Draya Gets Trashed for Being a Bad Mom

draya son bad mom

Draya will never escape the “bad mom” comments if she keeps making online posts like this. She was trying to share her struggles of parenthood, but got dragged instead:




  1. Wow. If the teacher needs you to sign that paper 50x a day so your child can get a passing grade, you do it. As a mother you do WHATEVER you have to do to ensure your child gets the best and most out of each and every experience he partakes in in this rollercoaster ride we call life. What a piece of isht she is for complaining about signing a paper. She may not see the value of the speech, but the educational system does. And this is the type of stuff that women say, that I can’t defend them for and I won’t. Loser.

    • I agree with you 100%! She wants her child to be as ignorant and dumb as she is. What a chicken head. ~

  2. Anonymous you are 100% right! They should have dragged the ish out this bird bitch. She just started taking care of her son and she’s complaining? What?

  3. And you are telling people this on social media because??? (sigh) Draya please seek attention elsewhere and be glad you have a son that is healthy and alive.

    I wish the worst thing that happened to me today was a teacher asking me to sign my son’s homework…

  4. She put the kid in a bad position (the middle) – if she had some problem with the boy’s assignment then tell it to the teacher not the world. We got our own mommy issues we working through. Why does she think her day/week (holiday break) is so important it warranted this. Most women had to work before Turkey Day and after! And SOME worked the damn holiday! She needs to get her priorities straight!

        • ???? What I do!!! I hated doing my own homework in school. I barely graduated and nobody could understand how I got into college. I was one of those kids that copied everybody else homework when I got to school. I can’t even take my own diploma or degree serious cause I know I ain’t really earn either. ?

  5. Poor Draya, she should know all the jealous rachets been looking for a reason to drag her and she just gave it to them. The problem is Draya cant be dragged, she is Cocky as Cocky can get, so its not like she gone give a hooten nanny what anybody else has to say, she is a Grade A-1, Stuck up, Cocky Biaat h. You cant bring her down, she will use it to crawl even higher.

    • jealous of what?draya is not the best looking woman in the world. she cant be a run way model, ms universe none of that. shes just a basic bitch with a mouth too small, nose to big for her face, funny looking buggy eyes, fake ass and breast. now take away the breat and ass and the bitch will be about a 6

      • I mean I don’t even know if I even like Draya, but I know her personality type, and she’s too stuck up to get dragged like she would actually care is all I’m saying. I think she’s cute though!

        But getting dragged about some homework, nope not possible, she won’t loose a ounce of sleep over it.

        My sister called me stupid all the time, everybody at my highschool and my highschool boyfriend, the whole school knew I was dingy sooo, trust me I did not care and still don’t. School just not that serious to me. I actually think the people that take it serious is stupid!

  6. I understand part of where she’s coming from, but she sounds like an aint shit ass bitch when it comes to her son losing points. I mean sign it as many times as possible considering you were leaving that baby home alone and catching flights to go fuck and party. She shoulda kept that shit to herself.

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