WTF?! Is Fergie Back on That Stuff?

fergie drunk awards

Fergie embarrassed herself at the TREVORLive event that was honoring designer Tom Ford. Her rep said her act was all a joke, but you be the judge:

The singer has spoken about her previous addiction to meth, and now that she and her husband Josh Duhamel are going through a divorce, we hope she’s not back on that stuff!

She reportedly interrupted the ceremony and took over the stage TWICE. The second video has already been scrubbed from the web.


  1. omg. She was out of it. Dude in the back knows he was helpless to do anything about it. But this is the reason Josh left her. He never trusted her around their kid from his birth on. I hope she wasn’t using while pregnant.

    • There is a blind item about her and another actress from that show Kids Incorporated. Supposedly she was continuously raped and molested by various men when she was on that show. It’s no wonder she grew up to be an addict.

  2. They did fergie worse than britney in her younger years. Had this girl overseas getting her cookie taken at every opportunity. They turned her out to the drugs but u know what? At some point u cant be the victim no more, u have to take your power back.

    Shes a mess. Will never forget the time she pissed on herself than got her nasty ass up on stage and performed with wet piss stains all over her pants.

    She need a intervention, weres william?

    • Preach! about the victimhood. But Fergie BEEN a meth head. Yea, she’s a piss pot. I saw them nasty plaid pissed up shorts. She just kept pissin and performin! smh

      But my question is… Why the black man gotta save her?

      Will I am got his own shit to take care of. Where Josh duhamel at let the white man deal with his own trash.

  3. Surprised she isn’t singing Bodak Yellow on stage and speaking of that – DOES ANYONE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT BODAK YELLOW MEANS! Is it a foreign language from the DR or PR or something?
    Is the slang that the Bluds use?

    • From:

      “Bodak Yellow” is Cardi B’s shout out to Kodak Black. In the video at the end of this article she explains that she titled her new track “Bodak Yellow” because it has the same flow as Kodak Black’s song, “No Flockin.” The shout out comes at an interesting time for Kodak Black. The rapper recently proclaimed that he doesn’t like dark skinned black women.

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