WATCH: Kandi Burruss Bark Back!

Kandi is piping hot after watching her former employee blast her as a thief on national TV after ripping him off for his creative concepts and under-paying him for his work, but apparently it’s the loose involvement of Phaedra Parks in the legal matter that appears to be ruffling her feathers the most.

Watch as she vents over the accusations during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.


  1. OMG! What kind of Cracker Jack ass lawyer is this guy dealing with?

    IDEAS ARE FREE as the wind. You can’t copyright an IDEA…only the EXECUTION of the idea in a tangible form such as a song, script, etc.

    So unless he comes up with a play, movie script, or CONTRACT the two of them signed, his lawsuit has about as much merit as GAS!

    This has to be scripted. Nobody is that damn dumb.

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