Bruce Jenner Caught Wearing A Ladies Gown

Bruce Jenner Cross Drssing

CNN tonight covered some new photos purporting to show Bruce Jenner wearing a dress.

Jenner, of course, is getting lots of attention because of his impending interview with Diane Sawyer, in which many expect him to say he is transitioning from male to female.


  1. The most publicized females in America:
    Kylie, Kendall and Kenner Jenner.

    The Kardashian Fame Train rolls on…

    • You mean Ho Train with Kris being the lead conductor. I really believe these heifers are witches. Look at all the guys that they have had on their coven. They all went crazy or started to morph into a woman right before our eyes. Reggie Bush is the only one who escaped.

      • Yeah I agree with you and it seems their assignment is to pull in certain black men and Once they are done draining the energy from their prey they move on to the next one.I believe they are witches and their mum .Everyone in that family including the son and Bruce seems to be controlled and mentally screwed up .I watched their television show twice just to see what was so interesting about it. I was NOT surprised to see all the symbolism around their big house and the color codes black ,white and red everywhere.I notice Khloe has two best friends who are black and they are twin sisters that look like Kim Kardashian with the same eyes,nose,hairstyle ,their demeanor and even the way they speak just like her.That really creeped me out.I wouldn’t want to be around those people or party with them seems they are vultures.

      • Reggie made his wife into kim, look up before and after pics. Reggie and Ray J stay stuck on Kim. This is also why I believe Kanye’s mind is elsewhere, and is using her as a doll. But back to the witches, hell yes. Kris’ talk show background was all black and white. People also forget she comes from money, she’s not dumb. Only her kids so she can control them.

  2. I wonder if Bruce has a man? Is he sexually active? I dont want to hear from Bruce, I want to hear from his scorned lover
    ****sips tea***

    • He is a lesbian not a gay man according to those who have talked to him. That is not all that uncommon. I have read and seen on Discovery that many transgender females end up with women.
      The reason I believe this is that with all the gossip and stories about the Kardashian-Jenner Klan, you have never read one single word about him and another man. Then add in the fact that he has married 3 very girly girl women(including Elvis’s ex Linda Thompson mother of Brody) and he has fathered a basketball team of kids. I think we would have heard something if he was sniffing around men.

      • So why in green acres would he want to turn into a woman to be with a woman? Why not Just remain a man and stay with a woman?

    • Yes, he has a man- LOAMAR ODOM. Go back and look at his interview at the time that lamar and Khloe separated. His exact words was I still Love Lamar and he comes to my house every night. Bruce had moved out into his own house. Go…figure! The timing of it all….both couples separated around the same time-bruce/chris, lamar/Khloe.

        • would’n t put it past them knew bruce wanted some dark meat in his life.

          he was jealous of his stepdaughters and daughters getting all the black men he wanted some too.

          not fooled by his lesbian game.


          AND DILDOS LEAd to the real deal.

          • If he really wants some dark meat, maybe he will hook up with Queen Latifah or DaBrat??????

  3. But why is Youtube promoting “The Prancing Elites.” Does anyone else notice this agenda?

  4. how in the hell does a person live their whole life and when they hit their sixties they wanna switch sexes?

    • He waited until his children were old enough to accept it. It was actually very unselfish of him because he would have liked being feminine and girly when he was young and in his prime.
      I met him in 1992, and he was one of the nicest people I’ve ever been around. But at that time, he had gotten that first major surgery that changed him from a boyishly handsome jock to an effeminate looking man. I jokingly said to my husband “he looks like he may have an announcement to make soon.”
      Little did I know.

      • Whoa hold on I understand everything you said and it certainly makes sense to want to wait until later on .Here’s where the confusion comes in but while he’s going through all this and “liked being feminine and girly ” why the heck sleep with women ,marry them and marinate in all the vagina juices? I would think that would repulse him and turn him off.According to some men they rather not go through the pretending especially if they are gay but maybe the bi-sexual feminine men don’t mind.

  5. Yes their agenda is as clear as day…scary. Him turning into a woman at his age is puzzling. He looks very eerie in this picture…spooky looking.

  6. while His daughter invented a new craze “how to get bigger lips” it’s almost like Kylie invented big lips

    Black People had Them 1st

  7. Why would one wait until they’re almost 70 years of age to start this Repugnant bullshit!This is why America needs to be destroyed by God quickly.

