VH1 to Film Jodeci Biopic

jodeci vh1 biopic

Another biopic is headed to our tv screens. This time, Jodeci is getting the star treatment with a film that’s set to air on VH1.

Group member Mr. Dalvin confirmed the news on his Twitter accounts.

The group reached the peak of its success in the ’90s with songs like “Forever My Lady” and “Come and Talk to Me,” but now, they are most recognized for the cracked out antics of members K-Ci and Jo Jo. Remember this video:


Do you think VH1 will tell the REAL Jodeci story or the watered down version?


    • Yes i can't wait to see this movie!!!! They have feenin I wonder what they're going to name the movie diary of a mad band or the show, the after party, the hotel.

  1. Wonder will the bio movie include the home invasion robbery & rape Suge orchestrated

  2. I'll give it a look… as long as Wendy Williams isn't involved in ANY way, shape or form. That Aaliyah debacle she called herself stepping in to produce still has me traumatized.

  3. So the rumor is true! Dalvin was raped by Suge Knight's gay goons! Guess what guys, Claudia Jordan used to date/f*ck Dalvin. I'm not making this up!

      • Devante,Dalvin,Nor Kci was raped Devante was the one who had the home invasion he was beaten severely and over 100,000 of jewelry and clothes was taken and suge didn't orcarated.

    • It was never no Dalvin ,Devante,nor Kci was raped it was a home invasion on Devante yes he was beating severely and over 100,000 worth of jewelry and clothes was taken other than that their wasn't any rape involvement and suge knight didnt orchestrated it

  4. In my opinion, unless you are a college football player and you are about to play in the Rose Bowl, you should never ever have a rose in your mouth! That picture of Devante with the rose in his mouth looks very suspect!

  5. Casting wise, I can see R&B singer Sammie as K-Ci and maybe Trevor Jackson as Mr. Dalvin. Quincy Combs as Devante.

      • I can see Chris brown as Devante I don't know who I can picture as being the rest of them but I do wonder is Dalvin going to get a girl that look like t-boz after she pick that guy to play him in the tlc movie.

  6. You f*ckin' ignorant motherf*ckers need to get a life. Them dudes millionaires. Ya'll dollar-naires. Bitches!

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