VH1 Says The Show Must Go On After Mendeecees Convicted Of Drug Trafficking

Mendeecees Harris Prison

“Our live event (Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding) will now be bigger than we ever expected! This is a win/win for VH1 & Mona Scott.” ~VH1 Executive

HSK Exclusive – Love & Hip Hop’s, Mendeecees Harris, pleaded guilty yesterday to a narcotics conspiracy that involved Harris the transporting and distribution of large quantities of cocaine and heroin, for sale, in upstate New York.

What may be most troubling of all this, is that VH1 seems to see this as a cash cow opportunity, instead of the glamorizing people responsible for pushing drugs in our communities.

HSK exclusively revealed last year, before Mendeecees was released on bail, that he had decided to co-operate with authorities, in return for bail and a lighter sentence once a guilty plea had been entered.

Here’s what’s being reported:

“During the appearance, Harris admitted he was involved in a drug trafficking operation that between 2005 and 2012 shipped cocaine and heroin to the Rochester region.

Under an agreement with federal prosecutors, Harris also turns over money from his television show and paid appearances. He’s paid after every episode airs. That money, which the federal government will keep, has totaled more than $103,000, said his attorney Donald Thompson.

Harris, who is free on a $600,000 bail package, will face a sentence of 8 to 10 years in federal prison and/or a fine ranging from $15,000 to $5 million. He will also face four or five years of supervised release, Thompson said.

Harris’ co-defendants Ronald Walker, and Harris’ brother Tyrus Harris, previously pleaded guilty to their roles in the case. Walker is serving 10 years in federal prison.

Geraci agreed to allow Mendeecees Harris to remain free on bail until his sentencing, which is scheduled for Aug. 31 at 3 p.m.

Harris and his fiancée, Yandy Smith, will be getting married on live television next month on Love & Hip Hop Live: The Wedding. In February, Smith gave birth to the couple’s second child.”


  1. Yandy could do so much better for herself. Mandeecees being locked away for so long I wonder is she going to remain faithful. Phaedra Parks can learn a few things from Yandy like being faithful and loyal. I’m disgusted that Mona Scott is banking on this. We don’t need any more black men in prison.

    • Yandy needs to move on with a man that can be physically with her and not in and out of jail while shes raising all these kids, im sorry but that ride or die chick crap needs to go out the window, she needs to get some self esteem and date someone on her level, i dont like phedra because i think she was in on what apollo was doing but he deserves for her to dog him because he was a jerk to her

    • Loyal and Faithful? Phaedra is supposed to loyal and faithful to a husband she is divorcing?

    • Um….what we DON’T NEED is black men selling drugs, which leads to prison.

      Mendeecees got off light in terms of the time he got for the amount of drug trafficking he was involved in.

      Although he got federal time and is supposed to serve about 85% of his sentence, with good time and participation in the drug program he’ll be home much sooner.

      I do agree though that it’s a shame VH1 will be able to capitalize on this for ratings.

  2. So Mendeecees plays a role on Love & HipHop and is in a few scenes with his Fiance Yandy and his mom made a few appearances.He gets paid a few thousands of dollars per episode and he was caught and convicted of drug trafficking .Wow so this is how life is and all the hard working people trying to live right and make responsible choices ,people trying to survive on minimum wage struggling even those with Master degrees and higher.This is some backwards mess and proves we living in a realm where good is bad and bad is good.

  3. Dude Co operated with the feds and he’s still facing close to a decade in the bing? Perhaps,he should’ve consulted with TI for a better deal or did a crime stoppers commercial.

    • BA, I saw TI on Anderson Cooper tonight. He and another rapper from College Park have written/released a song about the cops and all the cop on black crime.
      I don’t know if he’s been getting tutored or what, but he was very articulate and he sounded very informed and well versed on the subject. I was very impressed.
      This was interesting because he is so often called an Uncle Tom here(as well as a snitch.) He didn’t sound Tommish in the interview. Maybe he’s learned and grown a bit?

      • TI incorporates a few Multi syllabic words into his vocabulary to try and sound smart. Don’t fall for the Theatrics because we both know he has a grade school level of a 6th grade student.

        • so true @Anastasia. TI is a below high school level graduate. if it wasn’t for his rapping skill, he’ll, trust and believe, be a nobody that is only known for being bisexual and known for messing around with Atlanta’s most openly gay trannies.

        • TI’s been studying his Webster Dictionary bc he’s dumb as a box of rocks. and those Hollyweird Execs in Hollyweird have been giving him a few pointers on how to conduct himself during interviews and have taught him intensely on how to speak publicly. so dont be fooled by the so-called articulation he was trying to exhibit on Anderson Cooper. He’s as country as all get-out as the come being from the deep south and like @dubbautee said…if it wasnt for that fools rapping abilities, he’ll def be your typical simpleton who f*cks around with men on the low.

  4. to all of the women who have been deceived by men or remain loyal to men undeserving, i offer my apologies from all men who are trying to get it right. also a poem from the isley brothers. i hope this may help you understand that there are still people in your corner.