    • My same exact question or maybe he was forced to do it for whatever wicked reason.I’m just pulling at straws trying to make sense of this.

    • Maybe we’ll find out on Diane Sawyer tonight. I’m guessing he has already. He may not cop to it though.

  8. What I don’t get is if that’s your bag than “Live Your Life, Oh! ay ay ay”, but why do it at this stage of your life??? Like why didn’t you break out in stilletos and eye liner when you were 20, 30, even 40 yrs. old Mr. Bruce? That’s what Kris Jenner do to a mofo, got him wanting to wear panties now. lmaoooo

  9. This isht has gone to far his kids cannot be ok with this I don’t care how much surg he or any person man or woman who try to change there gender on the inside you will always be whtat god made you male or female on the outside you will be a freak this is not normal stop pushing this isht down our throat this is sick isht stop confusing younger generation now black folks should buy into this bullisht too

    • Supposedly his non-Kardashian kids are not okay with it. The kids he had with his stewardess with Krystie and Linda Thompson are said to be in shock.
      But you know how PMK’s kids feel: anything which will bring attention to the KKKs is a good thing.

  10. this is all set up by design he was gay anyway the elites and the boule promote this stuff because this is what they are into trannies, drag men men as women women as men. look at jaden wearing dresses will and jada are f*cking up that kid mind. america is the leader in homosexuaity. parents please pay attention to your children and what they watch.these elites (rothschilds, rockefellers, builderbergs). and the black greek boule are trying to destroy our kids mind with that gay shit. hollywood is gate way because people love celebs. people say we shouldn’t judge and let people be gender-free man f*ck that

    • you know what else the church should also blamed for this shit because most of them are 501 c3 and they help the elites promote this shit. and they are down with homosexuals and when you’re under 501c3 you have to confide to the governments rules and regulations meaning accept everything and you have to twist things. all these big time pastors, preachers, gospel singers. (yes black women even mary mary). are under the boule and the elites they tell them what to do. it doesn’t matter what religion the 501 c3 accept all christians, baptists, pentecostal. even atheist churches are under 501 c3. ain’t that some shit

    • Bruce isn’t gay so stfu weirdo and fckn quit trying to tie black people into this shit here. Talking bout Will and Nada and Mary Mary nah fool this is about Bruce bitch..just Bruce..but you tried it.

      • That bitch Stephanie always add shit to her commentary like she trying hard to sound like she in the know! Gtfoh bitch !

        • I’m telling you this bitch would create fake cosigns … What a fake bitch her and all her Anons lol you gotta pity this lowlife bitch !

          • you know what you people who keep calling me “stephanie” are sad people why are you attacking me like this. calling me an agent wow! that’s what i think you people are agents. i do believe that people on here work for the boule or cointelpro let me tell you why. ever since i have never been attacked like this. you got people saying “my father is a boule and we good people and al sharpton is not a boule” being a boule is nothing to be proud of these niggas a paid to keep blacks dumbfound and they are greek meaning they practice homosexuality also they the keepers of the gate meaning protect the elites(rothschilds, rockefellers, builderbergs. this my last time responding to certain people have a good night

            • Stephanie stfu bitch save it you are an agent for sure you keep mention the elites … This not forum for this discussion no more … You the only faggot who keep talking agents and boule we get it .I See you want a discussion so badly about it … We not biting and having our pc and phones tapped and ip stolen on the count of you bitch now be gone tippie !

            • I so agree with you anonymous. Whether he’s right or wrong, it’s not something to be discussed here.

            • How is it not something to be discussed here? everybody on here posts thier theories, if thats the case you might as well atack everyone who mentions boule and the agenda of the elite because this is one of the the most discussed topics

            • Thank you 7 : 56 you get we can’t be baited by these deceiving bastards my pc has been f*cked up ever since I spoke on the elites and boule …. We know where to find all this old info Stephanie loves to bring up or copy and paste from !

  11. I used to feel sorry for Bruce but now I see he’s an attention seeking whore like the rest of the family. I’m sure he called the paparazzi to take the pictures and who knows if he’s getting paid to pull this stunt.

    • I never felt sorry , he always came across as a nagging bitch .. He just prove you can’t out bitch him !

