The Reason Behind Iggy & Nick Young’s Breakup… His BM is Pregnant!

nick jones baby mama pregnant

Iggy Azalea announced that she and her fiancé, Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young, were finally ending their engagement. Many people assume Iggy pulled the plug on their relationship because of Nick’s constant cheating, and now the real reason has been revealed.

Nick was still cheating of course, but this time he was hooking up with his baby mama Keonna Necole. According to The Shade Room, their hookups resulted in Keonna get pregnant by the baller once again!

Keonna isn’t that far along in the pregnancy, and when Iggy found out there was a baby on the way, she dumped Nick’s azz once and for all.

Can you really blame her?


  1. I know that made her feel some type of way because she wanted a baby from him then he gets someone else pregnant.

  2. Is karma pure and simple, while Nick's baby mama was pregnant, he left her for Iggy!

    Nick's heartlessness is showing, there he was declaring his love, for some ugly kangaroo bish.

    • Nick was with his main girlfriend in college for years and cheated on her with Keonna (bm) when she got pregnant. then he cheated on her with Iggy, and then cheated on Iggy with K. All of them need STD tests and prayers.

  3. Both of those females are dumb, especially his previous girlfriend. Once a cheater always a cheater. Iggy will find another man or a kangaroo.

  4. Y'all and these kangaroos comments! Reminds me of Glok has us rolling about that post he said about TI having animals in his presence! Lmao! ???? That was too funny! I need to find that post!

      • Don't yall caveman, balogna smelling red skin pigs get tired of looking 79 years old at 30? Being an evil devil? Fucking animal? ? Foh lice head. Lol

    • The Truman Show,
      I thought I was the only one on HSK who felt that way especially about our sisters. Out of all the races & nationalities in the world I feel black women deserve so much better but "baby mama" is like a badge of honor to a lot of them nowadays.

  5. Black men always f*cking their "annoying/crazy" baby mama's raw. Always! Lmao! And this is why I couldn't be bothered with a man who has a kid. Nope. Not me.

    • Cosign 100!
      Especially the part about not being bothered with a guy who has a kid. I don't have any and I prefer to start my family fresh!

      • So true, when I was in my 20's a man with kids was a deal breaker, didn't want to have anything to do with them. I was in college, working, no kids living, enjoying my life, didn't want no nggah with a bunch of baggage. Always wanted to be the one and only mother of my husband's kids and that's what I have.

        • #PreachGirlFriend! That's right! They come with special issues, none of which I care to deal with. I'm S-I-N-G-L-E , not Unmarried +1. I expect that I would make an appropriate match which is a LIKE match. On the same level, mentally that means that the man i date would have had to exercise discipline in starting a family too. Babies, baggage and baby-muvas are still a deal breaker on my list. Actually #1… Now to background check all the liars who'll be up on game.

        • I'm in my 20s and won't date a man with kids I don't have any and I want to be #1 in my man's life. If he has a kid you will never be #1 then u might have to deal with baby mama and him messing around with her on top of that to young to have that drama so I plan on being like you 🙂

      • Anonymous Jun 21, 2016 at 12:55, MsLady, Xoxo,
        Anonymous Jun 21, 2016 at 16:06, ….You ladies got it going on! It's not enough of THIS mindset among black women & really… women in general today.

  6. Baby mamas is winning! Congrats to Keonna. Iggy thought she could break up this union but failed. She needs to take the first flight back to Australia. She was part of this agenda/ a poser in the music industry.

  7. Oh my gawd! His baby mother is a beautiful chocolate sista. I can't believe he would cheat on this black queen. Its time to put a ring on it.

    • He cheated on his actual long time college girlfriend with Keonna. She was always the side piece, he's never gonna marry her because she's always gonna be available to him

  8. I think Black men are finally waking up and realizing it was us that had they backs all this time

    • No they not. He dumped her for a white Babylon unattractive white chick from down under. He just got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, if he didn't he would still be with her. Black chick, wake up, it's like when slave masters had white wives but cheated with black slaves. Don't let no negro treat you like that BLACK QUEEN! Tell that negro to call Becky with the lice hair. Lol

      • What's with the "lice" comments? I saw you said that up in another post.

        Does it make you feel superior to point out that poor white people get lice?

        Are you the kind who feels better about yourself by insulting other people?

        • You are the same anonymous who caped for Katie Holmes on the other post lol. Becky is pressed. Y'all are known for lice. Get over it.

          • Is that so? And I guess you are the sad angry bw who needs to put down other women in order to feel better about herself.

            I am not white, nor have I ever known a white person with lice who wasn't poor and from Kentucky or WVa. I saw lots of poor children with lice when I was teaching in Appalachia, and I thought it was sad. I would never make fun of them for not having the knowledge or ability to take care of personal hygiene.

            You are a special woman Sarah.

              • Ha. I keep my shit clean.

                Wasn't that one of Jacky's tracks?

                Try to grow some dignity.

  9. Dear black Baby mama. He left you. Was going to marry the white chick, leaving you JUST his baby mama. Now you pregnant again? Damn sis you making us look bad being 2nd to Iggy no less. I could be second to a black woman but not Iggy.

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