn now,NG really needs to go somewhere and sit dwn

          • Dirty Whitney destroyed Bobby’s career when she lured him into that marriage to cover up her lesbianism. Bobby Brown was a fast rising sex symbol on the level of Elvis and Denzel. I’m still pissed about it.

      • I have a question. When they do these sacrifices do they actually pick the person themselves???

        • @ Anon 20:05

          I Have No Idea…….All Of This Is Just My Hypothetical Guess Based On My Opinion Of Being An Outsider Looking In.

          I’m Sure That There Are Some Commenters On This Site (That Can Answer Your Question) That May Be More Familiar With The Dark Side Of The Entertainment Industry.

        • Stop buying into Caribbean voodoo culture of blood sacrifice to Satan.They can get away with it over there because everyone from the president on down worships Satan and no white folks to lock them up

      • Correction:

        *Whitney Did A 2009 Interview With Oprah Winfrey (Not Diane Sawyer) When She Said That Bobby Spit On Her.

  3. 新时代,怎么打好脱贫攻坚战

  4. When I used to post here all the time I TOLD YALL he killed both Mother and Daughter!!

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