Prince is NOT the Father

Carlin Q. Williams prince not the father

Remember last month when a Colorado inmate came forward with claims that Prince was his father? Well, the DNA test results are in.

Carlin Q. Williams claims Prince had unprotected sex with his mother at a hotel in Kansas City in 1976. But according to the Daily Mail, Prince is NOT the father of Carlin Q. Williams, and Carlin will not be entitled to inherit any of the singer’s $300 million fortune.

Carlin’s mom is said to be unhappy with the test results, but DNA doesn’t lie!


          • That's not entirely true. I met him in the earlier stages of his career, before he became world known and no longer just known amongst the R&B/black communities. I've seen him dating quite a few beautiful chocolate sisters. But as per usual…just like many other rich black successful men. Within each step of gaining more success, the women became lighter and lighter. Does anyone remember when he dated Marvin Gaye's daughter, Nona?

            • That's propaganda white media puts out there; for example, they don't photograph black male athletes/entertainers when they're with black women.

              Whites (managers, CEOs, company owners) also try to make sure that white women are all around them because they want to make sure their fortune doesn't stay in black hands.

              • I guess that it was Kyrie's manager who told him to have the "No Black Women Allowed" yacht party huh?
                Stop making excuses for black men. They do what the want to do, and the stars in the NBA today are more powerful than their managers, agents and in a few cases even team owners.
                Just accept the fact that most BM who find themselves suddenly rich want to shed all the baggage of when they were poor. Unfortunately that goes for their women too. My friend who was on that yacht with Kyrie, another man not a woman, said that they see BW as too much trouble. They didn't want to take the chance of fights breaking out and police being called. And they also see BW as just wanting to get pregnant with child support.
                It is what it is I guess, but don't kid yourself that it's the agents who are doing it.

        • And Damaris Lewis, Lisa Left Eye, Halle, Toni, and countless others. Whatever ones he didn't mess with, he still tried.

          White chicks and Spanish-speaking white chicks give it up way easier, so that's who many of his partners were. White chicks were also willing to obey him completely. He told them to stay in full makeup 24/7, use the name he gave them, wear what he said to wear, and only be present when he instructed them. Black chicks won't do that sh_t; not even for Prince.

            • No, I'm definitely not; but I would bet money you're an obese 40 year old white male or female.

              • BW here are in denial. You know damn well that most BW would do whatever it take to be with Prince. Maybe not you personally, but most.

                And I am not the person who you were commenting to above.

  1. and this convicted felon/criminal thought he had a shot to live the good life, claiming Prince's hard earned fortune. Now he has to face the harsh reality of minimum wage ghetto work for the rest of his loser life.
    Also, his momma is a whore, who couldn't tell who is the daddy….why am I not surprised….

    • Don't be mad at him. His actions were based on what his mother told him.

      • That's so true. He's a "Rapper" and a crappy one at that and in some of his early recordings while Prince was alive, Carlin rapped about killing his "father", Prince Rogers Nelson. So he didn't just recently pull this out of his ass.

        TBT, I'm a bit relieved the DNA didn't match. Besides this guy dropping out of school, he has a long criminal history and belongs to a street gang. Can you imagine the destruction and damage this guy would do if he had access to all those millions of dollars? In my mind, that is an extremely scary image.

    • his mamma is a dirty filthy nasty ho!!! No wonder he's locked up PLUS when he ever gets out, he will never be free. Police will be watching him forever and ever, AMEN!!

      • For some reason I wanna believe that this was the straw that broke the camel's back, that led him down this destructed path. The not knowing for sure who his father is. And in his case he knew he wasn't a child conceived out of rape.

      • lmbo i used LOOOOVE THAT country song on the cd compilation commercial "furevuuur and eeevuuuur A-ee-eeeeeee-maaayuuuuuuuun x'D x'D x'D

      • Please. Jacky outed Prince back in 2012 don't be so naive and obtuse. Prince himself called himself PRINCESS during his live performances back in the '80's when he was barechested and humping the floor. Some of yall need to educate yourself on gay/bisexual men. Primarily you won't find a straight, black male wearing thick pancake foundation and eyeliner and lash extensions as Prince did 24/7, may he rest in peace but the truth is the light!!

        • Prince said the men call him Princey & the women call him electric while he so sexily dry hump the floor.

        • Even though this man was insanely talented, maybe his bisexuality opened the industry doors for him. [Casting Couch] From what I'm told, a lot of celebrities use this to get their foot in the doors of Hollywood.

          • Yes, Prince was extremely talented. No one knows what a dying person last words are. Our Heavenly Father is a forgiving God. God is THE FINAL judge not human.

        • He came up in the 70s and 80s when dressing feminine was the standard. Every male entertainer pretty much looked like that. The exception were soul singers who rocked suits and fros; but even they wore heavy pancake makeup and eye makeup. Was James Brown gay/bisexual? Hell no.

          Check Prince's first album. He rocked a big fro and regular clothes. Then he decided he wanted to jump on what was hot.

          He dressed like that because audiences, and most women, responded to it. It wasn't until the late 80s and hip hop's rise that women started to dislike that stuff. However, Prince is in his own category, and like many "rock" artists who still dressed that way; he found his fans, his groupies, and etc. really liked the makeup. Why change when it's getting you money and p*ssy?

  2. Why was this being entertained to begin with. Lol. Let Prince rest in peace. Now there's information about MJ having child porn at his Neverland Ranch. Why wait until their dead. Oh and please leave Whitney's Emmy alone!

  3. He better find out who is his real pappy is! Cause June Bug (Prince) ain't the Pappy!

    • LMAO????
      DR1, I hope you're feeling good as of now. You got 4 more days to go & many prayers are covering you.

  4. Damn, women can really f*ck their children's heads up.

    Anyway, like Pink flower said above, I didn't think Prince was f*ckin' raw with a Black Woman.

  5. Prince listed him and mayte son as white. Any child he had would have been listed that way. People try anything for money. Then his mom was trying to do interviews for money before the results came out. That's when I knew for sure prince was not the father.

  6. People need to give up calling him gay/bi. If that was true, all his partners would be known by now.

    He dressed like that for image/art/vanity/women. It's not like he started in 95 either. He followed trends.

  7. Prince stated in a number of his interviews that some of his Great Music Idols were Little Richard and James Brown, Music wise etc..
    Obviously, they impacted not just his music style but also his overall brand, personal style etc…. Not unusal. Beyonce Patterns a lot of her personal style after Tina Turner etc… O

  8. Prince loved women and a lot of the lyrics in his music reflects love and sometimes his lust for women. In addition, if you look at many of his videos you can see the lust in his eyes towards many of the female performers he was involved with at the time such as Cat Glover, Maytae etc… Maybe if anything he was just as some people
    sexually fluid. Or maybe he was just in touch with his feminine side but was more Alpha Male than most men, it was just packaged in a misleading fashion…….. He had one sexy voice ,

  9. Another thug, another "fast money making scheme", another epic fail !
    Nice try prison bitch !

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