R Kelly on Spotify Censoring His Music: ‘It’s Too Late!’

r kelly spotify too late

After it was revealed that Spotify would stop promoting his music amid all the swx cult allegations, R Kelly says “it’s too late” for the company to ruin his musical legacy.

Peep the video:

Do you agree with him?


  1. What the difference between R Kelly and Hugh Hefner? Besides the color of their skin?

      • Why are you calling teenagers thots?

        I see why your ass is single…hopefully no one will ever have a child with the likes of you…if so make sure to remember you called your future daughter a dumb thot…

    • Us with memories past goldfish level recall Playboy had a sister magazine called “Sugar and Spice”. It published a shoot with a then 10 year old Brook Shields FULL FRONTAL naked in a Bath. Another underage shoot was also published in the same Magazine. The Playboy mansion was a Intel agency Honey trap used to Blackmail many influential people by videotaping them with women/girls/boys. That’s why Heff got away with it. Cosby was cognizant of this and knew those who were entrapped, thus his discrediting.

  2. R Kelly is guilty of one crime in the eyes of white American women, and that IS

    Being Too Loving and Loyal to his Black women and Black Community. Real Black women know that and that’s why he sells Out in my town. Thank you for your loyalty Kels. We love you!!

  3. Mute His Social Media !!! ~ That’s were he’s finding teenagers !!! ( the man’s whole life is …. junior high school social media !!! )

  4. He really thinks he’s above the law.. He’s been getting by for decades, so he actually thinks he’s untouchable.. He will be going down very soon,. 123
    Him or anyone can influence a very young girl, with the glamour of his life, but one should ask
    why me????

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