Gucci Mane Addresses Clone Conspiracy Theory

gucci mane clone

Gucci Mane is putting the conspiracy theories to rest!

The rapper was released from prison and stepped back out into the world looking slim, trim, and kinda cute (don’t judge me.)

Fans think the real Gucci was killed, and he was cloned by the government. So the rapper went on Snapchat and said he would neither “support nor deny those accusations.”

What do you think? Was Gucci Mane cloned by the government?


  1. Who care that's what goes one in hollyweird these sickos. They will never learn they will always insist on learning things the hard way these celebrities.

      • There are plenty of celebs that work for the CIA as undercover agents…people like the late Julia Childs…who was a chef & you think why would they ever use her?

        So you never know who they are using and for what.

  2. People have been saying Lamar, Brittany and others were cloned none of them have ever come forward to address it until this. Why? And why do it while throwing up hand signals and signs?

    Some are saying that he's a changed man since he got out of prison and I can understand that but when his close friends say that he is not the same person and something is wrong with him, ????

    A conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory pretending to be a conspiracy theory. O_o!

        • Thank you BE. I have to get blood work done tomorrow and have to be at the hospital on Tuesday @5:30 am.

          • Many blessings to you DR1. I know you'll be fine. At the time of this post I think you will already be there & look forward to hearing from you after your recovery. ?

    • Yep, likely a psyop or controlled opposition. If clones were indeed real, no celebrity would be talking about them without permission from those at the top. Second if they were really dropping bombshell information, why don't they go into the process of how these clones are ACTUALLY made?

      • on the other hand when these dumb ass celebrities are coming up with such allegations they are immediately ridiculed, this making them look even dumber than they actually are !
        this is an excellent way of hiding from us what is truly happening…
        Remember that the average sheep has an oversized ego hence the average sheep will do anything from being categorized as "dumb fool"… hence the average sheep will believe everything TPTB want him to believe…

      • His words not mine….

        Rapper Lil Boosie says “That’s not the real Gucci Mane” After seeing Atlanta Welcome home Show at Mansion

        "You know they can do that crazy clone Sh*t these days, you look at Gucci and tell me that’s Gucci and ill pay yo child support and yo baby momma rent -Lil Boosie "

        See for yourself and you be the judge.

        • That Mr Davis shit made me have a The Manchurian Candidate (2004 film) moment O_O!

    • No, Brittany was brainwashed. She reverted back to a child in mid sentence (I seen it on camera)….remember she was in the mickey mouse club, her and Justin when they were kids..and we all know that's all Disney is known for.

  3. His friends don’t recognize him cuz he prolly went to those education classes, anger management sessions, psychological counsel and is taking his meds. He dropped a lot of weight, which will change your facial structure and he is in the process of removing that ridiculous ice cream tattoo. In other words, he is finally growing the f*ck up and has realized that jail don’t make you a man and 3 meals and a bunk bed is not free, but comes with a high cost.

    What ever he caught or was taught, he need to bottle and label that shit and pass it around the industry. It could do some niggas some good.

    • Thank you! A change for the better just has to be w conspiracy? And of ALL the celebrities out there, why would they want to clone Gucci Mane?

    • This is the best post ever Anonymouse. I like it so much when somebody expresses good common sense and intelligence.

      And I will add myself to the list of those who think he looks cute. I remember the last time he was pictured here before going to prison, someone commented, "Gucci's expecting" because his gut was hanging over his pants.

  4. This is a clone. Why did he feel the need to address it? I wouldn't be surprised if the Snapchat girlfriend is his handler.

  5. People cloning is real why wouldn't it be. The movies tell it all science fiction right, we get caught up in the science but what about the fiction which is the truth. Movies give you half and half and you have to decipher what's true or not. I believe that everything we've ever heard about is real. Mermaids, Big foot, aliens all is real. Wake up people

    • Idiot, Cloning a full grown person is NOT real. Even when they clone a sheep, it is born as a baby.

      If they COULD clone an adult man, dontcha think that JFK of MLK might be a better choice than Gooch?
      Did anyone here take any science in school?

      • No. You're the idiot. Cloning is real. And what makes you think they're not? Look up Cern. Time machines are real too. You're the misinformed agent. Get with the times. Slowing thing and not being able to think for yourself was at least a year ago lol. Look up chemtrails, the affects of fluoride in water and toothpaste, etc. It's all out there in your face. They're not hiding it anymore. Research talc powder which is found in my Johnson and Johnson baby powders, makeup, etc. and how's it connected to ovarian cancer. Johnson and Johnson has many lawsuits against them for that.

        • Good god. "Chemtrails" huh?

