Patti Labelle Drags Luther Out the Closet from the Grave!


Luther Vandross never publicly spoke about his sexuality, so we’re not sure why Patti Labelle felt the need to drag him out the closet and confirm that he was gay!

Here’s what she had to say about why he chose to keep his life as a gay man private from his fans and his mom during an interview with Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen:


  1. She needs to drag her damn self out of the closet! That was so disrespectful even though many people knew luther was gay. If he kept that secret to his grave I’m pretty sure he wanted to leave it that way!!

    • Exactly. It’s his household. It’s his affairs. The man wasn’t a criminal. And he was one of her closest friends and biggest admirers. He followed her from the very beginning of her career. He was so inspired by her. That’s how he got on.

      He was a humble, reserved guy that seemed to give proper respect to everyone. Even when he got sick the last time, you’d think his highest priority would be himself, but he was sure to make a statement defending Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl thing.

      When people talked about his music being suggestive, he defended it as purely music about love. When asked about his personal life, he never made insulting remarks about anyone; he simply said that it was “his business,” which it was.

      He’s inspired so many people and left us with beautiful music. That should be his legacy and the focus. His art.

  2. he’s dead so stop protecting the dead. freedom of speech. sing miss patty!

    • Fuck Patti no good bitch she the same bitch that lied on Nora Hendrix & Sara Dash said they were lesbians & 2 go on that punk azz shidd starting Ms. Cohen show talk abt Luther u wrong Patti

      • how is someone wrong for telling the truth. If being gay is such a bad thing why keep it a secret? SO what your saying is that its a bad thing

        • everybody with sense already knew he was gay and possibly the reason he died so young along with other fat issue complications

          • man most black male singers solo or in groups from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s are mostly gay. My gaydar can spot them easily some of the members in ready for the world, shai, new edition, morris day (if he hung with prince) micheal jackson, alexander oneal, atleast one or two in every boy group, teddy pend, freedie jackson nasty ass, one or two from earth wind fire, a few in cool and the gang,cameo . the list goes on and on

  3. To You Fucking Hypocrites who come on a gossip site to read and write about people’s issues…

    Who the Fuck are you to say who can say what about who?

    You obviously don’t give a shit about this site spilling secrets or you would not be here!

    So sit down and STFU or Fuck OFF and never come back if people telling the truth is a problem for you…fake ass self righteous/ sanctimonious clowns.

  4. And stop removing my comment sashshank, if these people can give their opinion so can I!

  5. The only reason why Patti is dragging Luther outta the grave is because of her co-guest – Sam Smith, who is openly gay and puts out soul esque music.

  6. If the white mainstream gave a damn about Luther he would have came out years ago

  7. She was sitting between two openly gay men and felt like she was in the clubhouse. Er. You know what I mean. Still think the real Patti has been gone for a while. That’s a pretty good impersonator tho.

  8. Patti labelle didnt out him she was asked questions and she responded. You guys are goofballs, its more of the dude asking the questions fault you think?

  9. It ain’t like she wasn’t stating the obvious. Nikka was sweeter than cotton candy.

    • What about some respect for this man and his art. So many people appreciate what he did and he wanted that private.

        • lmao@”who know who he infected before he died” I can’t…dead. But, on some real isht, how is calling him a gay man disrespectful??? He was a talented man who happened to like penis. So what???

          • Not specifically talking about hi-lv, but…

            The part that pisses me off is all the secrets are what is infecting & killing many black women today.

            Doing you does not mean you get to “Do In” others who don’t know about your lifestyle in the process.

      • bla bla bla if he was gay he gets no respect because he didnt respect himself. tfoh fck luther he was a fraud and i hate fake ppl

        • I respect prince because atleast we knew he swang both ways and we still love his music. boy george was gay as hell but sold music…damit i cant stand fakes,,,,if you gay annd like dicks sing to men,,,,,,or comeout the dam closet and sing a love song in general atleat we will know you was singing about a man. lol

      • Child please. I knew at 8/9 years old that him and Freddy Jackson were “Special” !!! Come on now!!! Flamming like a house on fire both these queens. Butch queens!!!

  10. I don’t see what she did wrong!! Luther was GAY!! How is that disrespecting him??? I knew as a little girl something was OFF about Autie Lu. At a young age I was like something ain’t right. So if I knew then.. who was he really fooling???? Nobody!! Just because he sang love songs and fronted like he loved the ladies does not mean he is or was off limits. It was NO big secret. The world knew. Patti simply called out the obvious pink elephant.. Move on!!

  11. Okay, so Miss Patti doesn’t hesitate to tell the business of her friend and one of her biggest fans, but when asked about her own affairs, she gets mad and denies being a switch hitter. It was known what Miss Patti did in the seventies. Rumors were going in the 90s too.

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