The Ultimate Betrayal: Stevie J Turns Judas On Benzino


Zino’s investments is what once kept Stevie afloat. The minute he got back on his feet, he stabbed Zino in the back!”

HSK Exclusive – Benzino’s gotta be feelin’ some type of way … being that the same people he once lent a helping hand to ultimately stabbed him in the back!

Enter Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, who each seem to have caught a serious case of amnesia and went and forgot that Benzino was there when the chips were down. In fact, had it not been for Benzino, Stevie may not have landed a live lane back to the game … and Joseline wouldn’t have been able to ride his coattails.

“Back when Stevie J was broke, didn’t have a car, and just had a newborn daughter with Mimi, Zino used to drive him around Atlanta.”

According to our source, “Benzino saw the vision and put the money up to groom Stevie and Joseline, developing their character-image.” WOW! BETRAYAL & Hip Hop Atlanta seems to be a better fitting title, Don’t it?

Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“Stevie betrayed Zino because Stevie is Joseline’s b*tch. Stevie couldn’t survive in Atlanta without Zino. As soon as Stevie got on his feet he stabbed Zino in the back.

Stevie called Mona and got Zino kicked off the show. Stevie is a bitch! He’s one of the girls..that’s why he’s cool with Mona, Mimi and Joseline.

Notice since Zino stopped f*cking with him, Stevie now always is going to jail. For child support and sh*t. Stevie baby mommas are calling the cops on him because the n*gga can’t control his chicks.


  1. Hmmmmmm….makes sense too, but everybody including Sid the Sloth from Ice Age even said he slept with Hothea. Notice everything was cool calm and collected when she cane into Zino’s life? But the only problem I have in Zino is quick falling with these quick getuo schemes women that want a lifestyle instead of love. We all saw and heard she want a part of Hip Hop Weekly, no prenup signed, fool got her tattoo of her on the side of his body and Hothea mama been married for 5 times! 5 TIMES NOW! Rasheeda was right the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • Dang I didn’t know she was married 5 times what the what? IDK Zino should have seen how much a snake Stevie was and protected himself. So I can’t feel bad for him feeling betrayed Jose is not good news period.

      • Hell yeah Blank. It was in Season three and they were looking at wedding dresses and Hoethia mama said she had been married five times. It also in that episode she (Hoethia) was trying to get married in 3 weeks! Zino proposed to her on that the super big wheel in Atlanta and soon after that she went shopping for a wedding gown. Now the fool is pregnant by No neck as we speak!

        • Yikes didn’t know she was preggers either. IDK I like them together he seems happy and she seems content. I can’t imagine getting married over and over and over. That’s odd.

          • Chile please. She made damn sure she got knocked up just in case they wouldn’t got married. Like I said before, this chick done messed up a lot of friendships and relationships to ride on somebody’s coattails for a come up. Yes Blank, she is pregnant.

              • Ain’t lying! That helfa just dated to No Neck. About a week later, No neck popped the question. The following week she in the bridel store picking out a dress. When the store clerk told her it would take 3 to 6 months to get her dress right. Oh Hoethia wasn’t hearing that. She wanted to get married like yesterday!

  2. I love what u said: want a lifestyle instead of love. Damn that’s deep. Many women want that and will use brothers to get it.

    • Thanks Dog. But women like that give us a bad name. See I am simple female and this how I roll. A woman wants her hair, nails and feet done every week. Fuck that! That’s why I went to Cosmetology got my accredited diploma. Women want the all bills paid not me! Cut up some coupons and got a Dollar General on my front as we speak and proudly pushed that motherf*cker up and down on Main Street with no problems. Groceries? Peep this! Get me an all day pass on the PDRTA bus at and discount rate for military and veterans like myself ride all day long. Get to Wal- Mart, get my groceries, called Odis up, load the truck up and go home. Pay all bills online except the rent and there I go. The only thing is missing is my car. I waiting out because of my seizures had been a lil bit more frequent. See, if can find a woman like me or one close to me, keep her. We the type that want the simple stuff.

      • That’s right! Who doesn’t like & appreciate nice things? But i’ve ALWAYS worked for mine. I want to share w/ a man of like mind & spirit. Flossing someone else’s shit ain’t NEVER been cute. Have something to bring to the table other than a pushy p*ssy & weak ass game, please!

