Tracee Ellis Ross Wants Kanye To “Work” Her Black-ish!


Fall back, Kimmy Kakes! Tracee Ellis Ross could get Kanye hooked on some bait you can’t mess with! I’m talkin’ about Ye making an appearance, alongside Tracee and her Black-ish cast members, on the ABC hit sitcom!

Now if that goes down, there’s no telling where it could lead! Dont’ you agree?

Now let’s take it back to June 2013, when HSK was the first to deliver insider word of Kanye West and Tracee Ellis Ross’ threesome smash session with actress Nia Long! More recent reports reveal Tracee is rallying for Kanye to be extended an invite to the Black-ish set appears to be smashing news!

Check out what Tracee Ellis Ross had to say about it:

“… think Kanye should be a doctor working with my character, Rainbow. Dre who’s played my Anthony Anderson, gets worried Rainbow is going to have an affair with him, but Rainbow has no interest.”


  1. Never watched the show. And who in their right minds would want to have a threesome/ sex with Kanye. I find absolutely nothing attractive about him.

  2. I think he will do it in order to shed some of the public opinion that he’s become an insufferable stuck up prick. People love seeing folks who can laugh at themselves and their public image.

    I have to say though, I would have never seen Tracee as Kanye’s type. Well she does have the phat ass he loves.

  3. This is the same black looking whitewoman whom also loves to have sex with Hamites.Now that’s what I call a 2X Loser.

  4. I don’t care who she screws and I do like the show I don’t watch it often but ICK at anything Kanye!

  5. She the daughter of of diva thats why she likes gay men and fcuk that sellout kanye

  6. Why is he teasing this woman so much? I guess he had a Snap-Back moment. Spending so much time munching on Saltine P@#$% will make a negro remember (The Good Good). He got his jollies off, but, he playing games with Dirty Diana aka Fish Eyes. Kanye tossed Amber to the dogs, so, he ain’t official like that. All the Godiva Chocolate prancing around in The Chi, NY, LA, and MIA…Nigga Please!

  7. I would put her face in a pillow, toot that nice bubble up, blow her back the f*ck out, and rain all over her parade. Some of yall just hatin

  8. I think he should pass on this project. He’s not an actor and he likes to project to the public that he’s a “genius” and perfect, so one peep of his horrible performance on “Blackish” will not help his brand/image.

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