Claudia Jordan Backtracks After Confirming Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Are Dating

claudia jordan jamie foxx katie holmes

Claudia Jordan dropped a bombshell during an appearance on the podcast “Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss.” The actress and reality t.v. star confirmed during the interview what all of us have suspected: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are definitely hooking up.

“He is very happy with her, so I like that he seems very happy,” – Claudia Jordan

But one day after making those comments, Claudia is backtracking. I guess she got a call from Jamie’s people!

“I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all. I’ve never seen them together, he’s never told me he’s dating her,” – Claudia Jordan

LOL, yeah okay.

Claudia then gave an interview to ET to try to clear up her statements. She said she “misspoke” during the podcast.

“A lot of times, I get asked questions about celebrities — some I know, some I don’t — a lot times we just give a safe kind of generic answer. Sorry to not have this bombshell story, but I cannot confirm them,” – Claudia Jordan

Jamie and Claudia are longtime friends. They even worked together on Jamie’s Sirius XM comedy channel, The Foxxhole.

Last we heard, Jamie and Katie had called it quits, but it looks like they have kissed and made up. Is a wedding up next?


    • Tom Cruise has that much power and from what I hear, Jamie Fox is in serious trouble with the hollywood mafia!

  1. She looks like a basic white gurl named Maggie u would see at Starbucks. Jamie is wrong for that I'm surprised they didn't Banish him out if Hollywood. ''Yet''

    • If she looks so simple and plain, and you aren't married or engaged to Jamie, why do you feel the need to put her down?

        • Wow me too. Let's not forget, Jamie hasn't won any "beauty" contests himself plus at a certain age looks should not be the main factors of a relationship. Ijs

          • Jamie Foxx stays in shape, dresses well, and grooms himself well. He also has an assload of money, talent, and influence. What is HerpLip bringing to the table?

            You're mad because your delusions aren't real.

      • It's not feeling the need to put her down wtf. It's called a f*cking opinion stop getting butt hurt

        • Your "opinion" is mean spirited which reflects a great deal of insecurity and lack of self esteem.

          Sorry, but that's MY opinion.

          • Sorry but I don't argue online with people who don't know me so your opinion is irrelevant goodbye

          • Your opinion is self righteous, Nazi-ass bytch. Now, there's your mean spirits fo the day – drink up!

      • Xoxo didn't insult her. Insulting her would be pointing out how she has no lips, a manface, and the shape of a cereal box.

  2. Hopefully he's stocked up on the valtrex cause this nasty bitch has the HERP!

    • As a former health care provider I've seen two yr olds with oral herpes. Herpes is not even part of STD screening because most doctors assume everyone has it or been exposed to it. Also, there's no cure. You may have herpes and not know it as some ppl never have an outbreak though they will test positive. That's my medical minute of the day.

    • If you've had the CHICKEN POX you, too have the "HERP!" Different strain of the same virus.

    • Jamie has been on the dl so long think she is more likely to catch something from him.

  3. What I do know is this… Saw video on YouTube of Prince presenting an award. The way Jaime Foxx looked at Prince was way too sexual. Jamie is GAY. Tom Cruise is GAY. Katie Holmes is just a beard for both of them.

    • Absolutely Jamie Foxx is gay! You don't win the Oscar if you're straight. This includes Denzel Washington! yeah I said it!

        • Yes ladies and gentlemen, Denzel is gay! He has been topped and bottomed! Nobody becomes a multi-million dollar, A-list movie star unless the hollywood mafia has dig dugged inside of them.

          • Again you show you ignorance NBA. The vast majority of the top power players in Hollywood are bottoms. Insatiable bottoms. They demand to be f*cked. The like bm because they like their anuses fully stuffed.
            But just keep on with your tired cliched "black men have to bend over" for white men stupidity. That fits your narrative much better doesn't it?

    • I always thought he was gay too. Claudia was just looking for some attention and the thirsty media took her lies and ran with them. She's probably trying to get a talk show or something Amber Rose style.

  4. Thought she was trying to get phsyical with her employee – much younger by far employee – the other day. Who knows how it goes in Hollyweird?

  5. No doubt about it, Claudia Jordan is the dumbest hoe in hollywood. Claudia Jordan isn't even a D-list celebrity, she is a high price hooker who is over 40 and broke. If you're a broke, black bitch like Claudia Jordan, you do not talk shit about a white actress! You especially don't talk shit about a white girl who was once married to one of the biggest stars in hollywood! She had no choice but to back track her statement! If not, Claudia Jordan could have suffered the same fate as Kathy White!