  12. bruce is gay period no matter he wants to be a woman who likes womwn hes changing his gender and going againsat the way he was made.

    hes cutting his dick off he can’t get that back he can be a man and still like women hes a freak.

    and he wants a dick in his ass even lesbians want a real dick every now and then.

    why wait til 65 to be a bitch well bruce is senile and has too much money and doesn’t know what tro do with it.

    he wore his wifes clothes well that’s a fag to mew anyway more power to him I got my laugh for the next 5 years.

    who wants a old ass fag well in bruce case hes rich wonder how many black guys gonna run up and phukk his little fake p*ssy.

    • Gay men don’t cut off their dick. They love their dick and they love dicks of other men. The fact that transgenders cut off their dick should show that they are very confused, but it doesn’t support them being gay.

      • I bet you wish you can gather all them chopped off dicks .. And make you a dick gumbo right you desperate dick gobbler! ?

      • Anon and I don’t miss: Your words reminded me of a funny conversation I had while in Barcelona last year. My Spanish leaves a lot to be desired, but I try the best I can. I was talking to a very good looking dude, and I asked him if he was married(in Espanol) and he answered in English “I am into the homosex where the man go up into the man.”
        You had to pick me up off the floor.

  13. I can’t lie. Bruce is probably going to be a decent looking “woman” for 65 years old. I mean, in his heyday before he started messing up his face/nose with plastic surgery he was a very handsome man. Google it if you’ve never seen him on the Wheaties box. And after all, it was his genes that made Brody Jenner, and he’s about as fine as a white boi gets.
    After all he’s done and been through, like 25 years with PMK, I say go do you boo.

  14. For those of you who thinks he’s gay, there is a doctor in Colorado who does most of the male to female reassignment surgery done in the US. Her name is Dr. Marci Bowers and she was a very handsome married with children MALE surgeon from Washington. She is a lot like Bruce in the respect that she was accomplished and successful.
    Anyhoo, she didn’t have her surgery until she was around 45, and after she did, she married a LESBIAN professional golfer. She considers herself a lesbian too.

    So, it is possible that Bruce will end up that way also.

  15. — ha ha ha….What’s next..?….A fully blown “Geraldine”…??? Me thinks that Mr. Jenner is trying to be one of Kris’s daughters/or ‘adopted daughter’….’Karmaleeta Kardashian?….or Kayshoowanna Kardashian?….what is happening to the ‘male’ species of this world???…

  16. A man having reassignment surgery does not make him a women because he still carries the same male chromosomes regardless of the attempt to Transcend gender.Good luck with that f*ckery because the most high is not to be mocked and he’s definitely not fooled.

    • Oh I agree with that, but the PC Police dictate that we address transgender people with the pronoun they choose.
      So I call him she. But nothing will ever make him a real woman.

    • Agreed. The PC Police now dictate that you refer to transgender people with the pronoun of their choice, so I call Bruce “she” or “her” just to be polite.
      Nothing can ever change the gender of a person with the rare exception of those born intersex-like Jamie Lee Curtis. She had a tiny dick and a vagina, and the doctor excised the dick and they started giving her hormones so she would develop breasts and more feminine facial features when she was 10.
      I feel comfortable calling her and others like her “she.”

      • they just better take thier ass to the mens side when using the bathrooom thats all im sayin

  17. Exactly!!!……I worry for the future of our daughters/ sisters/ granddaughters.(potential mothers/ our future generation/s/..etc…the ‘male’ species is truly becoming “messed” up…I am so worried right now…but as you have said, God sees everything!!!!…I could go on and on….but time is against me…Over and Out…

    • …Soo you’re just going to forget all the rampant Lesbanism going around perpetuated by the ‘female’ species?

  18. Black Anastasia made an excellent point. And after all that surgery and hormone replacement, they still can’t reproduce like the naturally born either…so they need to stop all that bullsh*t

  19. Ok so a man who is into women has surgery to become a woman just so he can be a lesbian and still sleep with women. This sh*t is funny.

  20. That is my point Geraldine/Divine/Sylvester/Mrs Doubtfire/Ru Paul..the list goes on and on from time memorial…check out that the “male” species have been dressing like ( well..their “interpretation” of a woman anyway..Re: voice control/ syntax etc../posture/make-up/ etc… as a ‘woman’ since the year ‘dot’ …stemming (from as early as Biblical times/Military/Naval/ etc…..Many times be it “underground” and “covertly (as in the case, where ‘they’ had to keep it secret, in fear of persecution and even death in some instances)..they even had ‘their’ own language/code/ way of communicating etc, called ‘polari’…but that does not make it acceptable…I could drive my car with my bare feet…but that does not make it acceptable to MAINSTREAM society… I wish to make my own choices – not to be “force fed” as to what I should ‘accept’ or not ‘accept’…!!!

