Nike Names an Entire Building After Serena Williams

serena williams nike building

Guess who’s having the best year ever?

She has a Grand Slam, a husband, and a baby, and now Nike just revealed they’re naming one of their headquarters after Serena Williams!



  1. Nike didn’t do this for the steriod user Maria Sharapova. Nevertheless Serena is married to a white man. We all know if a black person marries a white person, the black moeny will eventally land in the hands of the white supremacy. That’s why Nike has no problem giving Serena millions of dollars plus her own building. They know that eventually Serena’s money will be inthe hands of her white husband. #Divorce

    • STFU already…unless you plan on making one of your infamous lists on how many BLACK MEN have married/ souled out!

      Oh wait there is not enough room on the internet to write that list out!

    • Cut the “white supremacy” bullshit mantra please! Whites may be superior to you NBA, but not to me. If a Black man marries a Black woman the money goes to White people due to her excessive spending on L.V.M.H brand products, Range Rovers, Jaguars, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Louboutins ,Plastic Surgery a White/Zionist Lawyer for the Divorce and Child support etc, etc.

    • Exactly.

      Her poor farmer father trained the best tennis players in the world after taking one tennis class. He wanted his kids to escape his life, and what does she do with her millions of dollars?

      Give it all back.

      • You should be a interior designer, make up artist, editor, or do something that pays close attention to detail. Because you be noticing stuff, I would never think about.

  2. A building named after her!!????? She’s just a tennis player. hahahahahahah Oh how TPTB try to impress and glorify. Nike still making money…..and their shoes are raggedy.

  3. I’m so happy for her! She has had a wonderful year! I love seeing Black Women winning, after all we have been through we deserve it! What an inspiration!

    • I agree. Us black women need to praise one another instead of putting one another down because we all we got ! Anytime I see anyone black accomplishing something it makes me happy.

  4. Impressive. Now please keep living a good clean life so the building won’t be renamed later. You know how that goes.

  5. Still pissed off Serena didn’t marry a black man. The fact remains, Serena is arguably the greaest female athlete ever!

    • If you fuckers would have acted right and put a ring on it she would have!

      She dated plenty of them who could have married her.

      • I think she was lucky to find that white man. He adores her. Ain’t no black man I know would have hooked her up and made her his Queen without wanting to OWN her and/or make her feel like she should lick his boots cuz he spent some dollarz on her. Black men are egomaniacs. They feel they OWN the black woman and he is the head of the household. Eat cocky and die.

        • He cheated and seemingly messing with trannies at the time. He was pictured with some dude in a dress around the time they were together or right after they broke up.

          And to the asses who call Serena one, FUCK OFF!

    • I agree.

      Even if she didn’t marry black, why marry white?

      She can find some Indian doctor, and the kid will come out black.

        • You sound like a bootlicker and shoe shiner.

          Whites aren’t even fully human. They’re mostly neanderthals. Neanderthals are a human-like species that basically behaves like a 4-leg animal, but walks on 2 and has some humanish behaviors. They fully admit this. And their behavior is not human. Africans are the only true humans on earth. Look at the evils of this world and who’s responsible. Over thousands of years, the animals known as whites have done nothing but destroy.

          Her being with a white is a huge step down. She’s far better than that. She’s the best female tennis player in the world. She rose from Compton to the top of a sport that tried to keep people like her out.

          The continent of Africa is full of wealthy, not rich, but wealthy, handsome black men who would love to marry her, pamper her, and raise several beautiful children with her.

          Instead she chose not only to marry a filthy white, but also have his child and ensure that everything she and her father worked for is handed to whites on a silver platter. That wealth will aid in their continued destruction and evil all over the world.

          I won’t cosign that.

            • You’re either white or a bootlicking tom/tomasina.

              You’re in no position to evaluate my intelligence.

              • Like I said, you’re white or a Tom/Tomasina.

                You’re in no position to evaluate my, or anyone else’s for that matter, intelligence.

                You can’t even carry on a halfway intelligent exchange.

                You’re definitely white.

                Bye, neanderthal.

              • Being smarter than you does not make me white idiot, but believe what you want to make yourself feel better…losers tend to do that.,,LOL!

              • You’re not smarter than me, cracker. Maybe you’re smarter than your pet dog, which is why you people are so fond of them.

                A cracker calling someone a loser is a bad joke: You’re not humans, you have 1 inch genitals, you can’t please your women, your women look like men, you’re shaped like a cereal box, you have faces like the bottom of our feet, you have hair like pubes, you’re so dumb you have to constantly steal ideas, you have no resources and rely on the rest of the world, you haven’t accomplished anything and constantly lie about your achievements, and the list goes on.

                If you’re not white, you’re an even bigger loser than a white. You actually like them and probably sleep with them. lol

    • Serena has Stockholm Syndrome from growing up in America, and also from too much exposure to Toms/Tomasinas.

  6. Oh, I’m just agreeing with she’s “the greatest female athlete ever!” lmao I think you love who you love. She dated a lot of black men…Common, Ama’re Stoudemire, Hosea Chanchez, Jackie Long, Keyshawn Johnson, etc. These Kings didn’t appreciate a strong black woman. She moves on….

    • How do you know what they do and do not appreciate? How do you know how many rings she’s turned down?

      • Stop trying to start shit.

        Having non-fact based opinions that stink worse than ass seems to be YOUR thing.

        • The only person lacking facts in this discussion is you.

          And the fact that you resort to foul language in response to two simple questions about your statements is the only thing that smells.

          You sound white.

            • And you continue cursing like the bottomfeeder you are.

              You have yet to present any actual intelligent responses.

              You’re definitely a fithy white.

              Bye, neanderthal.

  7. They will make one black person shine and point to their success like something is wrong with the rest of us!

  8. Unless you want to sentence your son to paleness and a small d***, stop getting with these cave dwellers.

    • She has a daughter, moron.

      And don’t worry about someone else’s choices…you fuckers never clap back about ALL the men who tap out.

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