Wendy Williams Drags Patti Labelle for Outing Luther

wendy williams patti labelle luther vandross

Wendy Williams didn’t appreciate Patti Labelle spilling all of Luther Vandross’ gay tea during an interview with Andy Cohen. Here’s what the talk show host had to say:

“She should have said ‘no comment’. If he had asked me something like that, then – it’s okay for me to talk about it. I didn’t know Luther Vandross. He wasn’t my friend. But, it’s not okay to talk about it when it’s your best friend. You know? It’s like a violation.”

Is Wendy right?


  1. Says the bytch who spills EVERYBODY’S tea. She always trying to stay relevant. STFU you transvestite. People need to look under her dress and see what’s going on.

    • @Iknow, I gotta take credit for dat one. She annoys da phuck out of me! She need to go somewhere and dramatically faint again. lmaoooo

  2. I would agree if any one other than this he-man said it. Wendyll got some damn nerve.

  3. stfu wendy hypocrite. If he was gay and its not a bad thing y out patti . it wasnt a secret…if any thing it just shows that he was a fraud making money make beliving he likes woman. you can tell the man like dicks and thats y he died suddenly from hiv complication along with fact he couldnt keep food out of his mouth

  4. I just don’t like gay men singing love songs to and about women. It’s not genuine and the female fans are the ones making them rich and acting a fool at concerts. I liked some of Lu’s music but I could never enjoy the so-called love songs after the rumors came out years ago!

    • I’m sorry to tell u this, but EVERYONE in the entertainment arena is GAY. It doesn’t matter if they r married(with or without kids).

      • The funny thing (pun intended) is that Ms. Patti herself has been rumored to be gay (or at best bi) forever. Would she have appreciated Luther outing her? Ummmmm….

  5. Wut a bitch. Who says some shit like that, oo bitch you cant spill his tea only i can. What a heffer. So bitch if i say whats the tea wit yo mf man fuckin trannies and buying hoes dashikis and homes and rings wit yo money, whats the tea bitch? And for the fools talkinbout they dont fuck wit luthers music cause he gay then you should turn the tv and the damn radio off cuz they all gay. Literally.

  6. I like a few Luther tunes but we knew about luther and the fact that they found all those women clothes in his closet yeah luther used to dress up in that red dress and get fucked by men in his high heels

    • Yes indeed. No matter what Luther made beautiful music. It’s ok for Patti talk about Luther; she didn’t drag him. She spoke the truth. Maybe it will help a poor kid in the closet. Luther with all his money and fame wasn’t truly happy.

  7. It’s a Hollywood prerequisite. The majority of ‘women’ in that industry are not who the public think they are; and the majority of ‘men’ are not heterosexual either…

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