Kat Stacks Caught on Video Getting Pimped Slapped by Ex-Boyfriend

katt stacks beatup boyfriend

Kat Stacks, the racist h** that tried to frame Soulja Boy as a coke head, just got roughed up by her boyfriend…and it was all caught on video!

The footage was initially recovered by Hot 97, and it has made its way onto all the blogs.


The man can be seen pulling Kat’s hair and spitting in her face. At first, it was assumed he was her pimp. But Kat cleared things up by confirming that he’s her ex-boyfriend who loves to get physical when he’s on drugs.


katt stacks beatup boyfriend 5


In true attention w****** fashion, Kat began to post all of her ex-boyfriend Trill’s text messages on Instagram. She also posted his government name and his mugshot from a previous arrest.

katt stacks beatup boyfriend


katt stacks beatup boyfriend 1

katt stacks beatup boyfriend 3

katt stacks beatup boyfriend 4

Despite this man being an abusive druggie, Kat continues to go back to him. She confirms this isn’t the first time he put hands on her!

katt stacks beatup boyfriend 6

Do you feel bad for her?



  1. "That tried to frame Soulja Boy as a coke head"…..um Soulja Boy IS a coke head.

    She doesn't deserve to get publicly humiliated like this but it all comes with the lifestyle she lives.

    • I could care less about this rat…but NO ONE likes being abused.

      Some people just do not know any better and deal with it, until they get their own mental game right.

  2. She is a poster child of the effects of being a fame wh*re. What a sad existence.

      • LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blac Chyna owns her own salons and nowhere in this category as at kat stacks, Whtever Chyn y do wth her vagina, She takes care of herself and do not lay with low life broke bums like this type of ninja
        If this is your opinion and the cas,e u may as well add Kim Kardshians and the list of supermodels to the roster

  3. Racist? but keeps black boyfriends who abuse her ? ummmm …this chick is an unintelligent whore it seems using racist lingo. Which adds another depth to the non intelligence factor. But hey its her life. Honestly I dont think she would choose a white guy who would treat her any differently .

    • Neanderthals are already 1000 steps ahead of the simple-minded negro. You can still phuck someone of a different race and be "racist". Or shall I say, a neanderthal can still phuck a so called black person and STILL be a White Supremacist… Get ya game up! Start by reading The Interracial Con Game if you dare. smh…. or stay losing…

        • If you'd read the book you'd stay from under the rear tires of a neanderthal pick up truck.

      • LMFAO…you do know caucasoids mated with neanderthals who are not human right?

        You all just try to make it seem like they are as to lessen the fact your kind is into bestiality.

        That is also why that wet dog smell will never leave your dna…

  4. Her pimp. Ain't no nigga dumb enough to claim this ugly, smoked out bitch as his girlfriend.

  5. I doing feel sorry for this racist washed up troll who doesn't take care of her son. The only way to make this trash go away is to stop reporting on her. I'm surprised nobody has bust a cap in her behind.

    • WOW, she has kids, poor child, SMH.. She's always looked and sounded EXTRA dirty, filthy to me and she has a horrible shaped body to boot

  6. I meant to say I don't feel sorry for her. I'm surprised she hasn't committed suicide. She needs serious mental help. She's Venezuelan and her own people disowned her. Its been said she's diseased.

  7. Quote form rapper Fabolous, "It might get your dog shot, even a Katt smacked." He was talking about Katt Stacks in that rap line!

  8. Whore racist Becky gets no sympathy from me.
    Hey! Isn't this a illuminati pimp slapping? ??

    • LOL! No sympathy here either. I actually like to see a brotha kick a dog when it's down. Hell they been kicking us. And besides, she even said she can call the cops on him at any time – so she still knows in this society she holds the power.

  9. I don't know who this girl is but why is she calling him out on social media? Shouldn't she be filing charges or something?

  10. This trash should not get any sympathy because she chooses to stay with these dudes. Her child's father did far worse to her.

  11. Some people get turned on by this type.of stuff. I guess she's his submissive sex slave or something. ??

  12. She looks so tired. She's doing it all wrong. Not that there's a right way, but I guess I'm saying she couldn't fit in with those professional whores on the LHH franchise, not even those on LHHA, the most ratchet ones. OMG, the tattoos, the hair, the makeup, looks like she smells….it's just all wrong. As a woman, I do feel bad for her, and hopes she gets herself together and get outta those streets, that drama obviously comes with the territory. And I'm pretty sure if he was high, she was high as well.

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