          If you had taken chemistry you would understand the lunacy of conspiracy theorist's belief in "chemtrails." If you were to take 1000 gallons of poison and dump it in the Atlantic Ocean, the dilution effect would be such that the toxicity would quickly be nullified. That is the same thing which would occur if an aircraft attempted to spray toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. The dilution would be such that there would be no ill effect on humans and other living creatures on the surface of the earth. To put it very simply, if you have a closed fixed container such as a beaker, you can effectively poison the substance; but in an open ended limitless area, such as the earth's atmosphere, the toxic material dissipates too quickly for effective damage in a widespread area.
          Think about Nagasaki and Hiroshima, even atom bombs did not poison the atmosphere outside of the blast zone. And the extrusion of toxic chemicals through aircraft expulsion doesn't compare to a nuclear bomb,

          Yes. Talc is a carcinogen and it does cause the mutation of normal healthy cells in the ovaries and fallopian tubes when introduced into the vagina.
          That is factual science. How you could associate that with the mad ravings of paranoid schizophrenics re: cloning and "chemtrails" is amazing.

          It would be great if you people would attempt to educate yourselves rather than believing all the horseshit fed to you on the internet.

          I will not even dignify your theory about the cloning of human beings. That is so beyond the pale, if you truly do believe that it is possible to replicate a mature adult through a scientific process, then you are too stupid to understand why it is not.

          • Blah, blah, blah… you're still an idiot. I'm a nurse practitioner. Chemtrails are very, very real. Unlike you, I've done my research. Engineer? What are you engineering? You should engineer yourself a new brain because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on and what "they" are doing. You can't label something as being a conspiracy theory when its true! Ask yourself this, why would they put harmful and poisonous ingredients in our every day products that we not only apply to our hair and skin but also ingest? Why the heck is there plastic and mercury in our skincare products? Not's not even half of what they put in all of the products that we use. That's the point, we need to "ASK" questions and not just take when they give us not question anything. Everything is connected… from the cloning facilities to the chemtrails, to the damn water that you drink. You probably still drink sink water don't you, lol. Oh, and by the way, when America do falls, because its coming, where do you plan to go… or shall I say, flee? What black people really needs to be doing is planning and transferring their resources to Africa, etc. That is looking for homes and businesses outside of the US.

            • Lol it's hilarious to me that she had the nerve to use here so called "credentials" as a screen name. Like what do you have to prove? I believe that some of these posters on this site, especially the anonymous ones are shills/disfinfo agents who just go around and try to debunk certain claims that of course don't line up with the status quo. I don't think they'll find much luck here tho hehe

          • Oh, and also, this is a "conspiracy" site, so if you don't like what other "conspirators" are saying, then unfortunately, this is not the site you should be on. I think you should go to Bossip! Because your mindset fits those that frequent their website a lot. Hey, believe what you want to believe, but you better believe that everyone is not going to ride the same train you're riding. I've done years upon years of research and I believe it all. All YOU have to do is research. Don't you have a local library where you live?

            • This is a conspiracy site?I thought it was a Hollywood Celebrity gossip site according to its Google listing.

              Was I wrong?

            • Aren't you that African Queen who Black Anastasia messed with 2 years ago? Back then you said that you were a "model," and now you are a nurse practitioner?

              You want me to do some research huh? Lady, you must be some sort of learning disabled simp. Research? I have a Masters in chemical engineering. I so more research in one day than you have done in a life time.
              I am embarrassed for you and your ignorance.

          • Watch the The Boys Of Brazil. They always tell you what they are doing but people never read between the lines

  6. A few questions about chem trails if you will….

    Do you ever look up at the sky? Can you tell me what all those lines and formations are for that have been criss crossing the them lately?

    Can you also tell me what is in all those black rail tankers that are being stock pilled in various locations throughout my city and why they only move them in the wee hours of the morning?

    Can you tell me where all the pigeons have gone because I haven't seen one in at least 5 years and where are all of the bees hiding?


    • I explained the fallacy of "chemtrails" in my post. What you see in the sky are CONTRAILS.

      That is a normal and natural phenomenon which occurs as the wings slip through the atmosphere.
      There is no possibility of poisoning the atmosphere from tanks releasing any sort of chemical in the air because of the discrepancy between mass and volume.

      That's not what you want to hear, but it is accurate. And I am not Ms Chemical Engineering, I have an MS in Chem Eng. but I can understand the confusion lol.

      • There is a UNIQUE difference between Con and Chemtrails. A contrail's trail is water vapor that pretty much dissipates not to long after being emitted. The planes that emit them are also higher in altitude. A Chemtrail emission stays after being emitted and doesn't dissolve but instead spreads out, becoming like a large, wide cloud formation. Ive witnessed this shit without my own eyes. Chemtrails are all apart of weather manipulation, with many more people theorizing as a part of the elites plan to "terriform" the earth. hence which is why in the area where I live (Hot ass phoenix) even while the temperature is 106, over the course of a few hours the skyl will be overcast.

  7. Definition of a clone:
    a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived.
    a population of identical units, cells, or individuals that derive from the same ancestral line.
    2.a person or thing that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, performance.

    People are saying he is a clone because he looks, acts and talks differently. Your argument that he is a clone doesn't male sense.

    • Genetically identical does not mean 100% identical…even identical twins are not 100% identical, there are always differences physically and personality-wise.