    Who is to say you’ll be livin’ in sadness
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    Better love, find it, find it baby, find better love

    Hope You Feel Better Love
    Isley Brothers
    The Heat Is On 1975

  5. He is just like Phaedra Parks Husband,they put them on and they are some immature boys…money for appearances

  6. At this juncture, Why is VH1 co-signing this trainwreck? Yandy is the college graduate/bisinesswoman, and she still couldn’t break free. Got 2 seeds with this man, and he’s a member of The Chain Gang. A bitter pill for a lot of us to swallow. Simply being booksmart and drama-free is not a guarantee of anything. Distributing hard drugs to the hood, that’s traitorous in the worst way. He deserve to suffer severe penalties. A bunch of suits in NY bowing to Mona…What’s New? The wedding will probably get strong ratings, but, the divorce has already happened. This slave business is tragic to me, It Really Is!

  7. Yandy had not one but two kids with this guy and she’s taking care of his other boy. And that was after he went on trial for sexually assaulting a teenager. I just can’t believe Yandy could not find anyone better than a low life drug dealer to procreate with.

    • U know what Cheese? Remembered that blind item back here last year when it feature them on it? This is my thing and Imma say it again on this post. How in the hell she call herself helping a friend ( Tara) out by snitching to her where Amina was show casing and did a 180 and messed with one of The Hardy Twins? But when Mendeecees came home, went into the kitchen, saw her phone and there was a dude texting her now. Mendeecees confronted her about it and what she do? Lied about it in his face. This is Karma is getting from that stunt she pulled trying to help Tara out when her fiancée called her out.

      • DA,
        I no longer watch the show so I don’t know anything about the current story lines. The last thing I remember Yandy had the first baby and Mendeecees was explaining to his son that he was going away. I can’t support Mona’s poorly executed scripted dramas anymore.

        • Cheese, Honey it was all kinds of mess with Yandy and Mendeecees. But it was one part where Yandy took Lil Mendeecees to the park and his daddy came behind him and surprised him! Girl, everybody was crying! I was crying, those two was crying, Yandy was crying. It was so emotional that I am typing it bring me to tears. Go on YouTube and look at it.

  8. Truth is, they have to do these things (public appearances at clubs, signings, sell drugs) because in actuality, they do not make what is portrayed on the screen (not even close). Back at the top of their popularity, I use to see Nene and her man (that old dude) at Dave and Busters in Duluth, Georgia eating. These people on these reality shows are pimped out and made to fight,argue and be ratchet in order to get a raise or a decent storyline/spin-off. Once we all stop watching and these shows get canceled, you’re going to see a lot of these women “on the pole” or escorting. This whole “black ratchetness reality tv” thing is almost coming to an end and a lot of them are trying to secure a future (marriage/selling drugs, etc).

    • i highly doubt its coming to an end these shows are more popular than ever, everyone was waiting for LAHH Atlanta to come back on including me, and atlanta housewives is stil really popular too

  9. I don’t see the attraction for Mendeecees. To me he’s another Terrence Howard type. No sex appeal and not very manly.

  10. “…Harris admitted he was involved in a drug trafficking operation that between 2005 and 2012 shipped cocaine and heroin to the Rochester region….”

    If you believe a that he’s been doing that since 2005 (or at least that all he’s admitting to) and she didn’t know shit about any of it, I would like to sell you some lakes in the Middle East.

    Bullshit. She didn’t/won’t leave him bc she’s invested in this too.


  11. i like Mendeecee and Yandy together. Yandy my girl. Mendeecee needs to get his muthaf*ckin sh*t together and some 4real sh*t. how the hell u in and outta prison, about to get damn married and got damn kids. whatintheholyhellf*ck man! seriously. what is wrong with some of the black men out here. niggas think it’s cool and big sh*t to be trottin in and out of jail like that makes u a f*ckin man. it makes u a forever-felon and a jailbird with a forever-messed-up background. like it’s corny or gay or lame to ALWAYS do the right thing in life. doing the right thing in life is the most respectful and manly and mature gesture in the world. smmfh

  12. yeah, i solely agree with one of the commentators on here. there’s not one ounce of sex-appeal going on with this guy. he’s your typical, regular-looking man who loves the cells in the prison facilities. and quiet as it’s kept, the man’s penis is of a itty-bitty eency-weency one. so next. and Yandy is trash herself and knows what the hell is going on with this felon of hers because how you’re engaged to a man with not one legit gig slash J.O.B. and you’re not knowing how he’s accumulating his dollars? bitch bye. they need to lock her ass up in addition to him and turn over those babies to the State.

    • Exactly!! Smuggling drugs since 2005 and she didn’t know anything…..please! even Stevie Wonder would know something

        • She had to know. She would be stupid if she didn’t. I thought his bail was lower than that. She put up $200,000 for him to get out. Couldn’t be me. His ass would have stayed.

  13. I wonder If Yandy is going to do conjugal visits. I just hope she uses protection regardless if she’s married to him because we all know what could happen behind bars.

  14. Yandi seem like a weak for dick kind of girl

    when Mendecces was in prison She was weak for dick
    She even cheated on Him

  15. Who are they to take they money..they stole this land..they steal folks cultures..they perform genocide..smmfh..muthafukin plantation owners sons…muthafuk them

    • I co-sign the shiz-nit out of this statement!!!! FUCK these “having morals at their convenience” ass demons!

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