    • RuPaul is adamant about being a MAN and he loves his dick. He says that he only will dress in drag when he is being paid to do so. He is not transgender, he is a proud gay man. Sylvester and others before my time I don’t know how they felt about their genders.

  21. Who ever these doctors are performing these surgeries are Dr. Jeclkes creating real life frankenstiens..blasphemy!

  22. —-I really must go…Over and Out…Love, Peace and Tranquility to you all.

  23. Stephen is on point. He knows alot more then the knuckle heads trying to diss him. Keep up the good info Stephen…Im listening.

        • Fuck BA and his distaste for African = Hamites don’t that dumb ass realize we left ppl in that continent who still hold value to Hebrew traditions and what makes this bitch nigga so bogus is where’s this daily hate for the main devil who continues to plague blk ppl and the dark races abroad dirty African aren’t our problem whitey is !

      • Stephen’s okay. He’s just a little too invested in all his YOU TUBE University theories. I’m not saying that some of them aren’t on point, but he goes too far in many cases. There are about five things he’s claimed that are easily proven to be false, but you can’t argue a point with a hard core conspiracy theorist. They’ve made up their minds, and even when you present them with disproving facts, they just twist and switch up their theory to make it work.
        Stephen, you seem to be a decent person, but your theory that just about every black person who ever died was the result of a sacrifice is just plain silly.

        • Idk about Stephanie being ok this fool doesn’t stick to topic everyone the f*ck talks it’s about elites and dropping names of these ppl ..he/she f*cks up cuz there no research … He/she jumps off you tube and heads here to sound intelligent be cuz this person what’s a response and knows that topic reigns discussion, but we already in the know , some f us and commentary isn’t converting nobody so why waste time on old shit … That person is a fake / bogus and popped out of nowhere… Can’t trust it could be a plant is all I’m saying yall !

  24. This anonymous person who keeps lashing out and saying trashy things needs psychological help and those who agree with this fool. This person sounds very creepy like the devil lashing out or something.

    • Like Beelzebub bitch really? I don’t need 1000 names to post you lame bitch you mad cuz we exposing all your names you had ppl fooled with here, notice nobody saying shit to you since we exposed your fraudulent Ms reg character! Keep it up its just beginning bitch you so done in here !

    • I’m starting to think you bogus too you been saying some really weird shit for a while now .Hmmmm!

  25. he is disgusting. He should have more repsect for his family. Kendall is trying to make a name for herself as a model. Im sure she’s getting plenty of backlash from his antics. He should be ashamed of himself

    • well all bruces kids are grown.

      kylies 17 she’s almost a legal adult to me hes senile and probably thinks its time to do this since hes been wanting to be a ho since he was 5.

      bruce was perobaly scared and shame becausde people hated gays long ago.

      now that the qworld is accepting gay behavior bruce feels he can be at peace and bring the bitch out that was trapped inside him so long.

      bruce isn’t the first ort last trans in Hollywood who wants to cut it off.

  26. For all the conspiracy theorists, I just saw on Wendy Williams that the dress is mint green and navy stripes.

    So much for the Satanic black and white. lol

    • That’s becuz these conspiracy theorists are fraud and don’t know wtf they talking about and this why ppl don’t believe shit real researchers do in here or anywhere … Copy and paste … Or just out right stealing comments and trying to sound relevant!

  27. The majority of the people are fooled…thats why this madness is allowed to continue. The few that can see through all this deception usually gets called crazy or stupid and all kinds of things but thats to be expected anyway.

  28. This crazy thought popped in my head just now. Did Kris and the antics push him over the edge. Fetishizing over blackmen so much…Kris Kim Khloe Kiley Kendall! A closeted gay whiteman bombarded by the sexual imagery of dark-skinned men conquering his daughters. I would assume that this hit him subliminally on some level. I say this because, Hollywood is pushing the gay ish on us to the max. They want us to be like them. I may be wrong on this, but, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities…Just Saying!

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