        • It never has Shortcake but what gets me that some of these women who haven’t got nothing to the table and all of sudden, they got this and that. Bitch, U ain’t got shit! If anything, these women are riding on the coattails of these men that are accomplished. I know one dude right now wished he didn’t got married! He is on his third and realized it was a damn mistake.

      • Girl you sound Fat. Knock it off! You must not be cute at all. Because aint no pretty bytch doing none of what you talking about. gold digger or not. Real men like to spoil woman they love, even if he broke, he’ll figure out a way. It’s simple bytches like you why some of these men are falling back and content with not doing shyt. Why put Forth any effort to please a woman when they got simple bytches like you running around. Men are meant and love to provide. Let them do they job! Ride the bus! bytch is you serious? Pretty bytches ain’t got to ride a bus past the 9th grade, including virgins. Niggas won’t even let them, any time I’ve ever tried to catch a bus, all kinds of men try to scope to the point it was annoying, that’s why I made sure I stayed with a car, to avoid that bullshyt. You stupid!

        • No Lovely I stand corrected. I been thru what you have mentioned. In case U misread my post and yes I do ride the bus. Like I mention before, I am under seizure watch you dumbass! I have to be six months clear for seizures in order for me to drive. Damn! U want me to do, get into the car and get into a damn wreck? Cause right now U sounding real stupid! Oh in case U so damn nosey if I am a fat person? No sweetie, I am doing totally the opposite. And yes, I am a simple person when it comes to material things.. I come up from a household full of women. Meaning had to learned the task of survival of the fitted. Yeah I had my great uncles to teach me to fix cars, cut wood, do plumbing work, rewire electricity, etc. I had a second cousin who taught me how to do body work and paint. Yes, I can these things to save me money. Yes I do have somebody to love me and provide, but I want him to know that I too can survive with or without a man. And as you said, your words not mines,”Niggas won’t even let them , anytime I’ve tried to catch a bus, all kinds of men try to scope to the point it was annoying.”I don’t have no problem with a man. And as far as the men on me on the bus? Nope! I do know how to protect myself and everybody knows how and why. Men are looking for women like me bring something to the table to meet them halfway. Hell, your ass want him to go broke! Let me handle my situation and you handle yours. I know what I am doing! And with that being said, I do have money to go to a dealership to purchase a car. No its bitches like you sound very foolish to come at me sideways. And like I mentioned before, I am under my neurologist orders for my seizures. Damn, U need to shut the hell up, and quit grabbing the tiger by the head instead of the tail. Translation, listen to entire story before jumping to conclusions.

  3. You can pick good friends or bad friends. Steevie J is a person who uses people. Look how he treat4 the women in his life. Benzino should have known better. Did he think he was above being used because he was a friend. Look at how he treats the people he claims to love. Steevie J uses people period.

  4. “Control HIS chicks”…hmmmm. I didn’t know it was humane/right to “control” another human being. You do dirt it comes back to you and ain’t no amount of “controlling” in this world is gonna stop Karma from happening.

            • What scrolling down is necessary?? It was three simple one liners. We just said Hi, What powwows? I said Hi, she said Hi, and three happy faces. What’s the problem?

              • @TB it ain’t no problem graph..that’s the same trick picking on DR1 cause she getting love.. she’s a jealous little Hooker..anyway f*ck that shit…that banter ain’t bothered nobody!

              • Hey Anon&IDM, you already know…I wanted the hater to explain themselves. But as usual, you on the spot whenever these clowns act up. #realrecognizereal

  5. LAHH- Atlanta would be dead with out stevie and Joseline’s antics. They actually make the show. Zino and Thea Thea were boring. The only instresting thing about them was their beef with Stevie and Joseline.
    Sorry Zino- seems like youre the scorned bitch in this case *sips tea**

    • Boy, it show buff feeling real good in SC! LOL! Just done cooking me and son some butter beans, cornbread, mash potatoes with homemade gravy, fried chicken and pork chops! Boy oh boy Imma need for No Neck and Sid the Sloth to on their best behavior. Between Mimi, Stevie, and Joseline have on those is serious!

        • I sorry 15:48 and yes I can cook. In fact have to cook everyday for the man of the house. My 15 year old.

