Chris Brown Claps Back After Ex-Manager Sues for Assault

chris brown sued ex manager

Chris Brown just can’t seem to keep his butt out of trouble. The singer has been hit with another lawsuit, and this time it’s his ex-manager who’s accusing him of assault.

According to the court docs, Mike G was hired in 2012 to get Chris out of debt, off of drugs, and to help rehabilitate his image after the Rihanna beating.

Things were going good up until last month when Breezy took Mike into a room and began to punch him in the face and neck during a drug-fueled rage. Mike had to go to the ER to have his injuries treated.

Instead of apologizing, Chris went on social media and began to brag about the beating. He also allegedly told the people working on his tour that if they got out of line, he’d beat them just like he beat Mike. He claims the former manager stole money from him.

Mike says that after filing the lawsuit, he’s scared Breezy will get his “gang member friends” to retaliate against him.

As soon as news of the lawsuit hit, Chris clapped back with this video.

Too bad that Instagram rant just landed Breezy in more hot water. Mike G’s attorney says they’ll now be adding a defamation claim to the lawsuit. Breezy has since deleted the rant.

Big dummy.


  1. He looks like he's got aids
    Perhaps too often gang banged by his "gang member friends"…

    • #GOPRAYERFUND# for Chris Brown. Sadly, he will be dead soon.

  2. The garbage rapper YG has a new song on his album called" Don't Come to LA" . The media sites are saying he's taking shots at Chris. The garbage rapper YG even says he's going to rob and beat up Chris at the BET awards. Chris better beef up security.

  3. Good. Chris needs his shit kicked in. He deserves it. Either way it's gonna catch up to him one of these days.

  4. That whole outfit is slipping from PR to financial advisors to management to security. None of this should be in the media. Chris had no business putting any video about any part of this matter on social media & it should have been immediately removed. The fact that it didn't shows exactly how & why Chris will be heading back to jail soon. The way he went about handling this is so far wrong yet no one in his camp will pull his coat out of fear of missing their paychecks & perks.

    • on the other hand we don't expect of him to have an entourage full of baby sitters managing the right things that must be done right ?
      a chinese saying "tell me who are your friends I'll tell you who you are"…
      he's a show biz entertainer not some hot shot medical doctor who cures the needy people for free so basically CB is totally expandable and he'll soon be expanded

  5. It sounds suspect. This dude probably screwed Chris over in some way, and the situation escalated. I say self-defense.

  6. When artist act this way must be due to album sales artists wana be on top for Eva. .the sale s take a hit.. Then they're on drug's. damn look at he's cheeks

  7. Everyone talking about a Gucci clone, hell they have done the same to Chris Brown – think about it. Clones strat to breakdown and face sulks in etc. The industry is not a game. Many may not believe it but connect the dot; Chris has been bucking against TBTB for a minute now and they aren't having it go down like that.

  8. This never ending saga aint even newsworthy anymore. Over and over and the same ole music too. Do any of these performers just retire like the worn out athletes do?

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