Charlie Sheen Sues ‘National Enquirer’ Over Corey Haim Allegations

charlie sheen corey haim

Charlie Sheen is suing the National Enquirer for the article they published claiming he molested the late actor Corey Haim.

The tabloid said the event took place while they were filming the movie Lucas back in the 80s. They also claimed Sheen and Haim “smoked pot and had a*al sex.”

Sheen believes the tabloid’s exec, Dylan Howard, has a “vendetta” against him. So he’s suing him, the NE, and actor Dominick Brascia who was quoted in the article for for defamation.

“In my nearly 35 years as a celebrated entertainer, I have been nothing shy of a forthright, noble and valiant courier of the truth. Consistently admitting and owning a laundry list of shortcomings, wrongdoings and indiscretions this traveler hath traveled — however, every man has a breaking point.” – Charlie Sheen


  1. As much shit as people talk about tabloids it seems as though 90 to 95% of what they publish turns out to be true…charlie better hope they don’t have multiply reliable sources or his ass could wind up like richard simmons, owing them $$$ and paying their legal bills for a frivolous lawsuit.

    If there were any real justice in the world he would have been in prison a loooong time ago.

  2. admit to your shit & keep it movin…its not like the whole world doesnt know already….

  3. Without a doubt CS is a sick piece of sh*t. That being said, I don’t think it’s him. I think it was some1 more powerful.

    The truth is in Corey Feldman’s bank account.

  4. sheen’s EX WIFE stated in divorce papers (anyone can look this up) that sheen likes watching little boy porn (100% illegal) on his computer and would not stop watching little boy porn when she asked him to. (side note: even though divorce papers are official court documents, the cops never investigated these allegations, nor secured his computer). even when she reminded him that he was raising two little girls of his own, she said, he still would not stop watching little boy porn and told her to go uckf herself…. whether or not he is guilty of molesting haim, he sure fits the profile of an hollywood insider evil doer…

    • It’s just like the cops not investigating Corey’s report years ago. They probably won’t investigate his recent claims.

  5. Cory had been saying this for years, and is probably very true, That poor kid, it fucked him up until his death.

  6. I’m sure the publication knows they’re at risk of serious lawsuits, and I’m sure they did what they needed to protect themselves. That’s one thing that silences these people; potential lawsuits.

    Sheen will lose.

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