Female Fan Sues Trey Songz for Assault

trey songz fan assault

A female fan is suing Trey Songz for $50K after he allegedly assaulted her.

The woman says she met him in Philadelphia after she paid for VIP access to meet him at the Vanity Grand Cabaret strip club.

The victim says Trey was hostile and disrespectful to his fans all night, and when she tried to take his picture in the strip club’s parking lot, he slapped her cell phone into her face and broke her glasses.


  1. Or she could’ve left him alone, since he was obviously aggrevated. They were at a strip club he probably wasn’t in the mode to meet fans. Ppl are really stupid!

    • If you want fame that comes with he mofo territory. You can’t choose when da phuck you want to be in the spotlight and when you wanna be low key. All these fans are the ones that got you your mansion and cars. Ungrateful celebrities.

      • I don’t think they heeeard yooou.

        There’s celeb places they can go if they don’t want to do meet and greets. Trey was acting like a b****y queen. He probably rolled his neck and switched away.

  2. The responsibility lies on him to leave or walk away.

    He has no right putting his hands on anyone!

  3. I don’t know what the appeal is… Dude sounds bitch made even when he sings. Art imitating life, I guess.

  4. Why is he at a strip club when he could pay to have private strip entertainment? If an entertainer comes out in public – he is fair game for anything unless his staff block it! Maybe he’s broke!

  5. Maybe he bumped in to her and the desperate THOT is looking for a payday.

    Folks on here acting as if what she’s saying is gospel.

    • i would have sued his ass for 350,000. fuck 50,000 thats nothing…if you hate women stop acting like u straight fool….

  6. This dude don’t like noooooooooo pu$$y,he likes guys…….sings:gonna make everything alright!

  7. Good evening ladies,my name is trey songs and I want to sing you some ghey songs: gotta make everything alright ?

  8. women r so stupid, its so obvious he wants to take a bitch place with his faggot ass….

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