  8. I do highly believe clones exist, and that some certain celebs are cloned, but gucci man is trolling. They only clone certain celebs of certain value, and importance. Gucci Mane is neither of those things.

  9. "I explained the fallacy of "chemtrails" in my post. What you see in the sky are CONTRAILS."

    "And I am not Ms Chemical Engineering, I have an MS in Chem Eng. but I can understand the confusion lol."

    Okay um lost o_O!

      • No, the reason I’m confused is that there seems to be 2 different people (Chemical Engineers) answering the same question. MS Chemical Engineering Georgia Tech 2002 explained chemtrais but you said that you are not that person “And I am not Ms Chemical Engineering, I have an MS in Chem Eng.” so when did YOU explain the fallacy in chemtrails in this thread???? The fact that you or MS, both claiming to be Chemical Engineers, are even on this site to dispute chemtrails speaks volumes.

        Contrails chemtrails whatever, they are using them to do something to our atmosphere/ionosphere whether YOU choose to believe it or not. You might be a Chemical Engineer but if I might be so bold as to steal another poster’s words “you can be anything you want to be on the internet.”

        REASEARCH people that is all I can ask you to do while the information is STILL available. You don’t have to believe what I or anyone else has to say. Make your own conscience decision on what YOU want to believe.

        • Black Enga Now I see why you were confused by my initial explanation.

          Up thread, another poster addressed me a Ms Chemical Engineering, as in Miss Chemical Engineering. They even identified me as a "she" in their post.

          SO, what I meant when I said I am not MS Chemical Engineering, rather I HOLD an MS in C.E. I was merely correcting her assumption. The MS was representing my degree and not an appellation. So there are not two of us CE's here attempting to quell your doubts/fears about cloning and chemtrails. I am a longtime poster(male) who knows you from way back. You are a baker, yes?

          Perhaps it was a bit heavy handed to post my degree. I was not attempting to show off or brag, rather I only meant to establish what I felt would be a credential to give some weight to my statements re: cloning and chemtrails.
          And yes, anyone can claim anything on the web. Truer words were never spoken.

          Keep that in mind as you read the conspiracy theory websites. I promise you that the incorrect information perpetuated on such sites is mind blowing. A person of science can easily debunk said theories with ease. But sadly, most of the people who visit those sites are not as diligent as you, and they do not follow up their reading with good sound research.

          Sorry to have caused such confusion. While I don't expect you to take a leap in faith and accept that I am a scientist, I do hope you believe that I really am a Jacky poster and not an interloping "misinformation" shill. LOL

          • I was going to address this earlier as it was my reason for posting today but I got caught up watching someone get murdered and it effed me up in the head because I didn't expect it to be so graphic in nature….



            But anyways no worries, you know who you are as do I "A Pastry Chef with an Associates degree in Pastry Arts, certified for Bakery Production Heath Unit Coordinating, Nursing Assistance and Pharmacy Tech" *puffs chest out a little* Master of none LOL!

            What I know about chemtrails/contrails is from my own observation as a child who constantly tripped from staring up at the sky with extreme fascination(Dad being in the Air force didn't help) while walking hand in hand with my mother to what I see in the skies now and something is wrong. Something is wrong because from my childhood memories of bees, butterflies and birds were plentiful to them now being almost non existent and I think it's due to the atmosphere and the weather patterns. Is it due to pollution, the greenhouse effect or due to man made problems with sinister intent? I don't know but something is wrong.

            All I know is that the world has gotten itself into a damn hurry to destruction and I am worried about me and my family's (not all of them are saved) future in it.

            Praying constantly….

            • Keep praying, and keep researching your questions(particularly on reputable sites.) I am sorry that I inadvertently demoted you from Pastry Chef to "baker". I did not know that you were professionally trained in the art!! I will bet you can make a darn good fruit tart with strawberries, kiwis, raspberries and bananas. That is my favorite. lol
              Oh one last thing, your observation about the skies being devoid of the wildlife you remember as a child is quite accurate. But bear in mind that chemical emissions from a host of legal enterprises has a lot to do with that. The EPA is a corrupt group, thought I would not go as far as to attribute their corruption to the Illuminati. wink. More like greedy corporations and sleazy lobbyists working for them.

              • A scientist who believes in prayer? Wow, what a conundrum lol. But all jokes aside, can you recommend some reputable sites? Also, what are your thoughts on Geo Engineering?

                Wait a minute….. The bananas threw me off but I see you Haaa haa! And your bet would be right.

              • is very good for getting to the truth about many internet rumors. It's not a science based site per se, but it's a good place to start.

  10. Tptb got Gucci off on that self defence case years ago
    Not to sound like a conspiracy person, but I wonder if Gucci kept his end of the bargain?
    Maybe this is the result of it cus that dude posing as Gufcci looks like a stunt double
    Go check out Gucci's old interview on The Breafast Club
    The will answer a lot of questions
    I didnt know Gucci was working with Warner Brothers records b4

  11. MIT technology review mag May/June 2015 issue Editing Human DNA. DNA engineering and gene technology are common science today so look for more conspiracy theories or facts. LOL

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