    • In a world not so deep in your psyche: Black bitch vs. white girl….

      So let's play coon S.A.Ts Black bitch is to the Nigga that aint shit, as white girl is to _______

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      • You obviously don't read my comments about Miley Cyrus or the KKK bitches. I have frequently used terms like becky, white bitch, white trash bitch, honkey and John Goodman to describe white girls. Never ever assume because of you do, you make a ass out of you and me!

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    • You sound racist we know she's black why do you have to keep saying it like it's a bad thing? Why didn't you call Donald Trump a crazy white male bitch?

      • THANK YOU!!!!! And for the answer to the coon S.A.T question it is white guy, white man or anything white with respect, because the black woman gets called bitch while the white bitch gets called a girl (innocent, sweet, docile) even as she walks around with Mt. kilimanjaro sized herpes II on her lip! Yet she aint eating dookie off Tom Cruises nuts???? FOH!

  8. Back to the topic Jamie Foxx is gay Katie is his beard just like she did for Tom Cruise ?

      • She was his BEARD. If you were so smart you'd know she was never his brood mare, he's not the bio father.

        • I know that dummy. His cousin is the father, but she DID produce a child for him, hence the term brood mare.

          • No fool his cousin ISN'T the father its her ex boyfriend! He treats that trick baby just like his other adopted kids. If that was his blood, DNA kin he's be all up in her life.

            • The father is William Mapother. I know that for a fact.

              The father is NOT Chris Klein as some people think Now you can doubt me and go on thinking it's CK, or you can accept that you just read some juicy inside info which came from someone at a medical facility.
              Either way, cool.

  9. I have called Donald Trump a pale face devil worshipper on this site several times. Trump is a 33 degree mason who is in good standing with the zionist,devil worshipping bankers who own this country. That is why he is being allowed to run for President. As for Claudia Jordan, she will remain a broke cock sucker for the rest of her life!

        • Sarah you are woman who cares as well. Just how lonely are you? All day posting as nine sock puppets. Damn.

          • Did you just go hard on a woman you've never met? Uh oh, 100… Looks like you've fallen prey to your own rule! LMAO!

    • Actually she was more of a brood mare than a beard for Tammy Cruise.Donald Trump is not a f*cking Mason you tard. That is an urban myth spread by ignorant You Tube negroes like yourself.

      He's an unmitigated asshole and a blowhard of epic proportions, but he is NOT a Mason.
      If you can provide me with proof that he is, and NOT from some wacko conspiracy site, I will apologize. But his representative firmly denied that he is or ever has been a member.

  10. You people need to stop acting like herpes on the mouth is a big shameful deal. It isn't.

    I would bet $100K that 80% of the readers of DHSK have been exposed to the herpes virus at some point in their lives. I have had it since I was 12, and I guess I got it from a relative since I wasn't kissin no boys at that age. I wasn't kissing my relatives either, but I did share some pop and stuff with them.

    It's NOT sexual and even if it was, MOST people under 45 have been exposed. It is just evil to keep shaming people for being carriers.

    • Herpes I is what most people have the usual cold sore, but stop acting like Herpes II aint a plague. or maybe you don't know the difference – just like you believe everything mainstream doctors tell you.

      • Look a here MFs it is all BAD!!!

        You can catch hsv 1 from hsv 2 and vice versa (because as they say oral sex IS sex!)…do not act like it is some simple shit to play with, because it can be caught even with a condom.

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    • Only a *white* person tries to say herpes is no big deal.

      These are the people these sellouts are chasing. LOL.

  11. The last US President to be a member of the Free Masons was Gerald Ford.

    So much for the requirement that presidents must be members.

    And NO. Neither of the Bushes were Masons. Skull and Bones, yes. Freemasons NO.

  12. Everyone knows she has been (or still is) his beard. How soon we all forget is that it was Katt Williams who called him out live on stage and named his BF. After that is when it all started going south for Katt. And everyone knows CJ. One of the true pros out here. Willing to do anything (she draws the line at face beating) and fulfill any of your most demented fantasies to get work. How do you think she can rebound from gig to gig in this crazy town while so many of her peers are done ::in my Marshawn Lynch voice:: over and over and over and over and over again.

  13. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise's gay lover is some rock star from the group Matchbox 20.

  14. Surya, mijn vader was ook een kunstschilder. Hij zat urenlang aan de Ciliwung badende vrouwen te schilderen…..’dirty old man’! Van hem heb ik nog een mooi schilderij, waarop een naakt badend meisje op aangelegde bamboe vlotten staat……iedere dag wordt ze mooier!

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