WATCH: Keyshia Cole Teaser for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4

After watching her longtime pal Remy Ma thrive on Love & Hip Hop New York, songbird Keyshia Cole has set up shop on the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood roster alongside R&B songbird Brooke Valentine, model Alexis Sky, & rapper Chanel Westcoast for the upcoming fourth season that’s set to unload on July 24th.

Watch as she gets welcomed with her own solo teaser below.


  1. So it’s come to this. What would all these ‘artists’ do if there weren’t reality shows to ‘star’ in?

  2. Keyshia Cole is fine as fuck and in my opinion she can sing just as good as Beyonce. If she knew how to behave like a lady, she would be a B list star instead of a D-list hood rat.

    • Truest thing NBA. I always said that she needed grooming and some lumineers and she will come up. She should have done one season of reality tv and then focused up on her music. She messed up by firing Manny, and cutting up over these lames.

  3. She should’ve just let her mama get back on her show, that woman was funny!!!!!!!

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