Reggae Artist Vybz Kartel Slams Black Women for Wearing ‘Caucasian’ Wigs

vybz kartel black women

Reggae artist Vybz Kartel has a lot of time on his hands while serving a 35-year prison sentence for murdering his associate, Clive “Lizard” Williams. So he took some time to slam “99.9%” of black women who relax their hair and wear “caucasian” wigs.

vybz kartel black women wigs

vybz kartel black women wigs 2

This is the same man who bleached his skin so he could look like an ashy white person.

Oh, and this is his girlfriend BTW.

vybz kartel girlfriend

What the bumbaclot?!


  1. His ugly ass needs to shit up looking Like an albino cockroach. Dumb ass think bleaching his skin will make him look white but really looks like Casper the ashy ghost. Niggas like him should have been swallowed

  2. This coming from the man who bleached himself unrecognizable? Murdered a so called friend? Seriously?

  3. What’s with this 99.99% bullshit? I wear my hair all natural and I know plenty other bw that do. No wigs or weaves…ALL NATURAL!

  4. I think he’s talking about the bw from the islands because quite a bit of them bleach and wear wigs or weaves because they feel like over here that will them more acceptable. Not to say we don’t do it here but he was responding to his fans that complained about his new girl and brought up his skin bleaching/self hate. At any rate he’s not my problem. I don’t do dancehall anyway so have at it Powder.

  5. This MF used to be about eight shades Black before he bleached and basically said that he can do what he wants with his skin. I don’t relax my hair nor wear weave, but I also don’t bleach my skin either. Mind your business and stop worrying about what women do with their hair, because on your reality show you had women with weave and fair skin Indian women as well. Chill dude and finish your sentence.

  6. Isn’t he locked up for murder in Jamaica? He needs to be under the jail with those comments.

  7. Funny coming from a man that bleaches his skin..
    Black men are so good at putting black women down, but they eat shit with a shovel for the lily white woman.. GTFOOH

  8. Sad day when an uglay bleach cake soap bitch with no hits starts talking out loud bout color and pride when he has neither..

  9. I’m not even moved by his comments. He’s the walking epitomy of self hate. Murdered his people, bleached his skin and thinks he’s improved his appearance when he’s as scary as Sammy Sosa…and isn’t even committed to women who have similar features. Pssstt Gtfoh ras clot.

    • I also have the feeling that all of these anonymous comments is the same simp trolling itself. Not even a real discussion anymore. I miss the real talks of Glock, Craxy Chris and Brooklyn Queen on these threads.

        • So wtf are you commenting? You’d be an idiot in general to be moved by my supposed idiocy. It’s my speculation period. No right or wrong with that. Move along.

            • Look, there’s no need for any name calling dear. You haven’t the slightest bit of what my resume entails. My English is perfectly clear. What is stupid is your constant need to badger and criticize me for a statement made about a post, that has nothing to do with you. I can probably guess that in your real life, you don’t possess enough gumption to even converse with anyone on any level. Which is what brings you to this site. Hiding behind an anonymous time stamp, only commenting on the value of a persons character, completely off topic, trying to ruffle feathers. I pray that you find peace and are not found in pieces. Class dismissed. Now scram!

  10. Vybes Cartel has the same mentality as the females who clone themselves in the image of derivative Caucasians. It is extremely twisted for Blacks, the original people who carry SOURCE DNA, to want to act, think and look like animal-hybrid Caucasoids and Mongoloids.

    Only Blacks who lack genetic compentence desire recessive DNA and covet the physical traits of straight-haired modified-ape Caucasoids and Mongoloids from Asia. Those Blacks who resonate AfRAkan gene frequencies do NOT desire ANY recessive gene traits.

    Blacks with recessive gene traits and those who resonate Caucasoid frequencies are too emotionally invested in white hegemony and WILL inherently cause their own demise and erasure. Good riddance! Autochthons need to UNIFY around an authentic BLACK aesthetic that affirms BLACK ETHNICITY globally.

  11. Anon 13:39, I will shush when I’m good and ready. You know damn well you read that. You claiming no one is reading shows how lazy you are. Just a few words, geesh. You think you can shut me down but I’m relentless boo and you’re anonymous. May as well be invisible…see yourself out!

  12. Said the dude who bleaches his skin to look like a white boy. If there’s a point to be made, he’s definitely not the one to make it. Who can remotely take him serious? Who?!!

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