LMAO! Here’s the Video of Tiny Twerking for T.I.

tiny twerks ti
During one of her shows with XSCAPE, Tiny showed the world how she twerks for her “King” – her husband T.I.

Did she do a good job?


Is this how she got him to agree to give their marriage another shot?


  1. So sick of grown women being on Hoe Shit!! Grow Upp.. Go away cardi b..cant wait until she fades outtt!!

    • The implants are hanging so low they look like they will drop out of her ass.


  3. Welp the King sure did not marry a Queen. This is Sad, I see why TI cheats, shes a hoodrat. Hes probably still looking for a Queen who acts like a Queen instead of a hoodrat.

    • STFU, it’s a concert and she’s just having fun with the crowd. TI cheats because he can and wants to, has nothing to do with Tiny being a hood rat, especially since he has and keep having babies with her. They’ve been together for over 15 years. How long you been with your baby daddy? You sound like more of a rat on here than her anyway.

        • Great?

          How is buying a body looking great?

          If that were the case we all could pay to do that….looking great is keeping all your natural parts, working out eating right and not sucking out the fat or buying new tits ass and EYES…still not understanding who tf does that!!

      • Being with someone for 15 years dont mean he really want you, actually it could mean the opposite depending on how long it took for him to marry her. I have a Daddy, 5 brothers, 2 Grandpas and 8 uncles and a ton of homeboys. Ive seen how men treat the woman they love vs the woman they just comfortable with.

        Tiny is a hoodrat and thats why he treats her that way. I dont care if its a concert, only hoodrats do, wear and say stuff like that.

        And I dont havs kids! You? ?

        • No babies, but been married for 3 years, just purchased a home in San Diego. Will start trying next year for a baby.

          He treats her or she treats him that way because both allow it.

          • Right! So since you just purchased a home in San Diego so you say?? What was your cut off time for signing and what did you have to sign other than the contract????

            I will give you 24 hours to try and google the info. But you wont find it because its not on google.

            Knock it off with the lies, you aint married and you aint purchased no home. Nobody here believes you, sounds to perfect!! I can tell by how you worded it. People that buy homes usually say I just closed on a home if they aint moved in yet. Why? Because after 2 months of dealing with the bank, you will get used to using they terms.

            • We purchased well over 4 months ago. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, so why would I need to lie to YOU of all people? What purpose would it serve to lie to YOU????? Lol, I don’t care if you believe me or not, I’m good and HAPPY.
              Headed out to happy hour with my co-workers. TGIF!!!!!

              • Okay, that sounds like fun if I actually believed you had a job. So if you actually purchased a home than you would know the cut off time for closing in San Diego is 4pm. You would also know you have to sign the appraisal and the Note. Soooo I hope you actually get married one day since that’s what you want and I hope you get a job where you and your co workers are not working like slaves and can go to Happy Hour, that is sincerely from the bottom of my heart. But Tiny is still a hoodrat?

          • And if you want to be married, supporting woman this trashy will turn any decent man off. Only hoodrats let they man cheat! So like I said shes a hoodrat.

          • A hoodrat from her hair, to her nose piercing, her tats, her basic bytch plastic surgeries, he ex convict drug dealing babydaddy, her fake gangsta king husband and her ghetto twerking singing that basic bytch song.

            Shes a hoodrat and anyone with eyes can see that.

      • No actually you sound more like a hoodrat. Only hoodrats would think this is cute.

    • If TI were a ‘King’ he would ATTRACT one.

      You attract what you are.

      Tiny is a direct reflection of what Tip is.

  4. Your a mean one Mr Grinch…those butt implants are messed up cause she is a tiny man ?

  5. If you want to put it on your man, what’s wrong with dat? Telling a woman how she should act in public is some sexist bullcrap. Period.

  6. looks like she’s going thru a mid life crisis smfh. She better stop attempting to twerk before her ass pops ??‍♀️

  7. This is one fugly ass woman. And her voice is just as bad! She looks like she stinks. Water pig looking ass bitch.

  8. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… yoooooo. that was funny… aint nothing worse than her old diaper azz twerking…

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