J.C. Penney Pulls Russell Simmons’ Clothing Following Sexual Assault Allegations


    jc penney russell simmons

    Russell Simmons and his businesses are taking multiple “L’s” after various sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations.

    In light of the allegations, J.C. Penney has decided to discontinue the business mogul’s ArgyleCulture clothing brand and pull the merchandise.

    Penneys took on the brand in 2016, and it was sold in only 80 of their 875 department stores.


    1. If you haven’t watched Kingsmen The Secret Service- NOW is the time. Samuel did a GREAT impersonation of Russell in he film!!

    2. WTF! He did what? I didn’t know that? Nasty bastard! EW! He has always been so gross to me always after really young girls. Yuck!

      • Yeah, the woman who outed his evil azz was Jenny Lumet. She’s Lena Horn’s granddaughter…her daughter’s child.


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