Joseline Still Out to Destroy Stevie J?

joseline destroy stevie j

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez tried to destroy Stevie J’s reputation by saying he likes chicks with sticks and he enjoys watching trans porn.

But once the Puerto Rican Princess realized no one cared about her tea, she has decided to to turn up the heat even further.

Joseline was on Twitter trying to get Oprah Winfrey’s attention with an incoherent tweet that about a sick man taking advantage of little girls.

Is she talking about Stevie or an incident that happened in her own life? We may never know…


  1. Hollywood don't like ppl who run off at the mouth revealing secrets and stuff.stevie bought the wrong one to the table,if he wants to stay in the limelight he all ready!

  2. Fuck Jose she knew he was bisexual, she knew he liked trannies she f*cked him with dildos and she stayed with him f*ck her they both need a HIV test

  3. Jacky, this story is beneath you. In nowhere in that post does Joseline reference Stevie J. She is speaking of her own personal experience as an abused child. You owe her an apology.

  4. She's like a whore zombie that won't go away. Stevie needs to choose his girls better.

  5. This bullshit again with this drag queen and I have to say drag queens are very entertaining and if he is all of those things what that makes you and indenial trans trying to convince and deceive the public when we all know the truth. This shit is hilarious once again to keep us talking beyond hilarious.

  6. the kids aka the drag queens in the gay community are relentless and would do anything for attention. Oprah's people obviously read that incoherent third-grade written tweet and laugh and instantly ignored. Hozay please leave Steebie alone bitch. we know he likes men – hell he was with you sugah. next.

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