  6. Hey believe it or not most men run after the women and stay with the women who are more heartless and cold blooded and calculating , searching for a Lifestyle and not Love. While the women who look for love, marry and hookup with men, with out the benefit of marriage get left behind at some point no matter how good they look and no matter how much they sacrifce. Go figure, look at the statistics. Could it be the men like the Chase and the challenge keep them involved with the woman who they can never really have just say…….

    • Wrong!!!!!! Men date and make girlfriends out of selfish mean bytches so they don’t have to feel guilty about using her for sex and money, while they search for a good sweet hearted woman to marry. If you a girlfriend, you still a side hoe! Stevie and Peter proved that point on national tv if the show is somewhat real. But men do that in real life all the time. They will date, screw and use your selfish azz for 10 years, then marry a sweet girl in 10 months!

      • benzine is jealous!!! Point blank. Doubt he marry Athena he know what it is. He will let her be a babymama and move on. The other dudes that married her were probably all lame azz niggaz. Had to be. No real quality nigga , marrying no female Like that. Only lames will fall for that bs.

  7. No matter how jacked up a friend may be at a given time in their life…Show Love—Show Love—Show Love. Trust me when I say this…Potholes come and go in life. On every occasion when ish was on shaky ground, close family members and friends came thru right on time. It’s not a cliche, treat people the same no matter the direction of the arrows. Mona trying to get 5 Seasons in, that’s her #1 priority. Nobody comes before Pinky & The Brain…Zero Zilch Nada! Understand, these faux characters have an expiration date. Before Puerto Rican Princess, there was Tiffany Pollard…I Love New York! Now, on another reality show getting her fugly tiddays fixed…They Fall Hard!

    • I see U watched Botch marathon too. Had her nose done and her boobs were to big. Your right brother, we gots to do better. I wonder if the HSK Mods would post a video from my Facebook page that would see how this situation and many others would work on.

  8. None of that shit is real its all fake I can’t believe yall going on like this shit is normal and real it ain’t.

  9. This story is true… Zino funded the entire thing. I mean this thing was like maybe over a 5 yr investment. Before the show even popped Zino took care of that bum nigga, rent, rides, countless hrs of studio time in order to make a living and stay in the mix… It worked though… Dont get me wrong Stevie was def material for tv… The shit bag has always been entertaining but never would of thought in a million yrs that Stebie would stab his man in the back like he did… Like it or not Zino is a stand up cat, he funds plenty of niggas dreams cuzz he can because his paper is long… OG in the game deff deserves a little respect due to his part with the source. I personally never had any issues with Stevie cat to be around but always felt he was slimmy… Point being Zino ain’t deserve the backstab.. This is why its hard for
    Niggas to get they dreams funded by OGs in the game because of snakes niggas like Stebie f*cking it up….

    • I totally agree and stevie j will get his in the end. The Creator doesnt like ugly and now that Benzino is gone? All voice of Real Sense has left that show. First episode was Boring as hell. Benzino is a good dude and a good catch for any woman and you could definitely see his Heart! Team Benzino and ThiThi! I like them together and hoes need to stop hating… Really! Stevie is a trashbag and his hoe is a Dumpster box! Mimi and her dumb assneed her life. She on all porn shops Wall of shame for life! And the big words she uses makes her look stupid and silly. She prolly leaked that tape on purpose. All the shit looks like Game! And i took up for her dumb ass!? Lol I apologize to anyone i cussed out iover this hoe. I like Mimi but she too old for this bullshit. She is tainted now. When does the bullshit stop….

  10. This is one of the gayest articles that I have ever read. Benzino is acting like a scorned lover. He needs to find a new boyfriend. Stevie has moved on.

  11. NIGGAS AIN’T SH*T 24 HOURS A DAY !!!! Rule#1 Never give them sunshine. Rule#2 Never Feed Them After Midnight !!!!

  12. mimi knew she was doing porn she was looking at then camera.

    she wants to do porn cool but don’t act like shes so pollypurebread and diss another woman for stripping and we all know prostituition is the same whether you work the corner, strip or film your sex acts.

    mimi found her calling late in life she should have pursued porn earlier.

    joseline needs to go back top the pole and and backpage.

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